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Ch 7 Summer Job

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Tonks has a new pet

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The Thief of Hogwarts

By: Bluminous

A/N: I don’t own Harry Potter

Chapter 7: The Summer Job

“Has Harry entered the chamber?” Albus Dumbledore asked as he stepped beside Severus Snape, his long beard and hair damp from a relaxing bath.

“I have not seen the brat yet.” Severus said, his eyes never leaving the entrance to the third floor corridor. The Headmaster had asked the potions master to monitor the entrance of the third floor corridor and observe who had gone in.

“That is worrying.” The Headmaster said, his eyes instantly stopped twinkling from the news. “Perhaps you missed him? I have recently given him his Father’s Invisibility Cloak.”

“What possessed you to do such a thing Headmaster?” Severus asked incredulously. “He will only use it to follow his father’s footsteps!”

“I had to give it to the boy to gain his trust Severus. It was necessary.” Albus said. “Though I am quite disappointed with young Harry... he has not even once used the cloak to wander the halls past curfew.”

“He might be smarter than his father... by only a small margin.” The Potions Professor said. “Face it Albus, The Potter brat is a true Ravenclaw. You cannot mold him to the Gryffindor Hero you had dreamed of.”

“I refuse to give up... he is the son of James Potter.” The Headmaster replied. He looked at his pocket watch to check for the time and his frown deepened. “How long has it been since Quirell entered the corridor?”

“He has entered the chamber three minutes ago Headmaster.” Severus said. “Are you sure Harry Potter will come?”

“I am sure Severus. I had taken... ‘subtle’ steps to inform young Potter of the danger.” Albus replied.

“You must have used that big oaf Hagrid no doubt.” Snape said as he looked back at the empty corridor. “That Half Giant is as subtle as a bull in a potions laboratory, everyone knows he couldn’t keep a secret to save his life...”

“I trust Hagrid, and he has proven himself reliable.” The Headmaster said, defending the half giant. He looked at his watch once again and he drew out his wand and prepared to confront his defense professor.

“We must act... it seems Harry Potter is not coming after all.” Albus said, disappointment evident in his voice.

“I told you Headmaster.” Severus sneered as he drew out his own wand. “Let’s head off quickly before he finally figures out the mirror.”


“What in blazes?” Severus asked as a wraith like spirit burst through the wooden door. The potions professor’s face paled when he saw the face of his former master. “Is that... Is that...”

“That is Voldemort.” Albus Dumbledore replied as he stared at the retreating wraith. “We must hurry”


“Finished?” Albus asked.

“Nearly...” Severus said. He suddenly felt the urge again and headed back to the far wall to vomit.

The headmaster and Severus found the gruesome sight of severed limbs that have appeared to be torn from the decapitated torso. Immediately Severus Snape started vomiting as the Cerberus barked at them, showing sltrips of human flesh attached to its teeth.

Albus sent a powerful sleeping charm towards the Cerberus, and after memorizing every detail in the room he vanished the pool of blood and body parts that littered the room.

“We must hasten to confirm that the stone still remains in the mirror.” Albus said as he began to unravel the various protections. A few minutes later, Albus and Severus found themselves staring at the empty third floor corridor as the walls and stones shifted back to their original place.

A minute later Albus Dumbledore was standing in front of the mirror of Erised, his eyes staring hard at his reflection. Snape watched curiously, eager to see a glimpse of the Philosopher’s stone, the holy grail of Alchemy.

“It’s not possible.” Albus frowned as he tried again, imagining finding the stone.

“Headmaster?” Severus asked.

“It seems that the mirror refuses to give back the stone.” Albus replied. “Why don’t you try Severus?”

The potions master nodded and he stepped in front of the mirror. He tried focusing on the stone but there was no effect, only the image of a red headed woman continuously giving him the finger. He loved it when she played dirty.

“Severus?” Albus asked, interrupting the potions master from his thoughts.

“The mirror is not responding.” Severus Snape replied. “What happened?”

“There can only be two possibilities...” Albus replied. “One is that the stone is not in the mirror, though that is highly unlikely. The Second possibility is that the magics of the mirror of Erised have interfered with process of inserting the stone inside.”

“Can we get the Stone back?” Snape asked, eager to test the elixir that the stone produces.

