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I had to post this. Its just sooo funny.


I can't believe Ilet this happen. I shouldn't have gotten mixed up in this. I have no idea how Igot involved. After Ray tried committing suicide, it all became really real. Mikey and I were together now, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I like the kid alot, but there's also Gerard. I can't forget about that kiss, and there's no way I could forget about him. I love him so much.

Ugh I shouldn't say love. There's no feelings returned, so there's no way I could know that Ilove him. Well. I do. I know it's dumb of me to fall for a guy who's probably straight, but well, he did kiss me. It was probably only because he could see that I wanted him so bad.

But now I have Mikey, anyways. He's a really good guy, and he's not so bad in bed either. Well, seeing that he's 'not so bad' might be the god damn biggest understatement of the year. In confidentiality, I told Gerard this and he laughed, probably wondering how many boys Mikey had slept with to get that good, though he didn't let on to it. I knew I was thinking it at least.

This is what Ireally like about Gee. I can talk to him about anything without being awkward. I mean, I know that if I had a little brother, I wouldn't want to hear about him in bed. Gerard doesn't mind. He asks me for all the juicy details a lot of the time. I kind of hold back on giving them, though, so he doesn't think I'm all that creepy. I mean, he can think I'm sort of creepy, but not a complete creeper.

We've been talking constantly, though, and that's all that really matters. I think he trusts me alot more than he trusts the rest of the guys here. They're all great, but none of them compare to Gerard. Even Mikey, really. If I were really into him, I'd be more worried about who he spends his time with, knowing that he's a bit of acheat. A nice guy; a really fucking nice guy, but a cheat all the same. That's the problem with dating people you know that have cheated. The trust level never really is all that high.

Well, considering how much I've been talking to Gee, I'd think that he might tell me some stuff that is kind of necessary. For instance, about a month after Mikey and I got together, all of the guys were sitting in mine and Gee's room all not talking. The silence is what draws us all closer together. Ray was in Bob's arms, both looking at each other quite adorably. That couple might just be the best I've ever seen together. They're both just so obviously in love. I can't believe they didn't notice it before, but I guess maybe that's just how some of these things tend to work.

Well anyways, we were all sitting there, and out of nowhere Gee pops up and says, "Guess what?"He was in a cute little mood so we all decided on playing a guessing game with him, seeing as that's what he wanted. Oh god, was he adorable or what?Immediately the answers came pouring out of all of us.

"You had sex?"

"You haven't jerked off in a week?"

"You're gay?"

"You shaved your pubes?"

Gerard looked so perky. "Yep!" All of us looked at him questioningly.

"Yes to which one. Pubes?"

Gerard started cracking up. I wonder what had him in such a great mood. "No, silly Frankie!I'm gay!" Wait. Hold on a second. Did this mean I actually had a chance with him? No, it can't be, because I'm with Mikey. I can't do the same thing to Mikey that he did to ray. That'd just be hypocritical and mean. This whole thing is ridiculous, and there's no way that Gerard would do that to his brother, either. I've never seen a better big brother than Gerard Way.

"That's cool Gee. We all knew it anyways, so we're glad you finally figured it out." Mikey put his arms around me, holding me tight and swaying back and forth. Who knew that this kid would be so seme? You'd never expect it from a kid that thin. That's okay though. I'm more of an uke myself anyways. I wonder if Gee is uke or seme?It can't hurt to ask. "Gerard!" I shouted at him, just wanting to see him jump to crack myself up.

It worked, like it did every time, and he jumped and looked around for a second before whining at me. "Frankieeeee... Why do you always have to do that... and what did you want, by the way?" He stuck out his lower lip at me, mock pouting at me again.

"Uke or seme, dear darling Gerardo?"

He paused to think about it as did the rest of everyone else, but all I cared about was Gerard. Mikey whispered into my ear. "You're my little uke, hun." Before saying out loud, "I think I'm pretty seme, myself."

"Seme for me too,"said Bob, speaking up for one of his very few moments of speech.

"I'm uke," said Ray, looking at Bob longingly. Ugh, why didn't they just leave all ready so they could have sex already? It was kind of pissing me off what with all that love in the room. They have something that Mikey and me don't have, and I don't want to be reminded of it. But between me and Gerard, however...

"Me too," I decided to cut my own train of thought off before it got out of hand again.

Gerard was still thinking about it. "Hmm, I'd have to say seme, but I wouldn't mind being uke every once in awhile." He gave a cute little suggestive smile, laying his eyes on me a little longer than necessary.

Once again, Gerard has left me horny at the mere mention of being with him. What the fuck is wrong with me?

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