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Peace at Last

So it was that in the first year of his reign, in two thousandth year of our Lord. King Harold defeated Lord Voldemort. Although this was of course a joyous event for our world, in was tinged by sadness, the Wizarding world had lost nearly one thousand wizards in the final battle alone, and many more Wizarding families had been killed before Voldemort could be stopped. Never had so many wizarding lives been lost since the Second World War, when wizards had joined their muggle brethren in defending their countries from oppression. The wizarding world was still reeling from that conflict and had not yet recovered, so to lose another large portion of its population was devastating.

But the wizard community of Europe although large, had been made into a close knit community by the war. Voldemort's desire to split up countries and communities ended up having the exact opposite effect as wizards banded together for protection. So the recovery of the wizarding community was a much easier affair than it might otherwise have been.

The recovery was also helped as the King turned the majority of the ex-death eaters wealth over to their victims to help them repair their lives, and it was gratefully received. However, the King didn't punish all of the ex-death eaters, Harry had quickly realised that many had no choice in join Voldemort, with many of Voldemort's numbers have been forced to join by husbands, fathers, even brothers. Harry realised that although these people needed to be punished, there was no need for it to be a severe as for others, so the confiscation of material wealth was enough.

Although Harry reacted kindly to these people, his actions were nothing compared to how he treated the supposed 'dark'beasts of Voldemort's army, these animals and people having been essentially forced to join Voldemort because of the actions of the ministry of magic. So it was that Harry removed all of the magical creature laws, and granted the magical creatures of his kingdom more freedom than they had ever known. Soon magical creatures, particular werewolves were flocking to Harry's kingdom to enjoy these freedoms, and Harry's rule proved effective as there were no tales of animosity between wizards and magical creatures.

So a period of peace and prosperity reigned over Harry's kingdom, and it began to return to its form state before the Wizarding had been nearly destroyed by two huge wars. Very little disturbed this peace, and although there were some incidents there story is for another time.

During this time the King welcomed those who had betrayed him initially back into the fold, and make much happier in himself as a result of this, especially when he saw his father and Sirius slowly recovering the friendship they once had, to the point that the King's mansion was a very dangerous place to be when the pair began practice some new pranks.

Although Harry recovered his friendship with Ron and Hermione, it was never again what it once was, but the trio were firm friends and a sense of trust returned to the trio. The Weasley family reunited, however, most of the brothers still refused to give up their potter surname, so the family agreed to be the Potter-Weasleys, and soon all was well in the busy household.

As Harry changed the magical creature laws, Remus and his new wife Tonks, returned and Harry was delighted to see his honouree Uncle again, and his was even more excited when he discovered that Tonks was expecting a baby, especially when the pair asked him to be the child's godfather.

But as far as Harry was concerned the best part about the end of the war was that he could spend most of his time with Ginny, and it wasn't long until the pair were happily married, and as for children. Well let's just say there was no chance of there being no heir to Harry's throne.

So it was that Harry lived out the rest of his life mainly in a peaceful fashion, with only a few minor interruptions to the peace, and he lived to a grand old age of two hundred, the magic of Merlin blessing him with a long, healthy life. And then when it was time for him to leave this world, he and his soul mate, just went to sleep never to awake, apeaceful conclusion to what had started as such an unpeaceful life.
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