“In time perhaps.” Albus said. “I must analyze the mirror again, but for the moment I think that this is for the best.”

“Why is that?” Severus asked. “The stone could be of great use to us.”

“But if Voldemort manages to get his hands on it, it will only aid him to his rise to power.” Albus replied. “No, the stone is best suited to remain stuck inside the mirror, until such time that we truly need it.”


“He’s not awake yet?”

“Yeah. He was still sleeping when I went down for breakfast.” Michael Corner replied.

“Why didn’t you wake him up?” Hermione asked. It was the morning after the school year feast, and almost everyone was excited to go back to their respective homes and enjoy the start of their summer vacation.

“I tried.” Michael Corner sighed. “But he suddenly punched me.”

“He punched you?” Padma Patil asked. “Why would he do that?”

“It’s just a reflex. Harry’s not really a morning person.” Michael explained. “I mean, he’s a nice enough room mate and he doesn’t snore like those Gryffindors.”

“I heard from Parvati that Ron Weasley’s snores could be heard from their common room. The Prefects had started placing silencing charms on the first year dormitory because of all the complaints.” Padma said, confirming Michael Corner’s story.

“Do you mind if we head towards your room? I want to try and wake him up.” Hermione said.

“Be my guest.” Michael Corner grinned. “And remember to stay on your toes.”

Hermione and Padma wondered if Michael Corner was having them on as they climbed up the stairs towards the first year dormitories.

“That’s theirs, the fourth door.” Hermione said, pointing to a wooden door where a plaque with Harry and Michael Corner’s name were engraved hanged beside it.

“He looks different when he’s asleep, doesn’t he?” Padma observed. The boy who lived slept on his stomach, and he occasionally let out a soft snore as he slept.

“He’s going to miss the express if he keeps this up.” Hermione said. She hurried to the side of the four post bed and gently shook the boy who lived awake.

“Harry... Harry! Wake up Harry!” Hermione increased the volume of her voice but the boy who lived didn’t stir.

“Why don’t we try and tickle him?” Padma suggested as she approached the bed.

“Let’s tickle the leg then.” Hermione said and the two girls began to tickle the boy who lived with their fingers.


“AWwwwww” Hermione grabbed her face as Padma immediately covered her eye with her left hand. The boy’s leg tensed as it felt the unfamiliar sensation and immediately kicked out, hitting Hermione’s face while his knee slammed into Padma Patil.

“My eye...” Padma moaned.

“My nose...” Hermione added as her eyes moistened with pain. “It hurts...”

Harry finally woke up and he scrubbed his eyes and was puzzled at the sight of his two classmates on their knees beside his bed.

“What are you two doing down there?” Harry asked. He noticed Hermione was holding her hands to her nose and mouth while Padma covered her left eye with her hands. “Hermione, your nose is bleeding.”

“I’d knowb!” Hermione shouted angrily through her hanky.


Albus stared through the window as he watched Harry Potter and his friends entered the carriage that led them to the Hogsmeade Train station. The Headmaster was disappointed about the boy who lived, since he failed up to the promise of his name. He was too normal, and never once had he been assigned detention since the incident at his first potions class.

“Well? Has there been any progress?” Albus asked. The carriage that contained Harry Potter soon joined the queue of carriages and he turned around and looked at his four heads of houses.

“She didn’t see much.” Miner McGonagall said. “All the Fat lady knows is that she was in the office of a wizard, and that the sorting was there with her.”

“She can’t recognize the face?” Albus asked.

“The Fat Lady said that it was very hard to see beyond a few feet in front of her. And the voices she heard was muffled so she couldn’t hear anything that would give away their identity.” Severus Snape answered. "She heard two voices, that of a young man and an older man."

“That only confirms that it was indeed Quirell that stole the sorting hat and the Fat Lady.” The Headmaster replied. “Search his quarters, the sorting hat must be in there somewhere.”

“Albus, what happened that night?” Filius Flitwick asked.

“Professor Quirell attempted to steal the stone, but he failed. I suspect he was the one that let the troll in last Halloween to act as a diversion as he attempted to steal the stone. Fortunately for us, Severus head him off.” Albus replied.

