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Calm Before the Storm

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camping trip! yay! and yet, drama ensues. go figure.

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Going into town was quickly becoming unbearable for me over the next two weeks. Everywhere I went people stared, whispered things they thought I couldn’t hear, or flat-out refused to talk to me. It was the same for Gerard, though not as bad.

One day I went to the grocery store to pick up some things for the Ieros and the checkout lady had apparently been close to Jacob’s mother. As if I wasn’t still mourning his death, she gave me the rest of the dismal facts: Jacob’s mother had cried for two days straight, Jacob’s father still hadn’t gone back to work because he was still too depressed, and his grandmother, because she was highly against suicide, had refused to come to the funeral, only causing Jacob’s mother more pain. Then when I told her in a small, timid voice to stop, she’d responded snidely, “I know all about you, Lily McWhorter. I know much more than you think I do. Everyone does.”

After that, I had to bag and then carry my seven paper bags of groceries to my car because the baggers refused to help me.

When Frankie, Meg, Gerard, and I had gone to the ice cream shop one hot afternoon, the man working had given me and empty cup while everyone else got heaping servings. He told me ice cream wasn’t healthy for my demon baby. When I’d angrily screamed that I wasn’t pregnant he had threatened to call the cops and forced me to leave.

The writing on Gerard’s house didn’t come off, and they ended up painting over it. I stood with my arms wrapped around Gerard as his parents covered up the hurtful words.

According to him, when he’d bought the paint and primer the cashier had laughed and coldly sneered, “Need to cover something up, faggot?”

Needless to say, we felt like we needed to get out of town for awhile.

So, with promises of abstinence and sobriety, our parents (Well, Meg’s, Gerard’s, and Frankie’s, my mom hadn’t spoken to me in two weeks) agreed to let us go. We weren’t going to camp at the river in town, because that would be like a death sentence. Meg had suggested it, but then Frank had interjected, “Yes, let’s take Lily into the woods, with lots of hiding places and no witnesses! That sounds like a great idea!” that idea was put to rest.

We were driving completely out of state to stay in a cabin (Meg’s parents were very well-to-do and had rented us one for a week) by Lake Leatherwood for two weeks. The parents weren’t exactly thrilled that we’d be gone by ourselves for two weeks, but Meg’s parents had promised that the house keeping lady, Georgia, would come by every two days and check in on us, and that the cops did security checks at two a.m. every morning.

So, one Sunday afternoon at the end of June, we loaded down Gerard’s truck with our bags, tents (not sure why we brought those; we were staying in a cabin), food, sleeping bags (again, not sure why, the cabin had beds), and other things our parents insisted we take “just in case.”

After another thirty minutes of promising to be good, we jumped in Gerard’s truck and made our way to Lake Leatherwood. Well, we got halfway down the road when Meg shrieked she’d left her cell phone, so we had to go back.

But then, we were on our way!

Gerard drove, I sat in the front seat next to him, and Meg and Frankie were in the back. Frankie kept complaining that he’d called shot gun and didn’t want to sit next to the plastic bags my and Meg’s dresses were in.

“Why’d you guys even bring them, anyway?” he asked irritably. “You’re not going to use them.”

“Same reason you brought two boxes of condoms, Frankie; wishful thinking,” Meg snapped. She pulled one out of his backpack he’d insisted on having in the cab and waved it around.

Gerard and I laughed as Frank made faces at her.

Meg leaned forward and laid her upper body on the console. “How far away are we? Frank’s going to annoy me to death.”

“Hey!” he cried defensibly from the backseat.

I pulled out of my phone and pretended to check Google Maps. “Well, seeing as we’ve been on the road for fifteen minutes and we’re not even out of the county yet, I’d say about three hours. Minus the five minutes from when you asked last time.”

Gerard snickered.

She leaned back and sighed. “Fine.” Frankie started to say something, but she threw one of his boxes of condoms at him and said, “No, Frank, shut the fuck up.”

“You don’t even know what I was going to say!” he cried, rubbing his forehead where there was a slightly indention.

