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Final Chapter

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Love is in the air.

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This is the last chapter......and I'm writing another story....i don't exspect it to be long.....because its for my friends birthday in less than a week and i have to have it odone by then so....I'm not sure if I should post it on Ficwad o if your going to review please tell me what you think. Its not MCR or anything just a if you want to know anything about it just send me a message...


I can't deny it. Frankie and me. Well, I love him, I love him a lot, but why the fuck does he have to be in love with Gerard. I'm positive that he doesn't mean to, and he's trying not to be, both for my sake and Gerard's, but I'm not stupid.

I saw how they looked at each other when they were talking. Why doesn't he ever want to spend the night in our room? It's because he's in a room with Gee, that's why. I know it. He always says it's because he's got unfinished homework, and then he wants to be there for when Gerard has his nightmares. I take care of my brother during those usually.

It's like I've had my place taken by the two people who mean the most to me. I mean, I used to help out Gerard, and now that's Frankie's job, and I'm supposed to be the one that Frank falls in love with, but instead I'm not good enough, and I got beat out by my older brother. Neither of them mean it, I'm sure. I can't blame either of them.

It's so obvious that they both are staying apart for me. Neither of them wants to change it, incase I get hurt. I couldn't have asked for two better people. I love them both beyond belief. If only Frank was like all of the other meaningless fucks I've had. But no. The only one I can't have is the one I have to be desperately in love with. How much did I drink tonight, you ask? Not much, bottle or two... or a lot more than that. Lost count after five.

Maybe I should just go out and clear my mind. That's really what I need to do. I snuck out on my own and headed towards our car. My heart just might be bursting. I can't take this. I pulled out of where we put our car when we want to sneak out and swerved out onto the road. Woah got to be a bit more careful there. I nearly swerved out off of the road.

Driving usually calms my mind. I can't possibly know what it's like to be drunk and drive, but it sure as hell is harder to concentrate. I keep seeing the road, and then it starts flying away and I have to make the car follow it. I can do this. At least it's getting Frankie off my mind. I love him. I love him. I can't be with him though. It's making him unhappy. He really needs Gerard. I know what Ihave to-



My poor Mikey. I have no idea what he was thinking. I can't possibly know what he was doing in afreaking ditch at 4 in the morning in our car. Was he running away? I might never find out. The doctors said he was drunk and swerved off the road and into the ditch and rolled over. Frankie and I were in the ICU together. Bob and Ray weren't allowed to come in because they said that the more people in there, the more stressed out the unconscious Mikey could get. None of us wanted him stressed out, so we just settled on me and Frankie going right now.

He's in a coma right now. No one seems to be able to tell me whether or not he's going to pull out of it or not. We looked in on him, unable to get near him. Fuck those nurses. I want to see my brother. I blinked, unaware of the tears rolling down my cheeks until Frank took my hand and squeezed. I looked at him, seeing the tears on his cheek as well.

We both knew. We could tell that we were meant to be together. It was just the sad look in his eyes that made me think that we were thinking the same thing. I said it out loud, just to clear up any confusion. "We're meant to be together." I looked again at my brother. "Mikey knew that. It's why he went driving. He only does that when he gets depressed, and judging by the seven empty bottles of beer in the other dorm room, he was really upset about something, and this is the only thing it could be."

Frankie nodded."It's not that I was leading him on or anything. If there was no you, I could really love the kid, but, well, there is a you, and lets just say I fell in love and I fell hard."

I would've hoped that I'd hear this under better circumstances. "I know what you mean. I didn't even know that I was falling, or that I could even fall for a guy, but thanks to you, I have." I pictured this scene in my head so many times in all of my wildest dreams, and it never included Mikey in the ICU and both of us talking so, well, calmly to each other. It was like we were both stating facts that are completely obvious, just like we were saying to each other, 'the sky is blue'and the other would be nodding like they were saying, 'yes, of course. Everyone knows that.'

We both went back to the school as we had to, only to come back the next day, and the next day, and the next. Everyone was worried out of their minds, until they moved Mikey out of the ICU, telling us that he was stable enough and that he would survive. Frank only just held me back from hitting him in the face. We were all fucking out of our mind with worry and it takes you this long to figure out whether or not he'll live?! I was fucking pissed, but that's okay. My Mikey was going to live and that's all that matters. It's the only thing that matters to me right now, along with the whole issue with Frank.

Why did this guy have to come in and steal my heart? He's done absolutely nothing wrong. He's just got himself mixed up in this by having everyone fall for him. I hardly think that that's fair. I have to be fair to him. "Frank, we have to talk." I said one day as we were visiting Mikey, yet again, who had not yet awakened from his coma. We were both worried, but we knew that we had to talk about this at some point.

"No use putting it off Gerard. What're we going to do? Think of how Mikey would feel when he wakes up--"

"and finds we're together? That's exactly what I was thinking."

"Well maybe we could hold off for a little bit until he wakes up." Frankie looked at me with concerned eyes, and then he glanced at Mikey quickly before moving his eyes back to mine. "I do care about him, it's just."

"Fuck it Frankie, I love you, but you love Gee. Go with him already." Both of us looked at Mikey again. His eyes were open, but only just. He was smiling a little bit, and there was a tear on his cheek.

"Mikey! You're okay! What happened? Tell me everything. I have to know-"

"Shut up, Gerard and kiss him already. You've always talked too much." I looked at Frankie who looked at me with surprise in his eyes. I gripped him in the most meaningful kiss that I've ever given anyone. It was everything I've always wanted at more. Air wasn't worth the millisecond away from Frankie's lips. We had to pull away eventually though, seeing as Bob and Ray came in soon after, noticing that Mikey's eyes were open and that he was talking. Ray looked at the both of us and then at Bob again, giving each other meaningless glances. "You owe me$5.00. I told you they'd get together after Mikey told them to! They'd never do that to Mikey. Pay up, hun!" Bob shrugged.


What the hell.

I looked at Frankie holding on tight to Gerard, Mikey awake and looking stable, at the very least, and then over to my Ray. Who ever thought that this could happen? Sure as hell I didn't. I just looked around, listening to the silence except for various hospital sounds before saying, "Oh what a world." Ray looked at me and I patted him on the head. I have the feeling that next semester might not be this exciting.

Or will it?

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