“And the Fat Lady?” Pomona Sprout asked.

“Quirell was cunning, but not smart. He thought that the fat lady had great singing talent and planned on her singing the Cerberus to sleep.” Albus replied. “Luckily for us, it had the opposite effect, and the Fat Lady’s horrendous talent at singing enraged Fluffy into a frenzy, and Quirell saw the results first hand.”


Harry looked out of the window bored as Padma and Hermione discussed their summer plans. His mood has rapidly dropped since boarding the train, as he realized that he had to return to the Dursleys. He had been gone since early last summer, and he was sure Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would be furious with him.

A glint of gold caught his eye and he immediately made a swipe for it and found himself holding a golden ribbon.

“Harry... that’s mine... but if you want to keep it that’s fine.” Padma said, grinning at her friend.

“Uhh no, it just caught my attention that’s all.” Harry replied as he handed back the golden ribbon. Padma smiled and started playing with the ribbon, and Harry’s eyes followed it.

“Harry, do you want to visit my house over the summer? Mum and Dad would like to meet you.” Hermione asked.

“Hmm...” Harry didn’t reply as he was focused on the spinning golden ribbon. His hands itched to try and catch it as it tempted him with its shiny goodness.


Hermione snapped her fingers in front of her friend’s face, bringing him out of his trance.

“What’s wrong with you Harry? You’re not acting yourself these past few days.” Hermione said in concern.

“I’m not?” Harry asked, blinking. Padma started twirling the golden ribbon and his eyes immediately locked on to it.

“Yes...” Hermione said as she grabbed Harry’s chin and forced his face to look at her. “You get easily distracted now.”

“Oh right.” Harry struggled to stop staring at the golden ribbon and forced himself to look at the countryside. He realized that it must be the side effects of completing the animagus transformation by using the potion. The old man had warned him that although the potion was safe, he needed a few weeks to control the unfamiliar instincts within him since he accomplished the animagus transformation unnaturally.

“So... do you want to visit over the summer? You already have my address.” Hermione said. “Padma said she’ll visit around the first week of July and stay with us till September the first.”

“Hmm” Harry thought for a moment. He liked the idea, since Hermione house was located in an affluent Neighborhood and it was another reason to avoid the Dursleys. “Sure Hermione, I’ll visit you.”

Hermione squealed happily as she hugged her friend, and Harry was forced to hug his friend back. “Oh we will have so much fun!”

“It’s nice to live in a muggle environment, I’m excited too.” Padma said.

Harry endured the girly talk for a few moments before he excused himself and headed towards the baggage compartment to have a proper nap. The roof was out of the question, since there was the occasional drizzle that made the roof slippery to walk on.

Finding a spot Harry realized there was it was a bit too tight for his present size and he instantly changed to his animagus form. Stretching his limbs and back, the kitten circled for a moment before settling its head on its paws. A minute later it comfortably sleeping, unaware that it was not the only person in the compartment.


“I said kissing only! Keep your hands to yourself!”

“But I want to feel it... Just a squeeze Honey bunny?”


“Don’t call me that again! That’s it! I’m through with you.” A seventh year girl said as she crossed her arms glaring at her new ex boyfriend.

The seventh year Ravenclaw boy grumbled for a moment before giving up.

“Fine! I’m through with you too! You’re just too weird for my taste anyway!” The Ravenclaw boy said as he walked out of the storage compartment cussing as he did so.

“Idiot.” The seventh year girl muttered as she sat down on a trunk. That was her sixth boyfriend for the school year, and not one lasted more than a week. They have the problem of being too eager and it was the one thing that turned her off.

A movement caught her eye and she immediately drew her wand and pointed it to the shadows.

“Lumos.” The girl said and she was pleasantly surprised to see a kitten, sleeping in a gap between two Trunks. It was not a newborn, but somewhere in between and it had black fur that made it hard to spot in the darkness.

“Aww... what a cutie.” The girl said as she slowly picked up the sleeping kitten and cradled it to her chest. The young cat did not wake and only stirred itself as it tried to get closer to the warmth of the girl’s bosom.

Smiling fondly at the kitten, the young girl headed to the other carriages. “If no one owns you, you’re mine.”


“Harry’s been gone a long time.” Hermione said.

