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Lily's mom, Gerard's wall, and a string of curse words.

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My mother finally got back to Goodwill Falls the day after the funeral. I’d been so humiliated after the funeral (Frankie and his family had been there), I hadn’t left the guest bedroom of the Iero’s house except for food and to use the bathroom.

As I was leaving and thanking the Iero’s for letting me stay, Mr. Iero hugged me and said, “Lily, we know that suicide note was a lie. I was the one who caught the boy in my azaleas, remember. I know he wasn’t all there in the head.”

I groaned. “No one else knows that, though,” I said pessimistically.

“Well, if they don’t believe you, then you don’t need them. Remember you have a place here if something goes wrong,” he said. I knew he was talking about my mother. She had been best friends with Mrs. Burke, and is actually the one who convinced me to date him. Jacob was her pet. Sometimes I thought she liked him more than me.

“I’ll remember that,” I said.

I walked out of the house and across the yard. I stood on the front porch for a few minutes, fighting back the urge to cry. I remembered everything about the body perfectly. I remember the position, where the handprints on the door were, and even how far away from the body the blood had leaked. I took a deep breath and opened the door and went inside.

My mother was waiting for me on the couch in the living room, where she always sat when we had one of our rare “important” talks. The last time I’d seen her was the night I broke up with Jacob and went out with Gerard.

“Lily, sit down,” she said in a tight voice. Her eyes were red-rimmed; she’d been crying. I sat across from her in an arm chair and sat my bag on the floor. “I know you’re probably upset over Jacob’s death, and I know you’ve been dealing with that these last couple of days.”

“Yes,” I said slowly, not sure where this conversation was headed.

“And while you’ve locked yourself in the Iero’s house, people in town have been talking. Do you know what they’re saying, Lily?”

“Obviously not, if I haven’t left the house in three days,” I snapped.

“They’ve been saying you’ve been sleeping with the Way boy, the one who’s parents are never around—”

“You’re never around, either, and people don’t think I’m a bad kid,” I interjected heatedly.

“Let me finish, Lily McWhorter,” she said fiercely. “They’ve been saying Jacob found out you were cheating on him, and that’s why he had been acting strangely lately, and drinking.”

“I never cheated on Jacob, and I’ve never slept with Gerard,” I declared, looking my mother dead in the eye.

She picked up a glass of whiskey I hadn’t noticed before and took swig. “That’s not all. They’re also saying you’re pregnant with Gerard Way’s baby, and that why when Jacob told you he forgave you and asked for you back, you rejected him. In a very rude manner, also,” she finished.

My jaw dropped. “Where did you hear that?” I asked incredulously. Who would tell her that? That was outrageously untrue!

She looked at my seriously, frowned, and replied, “Mary Burke found it in her son’s suicide note.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Seven hours, eight screaming fits, three pregnancy tests, and four suitcases later, I found myself ringing the Iero’s doorbell.

Frankie answered, looked at my bags, and then helped me up to my new bedroom without a word.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meg came by as I was putting the last of my clothes in the dresser the next day. “Frankie called me,” she said. “I’m sorry, but your mom’s always been a bitch. That’s why I never came over when she was there.”

I shut the drawer. “Good to know,” I said.

“But, on the bright side, now we can hang out more!” she said with mock enthusiasm. I laughed.

Frankie ran into the room. “Did someone just laugh?” he asked.

“Yes,” Meg and I answered slowly.

“I haven’t heard anyone laugh in three days,” he said. He stared at the wall for a few seconds. “We should go out tonight.”

“Really? You feel like going out?” Meg asked. “I guess. We could go to the Drive In tonight. I think they’re playing /Young Frankenstein/.”

I smiled. “Really? That’s one of my favorite movies ever!” I said excitedly.

Frankie grinned and said, “Let’s go!” He called down to his dad and told him we were going out, and Mr. Iero responded with an enthusiastic, “GOOD FOR YOU, KIDS! NO CURFEW!”

We all just looked at each other incredulously, then ran downstairs and out the front door and climbed into Meg’s car. I called Gerard on the way over to his house to pick him up to warn him that we were coming to get him.

“Uh, no, I can meet you guys there, don’t come by,” he said quickly.

“No, it’s cool, we’re almost there already,” I said, ignoring his pleas.
“No, please, Lily, turn around—”

We pulled up into Gerard’s driveway, and I realized why he’d wanted us to turn around.

Gerard lived in an old, slightly run down but still pretty, white Victorian house. In red spray paint, someone had written, “GERARD WAY’S AND LILY MCWHORTER’S BABY IS THE ANTICHRIST. ABORT, ABORT!”

Gerard was scrubbing it vigorously with no prevail. He turned around and saw Meg’s car and dropped the rag into a bucket. Meg and Frank just stared at the wall, unsure of what to say. I silently got out of the car, walked over to the graffiti, and ran my fingers over the paint.

“Well, shit,” Gerard said, pulling me into his arms. “I didn’t want you to see this.”

“Holy fucking shit!” I screamed. “Who the fuck would do this? Those pricks!” I tore myself out of his arms and started kicking things. I kicked over the bucket Gerard had been using and it spilled on my pants, which only made me madder. “FUCK!” I screamed again. I stomped around for a bit, and when I finally calmed down, Meg, Frank, and Gerard were standing in a group staring at me. I hadn’t noticed Meg and Frankie getting out of the car. “Fucking assholes! I’m going to find the motherfuckers that did this, cut them into little bitch ass pieces, and hide them in my motherfucking floorboards! Bitches can’t mess with me to my face, huh? Bastards!”

“That,” Gerard said slowly, “was not the reaction I was expecting.”

“Well, I’m pissed,” I said, kicking over the sideways bucket again.

“We gathered that,” Meg said, unsure of whether it would be appropriate to laugh or not.

“So, you’re going to cut people up and hide them in your floorboards. Sweet,” Frank said, repressing snickers.

I stared at them all blankly. “Sorry,” I said loudly. “I got a little carried away. I just—well, frankly, this just makes me angry. I want to kill someone,” added in a controlled voice.

Meg busted out laughing. “That was probably the most curse words I’ve ever heard anyone say in one rant!” she squealed. Pretty soon, Gerard and Frankie started laughing, too.

Eventually I laughed, too.

Laughter is contagious, I suppose.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Later that night, after we’d seen the movie and ignored several dirty glances, Gerard was walking with me down by the river. Frankie and Meg had went home or where ever, and Gerard and I had driven out here to be alone for a while.

He was holding my hand as the moonlight danced off the rippling current of the black, glossy water.

“You know what my favorite thing about you is, Lily?” he asked.

“No, enlighten me,” I said.

“You know more cuss words than I do,” he laughed.

“Thank you, Gerard,” I said sarcastically. “That makes me feel so—”

“And you’re pretty.”

“Aw, you’re pretty, too, Gerard,” I said sweetly, grinning devilishly. “You know what my favorite thing about you is?”


I thought for a minute. Was it is sharp, hazel eyes? His porcelain skin? His witty personality? His soft, tender kisses? “Hmm. Everything, I guess.”

“That’s not fair!” he said loudly. He stopped walking and pulled me closer to him. “That’s what I just thinking.”

“Too bad,” I said, “I win.”

“Because you cheat,” he said bitterly.


“Kiss me, and we’ll call it a tie,” I said softly, pulling his face closer to mine.

“I can live with that,” he said, smiling.

As Gerard kissed me beside the river, I felt like everything was going to okay.

For the most part.


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