“I don’t care, it was probably something annoying,” she replied indifferently.

Frankie grinned. “Fine, but I was going to say,” he said slowly, “there’s a wasp on your shoulder!”

Meg looked down at her bare shoulder and screamed, then slapped at it, causing it to sting her. Gerard rolled down his window and it flew out quietly as Meg screamed in agony, as if it was the worst pain she’d ever been in.

Needless to say, after an hour of this, Gerard said in a tight voice, “Rest stop!” and pulled over to a gas station. Meg and Frankie ran out of the truck and into the store.

I turned to him and said seriously, “Can we leave them here?”

“If only,” he moaned. We went inside and bought drinks and were paying them when Meg came out of the bathroom.

“Look how big my fuckin’ sting is!” she cried, putting her shoulder right beside us.

The cashier, a large, hairy man with a dip in his mouth, looked at it. “I know what’ll help that,” he said, leaning over the counter.

“Do you? It hurts pretty bad,” she said.

“Lemme see,” he said, motioning for her to come closer. She did, and he immediately pulled a hunk of snuff out of his mouth and pressed it against her shoulder right on the welt. Meg looked at the with the most disgusted look on her face, then back of the sting.

“I’m not sure if I’m disgusted or grateful,” she said unsurely. “On one hand, oh my God, ew! And on the other, it feels a lot better.”

The cashier looked pleased with himself as he spit into a can. “Any chance I get to touch a pretty young girl’s shoulder is worth it,” he said sleazily. He looked at me. “You got any stings or somethin’ else Big Dan can help you with? Preferably on your…legs?”

I shook my head in horror. Gerard tossed a ten dollar bill on the counter and pushed Meg and myself out the door. “Keep the change—for your troubles!” he cried.

Frankie was sitting on top of the truck when we got outside. Wordlessly, we got into the car and drove off.

“So, Lily,” Gerard started with a smirk on his face. “Have any…stings I can take care of? On your legs, perhaps?” he added slowly.

“Gerard Way, shut the fuck up!” I said. He opened his mouth again, and I said quickly, “ I mean it!”

He kept his mouth shut for a minute, then said, “Meg? What about you? I’d be more than happy to pull my bacteria covered tobacco out of my mouth, still dripping with saliva, and press it on your shoulder.”

“You can take that snuff and shove it up your—”

“What’s on your shoulder, Meg?” asked Frankie before she could finish her sentence.

She looked down at her shoulder, then realized with horror she hadn’t gotten the snuff off of it yet, and screamed, yet again.

She wiped it off with something she’d found in the floor, and calmed down.

Three hours of this mayhem later, we found ourselves at Lake Leatherwood. We’d only gotten lost four times, and it was all because Frankie had insisted on reading the directions, and I’m not entirely sure he can read. Gerard had cussed at him, taken the papers, and made me read them.

Lake Leatherwood was a pretty place, in the middle of the woods with lots of cabins nearby. It was like a cute, isolated suburb. It had a little store and everything. We drove by the cabin we’d be staying in, which was small, with huge windows showing a neat, clean living room, and the front yard had a well, a picnic table, and a pit for campfires.

We signed in at the front office, where the bushy haired man kept looking at me and Gerard like he recognized us from somewhere, but couldn’t place it. His nametag said Ray Toro, which I’d never heard before, so I was fairly sure I’d never met him.

Finally, giving into to temptation, he asked us where we were from.

“Goodwill Falls,” Meg said, signing some waivers absentmindedly.

“Oh, I have some family there. I was there not too long ago, actually. Maybe that’s where I’ve seen you two,” he said, looking at me and Gerard. “What are your names?”

“Lily McWhorter and Gerard Way,” Gerard said. “And this is Frankie Iero and Meg Carroll.” Gerard placed his arm around me.

“Oh,” Ray Toro said softly. “That’s how I know you. Lily and Gerard, how could I not?”

My heart sank. “Who in Goodwill Falls are you related to?” I asked slowly.

“The Burkes.”

Simultaneously, Frankie, Meg, Gerard, and I all dropped our jaws in disbelief.


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