“You know him, he’s probably sleeping somewhere along the train, or hunting down the old lady with the sweets.” Padma said. “The boy loves his chocolates.”

“You’re probably right...” Hermione said. “So, do you have any idea about what assignment to start finishing?”

“I was thinking of Charms... it’s the easiest and...” Padma was interrupted when an older girl opened the door to their compartment.

“Excuse me, but does this kitten belong to you?” The old girl asked as she slowly bent down to let the two girls see the sleeping kitten in her arms.

“No... but I would love to take that kitten home!” Hermione said. “Where did you find him?”

“Sleeping at the Trunk Compartments...” The older girl said. “My name’s Tonks by the way.”

“Nice to meet you uhmm... Tonks. I’m Hermione Granger... thi is my roommate Padma Patil” The brunette Ravenclaw first year said. “You have a strange name.”

Tonks laughed as she sat down opposite the two girls. “That’s my surname actually. Fortunately, my first name ran away and abandoned me.”

“Oh okay...” Hermione said as she exchanged looks with her friend. “So did anyone claim to be the owner of that kitten yet?”

“There are several girls, but obviously their just pretending to own this cute thing.” Tonks replied. She tickled the tiny nose of the kitten and it awakened at the sensation revealing a pair of emerald eyes that even stood out more against its black fur.

“Ohh he’s gorgeous.” Tonks cooed. The young kitten stared up at her, as if it was wondering where it was.

“He?” Padma asked.

Tonks did not reply but held up the kitten on its forearms, showing the rest of its underbelly to the two girls. The two soon to be second years giggled at this and the kitten now realized where it was and struggled against the grip.

“Oh, he’s a feisty one.” Tonks said fondly. “I guess he is mine then, since you’re the last compartment I’ve asked. I appreciate your honesty though.”

“What will you name him?” Hermione asked as she stroked the nape of the struggling kitten with her finger.

Tonks stared at her new pet for a few moments and tilted her head to the side. “Cuddles...”

The kitten immediately arched its back and immediately hissed as it stood on the empty seat. The three girls giggled at this very cute sight and Tonks couldn’t resist and lifted up the kitten to her chest. She met resistance though, as the kitten dug in its claws on the seat, but with the help of Hermione and Padma, the kitten was now tightly secured in Tonks' arms.

“Okay macho, you obviously don’t like that name.” Tonks said as she peered at the emerald eyes. “I think I’ll call you... Kit, short name for Kitten.”

“It’s a nice name.” Hermione replied. “I’m jealous of you Tonks, Kit is very adorable, and he seems smart.”

“Magical cats are, like Kneazles, that’s why their popular as familiars and pets.” Tonks replied. “But this cute thing is unnaturally smart.”

Kit only stared at its new master and tried to struggle to get free once again, but Tonks' grip was firm. “I better get back to my cabin, my friend has a cat too and she may have some milk for Kit. It was nice meeting you Hermione, Padma.”

“You too, Tonks.” Hermione replied.

“Bye Kit!” Padma added.


“Heh, he is mine now.” Tonks said proudly as she got back to her compartment.

“What happened to Walters?” Anne asked.

“Tried to feel me up even though I said no.” Tonks replied. “This is my new boyfriend though, Kit.”

The Seventh year Hufflepuff held up the kitten to her friend and it stared hard at the latest creepy person.

“He’s very cute.” Anne said as she tickled the kitten’s nape. It tied to swipe her finger away with a small paw.

“He’s a bit feisty. He keeps on running away.” Tonks said as she cradled Kit back into her arms. “Do have milk Anne? Kit might be hungry.”

“Yeah, wait a minute.” Anne said as she conjured a bowl while she looked at her baggage for her own pet cat’s supplies.

“Where is Mister Tibbles Anne?” Tonks asked, looking around for her friend’s pet.

“He’s probably walking up and down the train.” Anne said as she poured a bottle of milk into the bowl. “That’s one thing you have to learn Tonks, cats are fiercely independent.”

“I don’t Kit to just wander around on the train. Any of those girls could just steal him!” Tonks said.

“You just have to be patient until Kit recognizes you as his companion.” Anne said. “That’s the difference between Cats and dogs, Dogs submit to their masters, while cats consider their human owners as equals. But don’t worry Tonks, Kit is still too young to wander by himself.”

