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Chapter 9: Chapter 9

The Thief of Hogwarts

By: Bluminous

A/N: I don’t own Harry Potter

Chapter 9: Twin Troubles

“... and Julian taught me about a shortcut in casting the blasting curse.” The young boy said as he sat on the old man’s desk, swinging his legs while the old man stood in front of a shelf looking a book.

“Hmm that’s nice Harry.” Nicholas said absently.

“Ahh there it is...” The Master Alchemist smiled when he finally spotted an old tome and pulled it out of the shelf.”Did you bring a souvenir back from France?”

“I was planning to sell them... but take your pick.” Harry started rummaging his bag and pulled out various jewelries, wallets and money bags.

Nicholas palmed his face in frustration once more, a habit he had developed ever since their young guest decided that the Flamel home was his headquarters and warehouse for stolen goods. Already his side table filled with plaques and trophies stood beside various action figures and robot in dramatic poses.

He headed towards his desk and inspected the loot, and he actually found a few nice looking watches.

“Nothing here is from the Delacours right? You know Penny won’t like it if you steal something from them.” Nicholas asked as he inspected a silver watch that had diamond studs around its frame.

“No...” Harry said slowly as he pocketed a golden fork with the Delacour crest stamped on it. He thought it was cool and could be used as a ‘trident’ for his action figure.

“Good.” Nicholas said in approval. He tested a watch and was pleased to find that it fit him perfectly. “Uhmm Harry... can I have this?”

“Sure.” Harry replied after inspecting the watch. The young thief fished his pockets for a piece of chocolate wrapped in an exotic paper and slowly bit into the chocolate goodness.

“Don’t tell Penny where I got it alright?” Nicholas asked smiling nervously.”Tell her... that you bought it for me.”

“Thief’s honor.” Harry promised, crossing his heart while his face took on an earnest expression.

“Does that mean anything at all?” Nicholas asked.

“No.” Harry said simply as he fished his pockets for another piece of chocolate.

The box of chocolates that Apolline gave him was delicious, and she even promised to get him more if he wanted. The young thief narrowed his eyes when he fished out of his pockets a plastic cylindrical object with a gray cap, instead of the golden foil wrapper of his favorite chocolate.

“What’s that?” Nicholas asked curiously.

Harry opened the gray cap and out came a smaller cylindrical shaped object that was yellow in color with various markings on it. The young boy could read the word ‘KODAK’ as it was the most prominent and largest word in the cylinder.

“This is a camera film.” Harry replied as he made the small roll of film dance around his fingers. “I wonder how it got here?”

“There’s something written under the cap.” Nicholas said as he inspected the plastic object. “The word ‘Dan’ is written underneath.”

“It must have belonged to Hermione’s dad and got mixed up. I... saved his camera from being destroyed.” Harry said. “I’ll return it when I visit them tomorrow.”


“Mama?” Fleur sat beside her mother in the sitting room. “Can I speak with you for a moment?”

“What is it dear?” Apolline asked as she put down the wizard magazine she was reading. She observed her daughter for a moment and stroked her long blond hair. “Is this about your betrothal to Harry Potter?”

The Delacour heiress nodded as she stared at her clasped hands. “I don’t know what to do with... my future husband. He barely pays any attention to me when he visits, except when he likes to play with my hair.”

“Boys in his age are like that dear, you just have to be patient with him.” Apolline said. “Does he know that you will be his future bride?

“No Mama.” Fleur grinned. “But I would love to see his face when he realizes it.”


Harry was relishing the last of his desert while Penny and the old man were drinking their tea, enjoying its warmth amidst the surprisingly cold night.

“Are you sure you won’t stay for the night dear? Ever since you found a safe house you have been sleeping there more often. At least tell us the address so that we can come to you if you need help.” Penny suggested.

“I’m fine Penny.” Harry replied. He suddenly remembered that Apolline had asked him to give a pack of chocolates to Penny and he fished it out of the bag beside his seat.

“Apolline asked me to give this to you.” Harry explained as he handed the package to Penny. “She said that this was your favorite.”

