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Our Day

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The end comes closer...

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Deep within a cave within the Cullin Mountains, hidden away on the Isle of Skye, far away from most human eyes, and certainly far enough away from the ministry of magic, which led the men located within the cave to believe they were save. Most of the men had been hidden out here ever since they and their master had fled what they had thought would be asimple attack on a vulnerable group. Of course the mission had all gone wrong and they had all fled with their tails between their legs, not that they'd be willing to admit that.

Suddenly throughout the cave a scream echoed, however, no-one appeared to have noticed as the other men in the cave had already learnt to ignore the screams when their master was getting busy with some his favourite torture spells. However, although they ignored the screams they were all desperate to find out what it was that had angered their master so much. For it was in their own interest to find out how much pain they were all about to suffer, and they certainly were about to suffer. Although only they would hear they're screams.

Meanwhile, across a short stretch of sea, and hundreds of miles to the South, in London, a King was preparing his army for war. It had been two months since his coronation, and had spent most of time training his newly created multinational force to battle to fight worst Dark Lord ever known to Wizard Kind. Within the army were wizards from the various countries of his empire; Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Yet that wasn't all other Wizards had come from the European continent to join this great battle against the Darkest of all Evils, most had lost family members in the war already, however, some just had a deep centred sense of duty to stop this evil.

They had come together from many to form one, strong and united force to combat evil. They had trained in all forms of combat both magical and Muggle, and with the use of time turners had completed their training in said areas in much less time than would be normally required. Now they were ready to go and out, and take the war to Voldemort, no longer would the Wizarding world cower timidly beneath that man's feet.

Now Harry stood proudly before his men, having just finished the stirring speech which he hoped would help led his men to victory. He had recently discovered where Voldemort had hidden away since the funeral. It would not be an easy location to assault, with the steep sided mountains rising sharply from the cold Atlantic Ocean. Harry and his Generals had spent many hours in the prior nights trying to establish how they would carry out the attack, and they had at last, after discounting every other approach decided that nothing other than a direct assault, would offer them any chance of success.

So it was than Harry had stood before his men, praising their efforts and informing them of the development in the plans, and that they would soon be moving out and apparating to the West Coast of Scotland, where they would establish a base from where to launch their attack.

Last than two hours later all three thousand wizards had apparated to where they were going to establish the base, and were already beginning to prepare for the big assault. In a sense this was a kind of D-Day for the light wizards, possibly their one and only chance to rid their world of Voldemort for good. This was because all Voldemort was now terrified of Harry, he did however, have some very strong, and powerful allies. Allies that would easily destroy the world if they were set upon it, these allies very mainly the dementors and vampires who had always formed a large and influential part of Voldemort's armies. Yet these were not all, there were other numerically smaller but equally terrifying groups; the acromantulas, the wraiths - a foul group of beings who were essential the over lords of the dementors - and finally one of the most ascetically terrifying groups; the trolls and giants of Northern Europe.

So it was with rather heavy hearts that the men of the King's army set out, many knowing that they would not return, but all would follow their King and his generals to the ends of the earth. The army was split into three groups, one led by the 'Great' Albus Dumbledore, another headed by the King's Steward Arthur Weasley, and finally Harry, the King himself led the final group. Whereas the first two groups - whom were slightly larger - were there purely to fight Voldemort's army, Harry's final group -made up of slightly more powerful wizards - had the difficult task of fighting their way to Voldemort in order for their Liege Lord to have a chance of defeating said wizard.

As the army marched out their camp on the morning of the attack, all heading towards the mass apparition areas from whence they would leave for the Isle of Skye, a blood red dawn rose overhead, acolour that would dominate the rest of the day. As they all gathered ready to leave, Harry climbing to the top of a small rise in land, to make one final speech.

"For too long has Voldemort controlled our lives, too long has his shadow laid across our land, too have the peoples both magical and Muggle of this world suffered as a consequence of his madness" He began aiming to build up the anger of his men. "No longer, this is our chance to end all this. This is our one chance; if we fail our world is doomed. But, mark my words if we succeed never again will our world suffer under such tyranny, never again will our families fear that they will not see the next dawn" His ended in a roar which was greeted by a cheer from his men.