“Judging by how many girls pretended to be his owner, I won’t let you out of my sight.” Tonks said as she put the kitten down. “Come on Kit, drink your milk.”

The kitten warily sniffed the milk but it didn’t drink as it was mesmerized by the ripples on the surface of the bowl.

Tonks finally got impatient and tried to gently force the kitten’s head to taste the milk. The Train suddenly turned and Tonks accidentally pushed too hard, dunking Kit’s head into the bowl.



The kitten complained as it immediately leapt back from Tonks. It stared angrily and snarled at the older girl as milk dripped from his chin. It’s black fur was completely soaked, and it sneezed to remove the milk that entered its nose.

“Tonks! That’s not the way to take care of a cat!” Anne scolded her friend as she immediately lifted the soaked kitten and placed it on the empty seat beside her.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted Kit to drink milk and I don’t want him to get hungry.” Tonks said, looking embarrassed. “I’m Sorry Kit! I promise I won’t dunk your head anymore!”

The kitten didn’t budge from its seat as it snarled again at Tonks. It needed to get out quickly and looked for a way to escape. Its ears perked up when it heard scratches on the door.

“That’s Mister Tibbles.” Anne said as she got off from her set and slid open the compartment door. As a large brown cat entered the compartment, Kit used the opportunity and leapt over the cat and into freedom.

“KIT!” Tonks shouted as she immediately slid the door owider and rushed out into the hallway. She frantically looked around for signs of her new pet, but the young kitten had vanished amongst the sea of legs.

“Kit’s gone...” Tonks said sadly as tears welled up in her eyes. Strangely enough, she felt more heartbroken with this than when her previous boyfriends broke up with her.


“There you are Harry!” Hermione said as her wayward friend entered their compartment. “Where have you been? We’re almost at the station!”

“I just fell asleep when I found a nice cozy spot.” Harry said.

“Figures...” Padma said. She sat beside the boy who lived to see if they were near London when she suddenly smelled something.

“Harry, why do you smell like milk?” Padma asked.


The Hogwarts Express slowed down as it reached King Cross Station and the moment it stopped excited students rushed out of the train to greet their relatives. Parents enthusiastically hugged their children while a few of the older students tearfully hugged each other since this was the last time they rode the Hogwarts express.

“There are my parents” Hermione said eagerly as she pointed to a couple standing beside the platform. “Come on Padma! Harry! I’ll introduce you to them!”

Harry followed Hermione’s hand and his eyes widened when he recognized the man standing beside a woman who he was sure was Hermione’s mother. The man still wore that brown coat and he may have a few more gray hairs but Harry was sure that this was the same man. He immediately looked around trying to find a way to escape.

“Mom! Dad!” Hermione yelled and the Grangers smiled and waved as they spotted their daughter.

“Hermione! We’ve missed you so much honey!” Emma Granger said as she leaned down and hugged her daughter followed by Dan Granger.

“I miss you to mum!” Hermione said brightly. “These are my friends, Padma Patil and Harry Potter. Padma will be staying with us from July to September the first while Harry’s going to visit.”

“It’s nice to meet you dear.” Emma Granger smiled kindly at the young girl. “But where is Harry?”

“Harry? He’s just standing beside....” Hermione trailed off when she realized that Harry Potter was gone.

Kit warily looked around as he cautiously navigated through the forest of legs. A strange red headed girl tried to pick him up, but he managed to give a good swipe of a paw discouraging the girl from continuing her actions. He had enough of being cuddled and manhandled like some sort of... pet.

He was about to leap back into the train so that he could safely fade away when strong hands immediately picked him up. He struggled to free himself but he was hugged only tighter.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll never do that again!” Tonks said as she hugged her new pet. “Don’t runaway anymore Kit! I’ve been looking all over the train for you!”

“Is this you new pet dear?” An older woman with long curly brown hair approached Tonks.

Tonks wiped the tears of joy from her eyes and nodded. She didn’t want to give up looking for her runaway pet but then she spotted her Kit cautiously walking back into the train. “This is Kit, I found him in the baggage compartment.”