“I always knew Julian made a good choice with that girl.” Penny replied. “I am sure my extended family is very pleased with you, having helped in saving their lives.”

“And it was a very smart move on your part to ask Julian for some training. He was a dueling champion some years back.” Nicholas added. “I’m surprised he agreed, since he never took any students and he is very secretive with his methods.”

“I sensed that he wanted me to accept a tease all you want contract with her eldest daughter Fleur, and so I asked him that I will accept it if he trained me.” Harry said proudly as he looked at the confused faces of the old man and Penny. “I told you I’m smart.”

“Tease all you want contract?” Penny asked as she exchanged puzzled looks with her husband.

“You know...” Harry explained, waving his hands hoping the old man and penny would understand. “I’m Fleur’s be towed.”

“Do you mean betrothed Harry?” Penny asked as she exchanged a glance with Nicky. Her husband started to pour a good quantity of wine to his and her glass as he already suspected what happened.

“That’s it.” Harry nodded. “Julian offered me to be Fleur’s betrothed. That means I can tease and annoy her all I want, and Julian told me yesterday that I can visit their large house whenever I feel like it. They even gave me a permanent room to sleep in!” The boy finished, looking proud of himself. He was puzzled at the old man’s reaction since he was expecting Nicky to congratulate him for his negotiating skills.

Penny was covering her mouth with a napkin, her face red while her husband was pouring another glass of wine for himself.

Slightly concerned by their unusual behavior, the boy who lived gave a hasty goodbye and vanished into his mysterious safe house.

After several minutes of full blown laughter, the old couple finally settled down, though ever so often, one of them burst into a fit of giggles.

“I think I better have a long talk with Julian.” Penny said.

“You don’t disapprove?” Nicholas asked.

“I didn’t like the way they took advantage of Harry’s naivety, but I think it is a good choice.” Penny confessed.

“Hmmf, the only reason you’re not throwing hexes and curses is because that little bugger is now related to you.” Nicholas said. “Admit it, you’re happy.”

“I am.” Penny replied.


“Hi Kit.” Andromeda said when she spotted the young cat walk in. “Had a nice stroll?”


“That’s nice.” Andromeda said. She patted the empty spot beside her and the young cat leaped onto the couch and settled beside her. Andromeda saw her daughter do this, and her new pet cat would always leap onto the couch and finally settle on her lap.

“You don’t want to rest on my lap Kit?” Andromeda asked. The young cat merely opened one eye to look at her and closed it again. Andromeda grinned and went back to watching the Telly. It seemed that young Kit was only comfortable enough with her daughter and she wondered how deep a bond was forming between the young cat and Dora.

“Hi mum!” Tonks said as she walked in on the sitting room.

“How was your day dear?” Andromeda asked.

“I just submitted my application form the Auror corps.” Tonks said. Kit felt that the witch was nervous and he opened one eye to look at the older girl.

“I’m sure you’ll get in.” Andromeda tried to reassure her daughter.

“I won’t get my hopes up.” Tonks replied as she sat down. "Unless a veteran Auror chooses me to be his or her apprentice, I don't have a good chance of getting accepted." She noticed kit was sitting between her and her mother and she patted her lap telling her pet to rest on her lap.

Kit sort of knew that Tonks was feeling nervous and though he was quite comfortable in his spot, he stretched and lightly jumped on the older girl’s lap. Immediately he felt sweaty palms caress his fur and he lied down and started to sleep again.

Andromeda chuckled when she saw this. “It’s only been weeks and you both get along so well.”

“We do.” Tonks said as she continued to scratch the nape of Kit where she knew he liked. “It’s like we were meant to meet. He’s a bit of a grouch at times and lazy as hell, but I love Kit.”

“Have you ever thought that you finally found your familiar?” Andromeda asked. She knew a wizard or a witch’s familiar was very rare, since there was only a very small chance that a wizard or a witch will get to meet the magical creature suited for them. Only a few wizards were lucky enough to meet their familiar, and one of them was Albus Dumbledore.

“Familiar?... I never considered it.” Tonks said. She lifted Kit to her chest, waking the sleeping cat.