"Tis, a noble way to die, and never again will there be a finer day to do so. This is a day that will never be forgotten, the dawn begins cloaked in blood, and so shall the dusk, but will it be the blood of us or that of our enemies. I for one have no intention of letting it be my blood, but do you?" Harry said once again trying to build up his men's desire to win. "Let this be the day when the world changes. We fly upon the wings of death, yet do not fear death because he is our strongest ally. If you are sent to his domain, you will be welcomed with open arms. The heroes of men. Will you fight beside me, kill beside me, even die beside me, for this is OUR day" He ended his speech, before apparating out to the Isle, a crescendo of noise from the dark clouds cloaking the sky, following his departure.

The men of the King's army immediately followed their King, each man screaming his own war cry as they got ready to fight for their lives and their world.

Upon their arrival the army was greeted by a barge of dark spells, Voldemort's army having somehow found out of the impeding assault. Many of the men immediately fell, some dieing instantly whereas others screamed out in pain. Yet they soon recovered from the surprise of the ambush and began fighting back and soon the odds were evened out, as the Death Eaters and their Allies began to fall.

As spells shot just centimetres past him Harry, he and his crack men surged forward toward Voldemort, who was stood atop a rise in the land which formed a perfect vantage point from which to command his armies in the battle.

Although many members of Voldemort's army attempted to stand in front of the charging force, yet all fell and were crushed beneath the surging force. Some were left with horrific spell damage, others without limbs that had been sliced off using the swords that many of Harry's men carried. Slowly but surely Harry's force got closer and closer to Voldemort and his inner circle. The battle had been going on for six hours already, and what had started off as two huge armies totalling around seven thousand men and other beasts, had dwindled to perhaps two thousands still standing fighters.

"Tom" Harry screamed as he stood face to face with Voldemort having finally battled through his inner circle and with very few of his men surviving, "Tom, it is over, it is time for you to face your judgment. Your army has been destroyed; all lie dead or dieing below us. It is time to receive punishment for your crimes"

"No" Voldemort hissed, "I can't die, I am Lord Voldemort, and all will bow before me"

"Riddle end it, you will never re-establish the power you once had, your servants are dead, you fool" Harry shouted, before beginning his final duel with Voldemort, but despite trying to kill the man he still refused to use dark spells.

All the survivors of the battle looked on in awe as spells flashed back and forth between the two men; such power had not been seen since the times of Merlin, and would never be seen again, so stare was the only thing they could do. And although both men were incredibly powerful, Harry seemed to be slowly forcing Voldemort back under his barrage of pure, ancient spells, which Voldemort seemed to have no method of countering.

Eventually Voldemort fell to his knees, and Harry tiredly walked toward the man, both men having exhausted themselves in their individual battle.

"Tom, you could have been so great, you had an intellect which surpassed Dumbledore, and the magic ability to match it. Yet you chose to turn to the Dark, and it slowly destroyed you and your magic. Ihope in what comes after this world you can live in peace, and that your guilt doesn't destroy you" Harry said, his voice full of genuine compassion for his enemy.

"Potter, end it please, I see now how Ihave betrayed my magic, and no longer have any desire to remain on this mortal plain, and now await Death's clutch" Voldemort said, as the good part of Tom Riddle that remained, returning as he awaited death.

"Go, in peace, Tom" Harry said before silently casting a spell which created a burst of pure white light that enveloped Riddle's body and incinerated it.

"Are world has been saved, yet too many have been lost to do it, do not let their sacrifice be forgotten. But also remember Tom Riddle as an example of how the great can fall, remember the evil he did but also remember he was once a kind hearted boy, who was lost to evil's clutches" Harry said in a sombre tone, before turning away, as his generals ordered his men to begin to bury the dead, and heal the injured.
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