“Are you sure no one owns him dear?” Andromeda asked as she looked at the young kitten. “Such beautiful eyes...”

“The owner abandoned him, he’s mine now.” Tonks said possessively. “And yes, Kit has gorgeous green eyes.”

“Very well then, I approved. Welcome to our family Kit.” Andromeda said.

The young kitten sighed, giving up. This Tonks was even more energetic that Hermione is, and by the looks of it, it was going to be a long night. Still, she found the older girl’s antics to be amusing, maybe he could stay with her from time to time.


“You’re late.” Nicholas said as Harry appeared in the study.

“I got delayed.” Harry said as he sat down on the plush armchair. “Someone mistook me for a real cat and decided to adopt me.”

“Did they now...” Nicholas said. “I told you Harry, but you refused to believe me. You are an adorable kitten.”

“Hmff.” Harry placed his legs over the desk since he knew the old man didn’t like it. “I’m having certain problems with the transformation.”

“What are they?” Nicholas asked as he immediately conjured a roll of parchment and a quill.

“Certain instincts are harder to suppress. I need to concentrate fully to perform some tasks, and I get easily distracted.” Harry said.

“That’s to be expected.” Nicholas said as he wrote down the problems. “All animagus had problems after accomplishing their transformations. Only time and training will help you control your more primitive instincts.”

“Hmmm yeah I guess.” Harry said as he yawned. “Can I stay with you for the summer from time to time?”

“Of course Harry. Incidentally, I have a ‘mission for you’ if you chose to accept it.” Nicholas said. He knew this new job would help Harry in his magic and help him, to become a more accomplished thief.

“What is it?” Harry asked.

“This job will be difficult, and challenging since you will be in an environment completely unfamiliar to you, unlike in Hogwarts.” Nicholas said.

“Challenging?” Harry perked up when he heard the word.

“Penny’s... many times great grandson has asked our help.” Nicholas said. “An old family book that contained the spells and traditions of the family has been stolen. I need you to retrieve it and catch the thief at the same time.”

“What about my identity.” Harry asked. “I don’t want the old coot to catch me.”

“Rest assured, that Pernelle’s extended family are trustworthy. They have taken oaths of secrecy not to reveal your identity. And if you’re worried, here.” Nicholas slid a white mask with a happy face to the young thief. “It’s charmed so that you won’t have to wear your glasses.”

Harry removed his glasses and put on the mask. “When do I leave?”

“This portkey will take you to the Delacour Estate.” Nicholas said as he waved a hand at a golden goblet. “You’re going to France Harry.”

“Wicked.” The young boy said as he touched the portkey. He instantly vanished amidst a swirl of colors and the rushing wind.


“Dora! It’s five in the morning!” Andromeda grumbled as she was woken up by her daughter.

“Kit’s missing! He might have wandered out of the house!” Tonks said. “I’ve tried summoning him but nothing works! He might be out of range!”

“Cat’s are like that dear.” Andromeda said. “They like to wander at night, he’ll be back by morning.”

“But there are dogs and big cats around! What if they bully Kit? He’s just a kitten!” Tonks said as she looked out the window hoping for any sign of her wayward pet.

“Don’t forget, Kit is also a magical cat. They are nearly as fast and as strong as kneazles.” Andromeda said. “Go to sleep dear.”

Tonks nodded and headed back to her bedroom. She was sure that her Kit was sleeping beside her when she went to bed. She made sure to lock all the windows and doors and there was no way Kit could have left her room.


She was about to sleep when she heard her pet standing outside her window. She hurried to her window and opened and she squealed in delight when she saw Kit standing on the ledge.

“You had a good stroll around the neighborhood then?” Tonks asked as she carried the kitten and looked intently at its green eyes.


“Well mum was right all along. You just wanted to explore didn’t you?” Tonks asked and she chuckled when the kitten nodded and yawned.

“Let’s sleep then.” Tonks said as she hurried back to her bed. When she lied down Kit immediately jumped to the floor and curled himself there.

“Silly Kit.” Tonks chided as she scooped up the young cat. “You’ll be sleeping up here with me.”

Young Harry didn’t understand how lucky he was at that moment but he snuggled against the warmth, satisfied that his loot for the night was safely stored behind the bush of the Tonks family’s garden.

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