“Hey Kit, did you hear what mum was talking about?” Tonks asked. The cat yawned and opened its eyes and sneezed as he sniffed the perfume the older girl was wearing.

“You don’t like my perfume huh?” Tonks asked. “My ex boyfriend gave it to me... does it smell bad?”

Kit sneezed again and scrambled out of Tonks arms to avoid the pungent scent and the older girl laughed.

“I guess that answers it.” Tonks said as she stood up. “Come on Kit!”

Kit moved closer to Andromeda and yawned and flicked his tail in boredom.

“You’re such a lazy cat Kit!” Tonks scolded her ‘pet’ as she crossed her arms. “Pretending to be asleep won’t work on me you know.”

Losing patience, Tonks scooped up her ‘pet’ while Kit valiantly tried to hold on by attaching his claws on the couch.


Knock! Knock!

Emma Granger opened the door and smiled when she saw the young boy that saved their vacation in Paris.

“Harry.” Emma greeted the boy who lived. “Come in dear. Did you have any trouble finding our house?”

“It was fine Mrs. Granger.” Harry said as he looked around the neighborhood. “My Guardian dropped me off at the corner and will pick me up later.”

“I wish you would have invited your guardian for a cup of tea.” Mrs. Granger said, hopefully looking around for a non-existent car.

“Aunt Penny has some other things to do.” Harry replied as he stepped inside the Granger house.

“By the way, Mrs. Granger, I think this got mixed up with my things during the accident in Paris.” Harry said as he fished out the roll of film housed in the black plastic cylinder. “I think this belongs to Mister Granger.”

“Thanks Harry.” Emma Granger said. “I’ll have this developed as well. Go on in, Hermione and Padma are in the library room, take the door on the right down the hall.”

“Thanks Mrs. Granger.” Harry said.

“Hi Padma, Hermione.” Harry said as he entered the library room. “Nice place you got here.”

“Harry!” Hermione shrieked and she rushed towards the boy who lived. “You came!”

“I promised didn’t I?” The boy who lived said.

“You did.” Hermione beamed. “So now that we are all here, what do you want to do?”

“I dunno... eat?” Harry suggested. “I’m a bit hungry. Your house was quite a commute.”

“You came here by yourself?” Hermione asked.

“I’m used to it.” Harry said. He spotted a plate of sandwiches and immediately picked one up. “Is this for me?”

“Go ahead.” Hermione said as she sat back down on a comfy chair and looked at her friend. Now that Harry wasn’t wearing loose clothes she noticed that he had put on some weight. “You look healthier Harry.”

“I’m just eating well.” The boy who lived replied. He was eating two sets of meals everyday... either at the Flamels or the Delacours, and his standard two meals of Tuna at the Tonks residence. At first he was hesitant to eat any meal served by Tonks, but she was persistent and soon his instincts for fish and other meat soon overcame his wariness.

“It’s a beautiful day, and Hermione the park near your house is absolutely adorable.” Padma said. “Can we go there?”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Hermione said. The two Ravenclaws gathered their books and trooped outside to read dragging along a reluctant Harry who wanted to continue lounging around the luxurious house.


“You called for me Em?”

“Sit down.” Emma Granger said as her husband entered the study.

“What is it?” Dan asked nervously as he sat down on the chair in front of the desk. “You know I’ve stopped seeing... her.”

“What are these?” Emma asked as she threw a dozen pictures onto the desk. Dan swallowed nervously when he spotted the pictures he had taken in Paris and her more attractive citizens. He thought he had lost it when that thief attempted to steal his camera and he actually regretted them losing it. They were great stolen shots after all.

“They’re just pictures Em...” Dan said weakly.

“Just Pictures? Just Pictures?” Emma Granger’s voice grew louder.

“In this picture...” Emma jabbed a finger of a brunette with a particularly short skirt and gorgeous legs walk past, while Emma and Hermione were just outside of frame, though their trademark brown hair could still be seen at the edge of the shot.

“...You were supposed to take a picture of me and your daughter while we stood at the base of the Eiffel Tower.” Emma continued. “Do you have any conscience at all Dan?”

“I’m sorry Emma.” Dan Granger replied. “I have no excuse.”

“You better not put another toe out of line Dan.” Emma warned her husband. “I’ll be keeping my eye on you.”


“Neville! You have a visitor!” Augusta called out. After a few minutes of waiting the Longbottom Matriarch grew impatient.

“You know boys, they like to play around.” Pomona Sprout said. “I don’t mind waiting Augusta.”

“My grandson is the future Lord Longbottom, he should start learning about manners and punctuality at an early age.” Augusta replied. “Please wait for a moment Professor.”

“Call me Pomona, Lady Longbottom.” Pomona smiled. She leaned back and admired the greenhouses that surrounded the Longbottom Manor and relished the smell of the lush vegetation.


“Neville! What are you doing in the dark?” Augusta Longbottom asked as she suddenly burst into her grandson’s room.

The young Longbottom heir gasped and dived flat on the floor and winced when his crotch was crushed. Neville moaned and writhed in pain to the shock of his grandmother.

“Neville!” Augusta shrieked when she saw her grandson on the ground. “Pomona! Something’s happened!”

“What is it?” Pomona entered the room seconds later to find Neville lying on the floor on his tummy while Augusta knelt beside her grandson.

“He looks like he’s in pain!” Augusta said.

“I’m... I’m fine grandma.” Neville said weakly as he tried to sit up.

“You certainly are not!” Augusta snapped. “Look at yourself!”

“What happened?” Pomona asked as she sat beside Lady Longbottom

“You just surprised me that’s all.” Neville said weakly. “I was... sleeping and fell off the bed.”

“Oh Neville... you need to act more like your father. He didn’t jump around like a frightened cat whenever I burst into his room.” Augusta said as Pomona helped her grandson to stand up.

“Professor Sprout!” Neville exclaimed, just realizing that his very, very favorite professor was inside his room. The Longbottom her immediately flushed red with embarrassment as the object of his desires was actually here in his room. She smelled wonderful, of earth and flowers, just the way Neville liked.

“Pomona decided to visit dear.” Augusta said as she slowly stood up. “Now why don’t you freshen up and head come downstairs when you’re ready.”

Neville adjusted the waistband of his pajamas and nodded and immediately headed inside his bathroom.

“What a charming boy.” Pomona said. “He’s very delightful to teach.”

“Really? My Neville?” Augusta asked surprised.

“Oh yes... he always volunteers to stay behind and help me clean up.” Pomona said. “He will be quite the Herbologist in the future.”

A few minutes of polite discussion about how Neville was faring in Hogwarts, The young Longbottom Lord entered the sitting room, his face flushed red like he had just completed a vigorous exercise.

“You’re finally here.” Augusta said when she saw her grandson walked in. “Pomona has come here to see your... thing.”

“My thing?” Neville gasped as hundreds of thoughts ran through his young mind, processing the meaning of his grandmother’s words.

“Yes your thing.” Augusta said. “Your rare plant whose name is hard to pronounce.”

“Oh.” Neville said. “Grandma, it’s called Mimbelus Mimbletomia”

“Yes that... thing.” Augusta said. “Pomona dear, I’ll leave you in Neville’s care...”

The Longbottom heir’s face grinned as he dreamt of the possible meaning of those words.

“...since I have an appointment with the old crowd.” Augusta continued. “I’m sorry that I had to leave abruptly.”

“That’s all right Augusta...” Pomona Sprout assured her host. “After all, I came... unannounced.”

“Thank you for understanding Pomona.” Augusta said. “Neville, take good care of your Professor.”

“I will!” Neville promised. He was sure he would plenty of material for his dreams tonight.


“I don’t see you around these days.” The older boy said. “Have you transferred to another school?”

“Yeah.” Harry replied as he handed a set of comic books that were sealed in plastic packaging. “I have a new school, up north.”

“It’s sad to see you go.” The older boy replied as he handed a rare action figure. “Take care of Snake Eyes now alright? That model’s very rare.”

“Of course.” Harry said happily as he checked the limbs if they were loose. Satisfied that it was still in pristine condition, the younger boy carefully placed it in his bag. He was happy that his collection of Snake eyes was growing, and he couldn’t wait to play with it. “I’ll visit again when I have the chance.”

Without another word, the two boys headed to separate directions, eager to read or play with their respective goods.

Harry walked along the familiar street that has been home for ten years, looking around if there was anything of interest. He finally stopped at number four Privet drive, and was surprised to see that the lawn and his Aunt Petunia’s garden was growing wild with weeds.

The young boy was afraid to face his guardians, he was sure his Uncle Vernon would be very angry with by now. He noticed that Uncle Vernon’s car was not parked outside and he quietly walked up to the house and peered inside through an unwashed window.

The usually pristine living room was a mess, and piles of trash littered the coffee table. Harry knew that it was time to leave Privet Drive for good and he faded inside the house to gather the last of his belongings.

He was surprised to see that his cupboard was still the same, though a layer of dust now coated his small cot and the floor. More webs made by the spiders now hang from the sloping ceiling of his cupboard but his few toys were still there. Harry removed a piece of the loose wooden floor and started stowing inside his bag for the few toys and comic books that he collected over the years.

Harry crawled out of his cupboard and he smiled faintly as he looked one last time at his home. He had very good memories inside the tiny room, where he usually plotted and schemed about his future missions.

“Good bye.” The young thief whispered to his cupboard. Feeling an odd sense of loss, Harry Potter decided to tour the house, the place he once considered as his home.


Inside his Office, Albus Dumbledore jerked up as a loud noise from an instrument in his office started to activate. Minerva McGonagall stopped reciting from the list for materials needed for the school year and looked around searching for the source of the noise.

The Headmaster of Hogwarts immediately headed to the shelf where his instruments were located and he was shocked to see the condition of blood wards inside young Harry Potter’s home.

“The protection! It’s unraveling!” Albus whispered. He turned around and faced his deputy while removed his wand from his robes. “We must get to Harry Potter’s house immediately, Minerva.”

“Of course Albus.” The Deputy Headmistress said as she stood up, drawing her wand from her pocket. Dumbledore turned a quill into a portkey, and witch and wizard touched it and disappeared in a swirl of wind and colors.


Harry had finished his tour inside the house, pocketing a few valuables that caught his interest. He decided to also collect that the few broken toys he left behind, since Harry thought that the first ever object he acquired had a special place in his collection.

As he crawled back in, he immediately froze when he heard the front door open and footsteps walk in. Fearing that his relatives had decided to come home early, Harry quietly closed the door and contemplated fading from the spot. He decided against it, curious about the reason why his relatives left their house at such a derelict state.

Albus immediately strode in and he cast several charms to see where the boy who lived was while Minerva looked on with disapproval at the messy state of the living room.

The headmaster sighed in relief when the magical aura of Harry Potter registered just a few feet beside him.

“Good morning, Mister Potter.” Albus said kindly as he faced the cupboard.

“Where is he Albus?” Minerva asked, looking around the house.

The headmaster did not bother to reply, but he bent on his knees and opened the cupboard door. “Hello Harry.”

The young boy looked at the headmaster nervously, wondering why the old coot decided to visit now.

“Ehmm Hi.” Harry said nervously.

“What are you doing there Mister Potter?” Minerva asked as she crouched down beside Dumbledore. She gasped when she saw her young student kneeling on the floor, with a small cot beside him. “Why... why is there a cot inside Harry?”

“This is my room.” Harry said simply. He was not embarrassed at the least for having a small room. The young thief actually thought it was unique, since he was the only boy he knew that lived inside a cupboard. “What are you doing here professor?”

Harry was surprised to see the usually stern Transfiguration Professor begin to wipe her eyes with her pink hanky. “This is your room? Oh Harry.”

Albus Dumbeldore’s expression fell when he realized what that he was partly responsible for the sorry state of the quiet boy outside Hogwarts. This answered so many questions... why he was so quiet, unassuming and barely spoke out outside of the classroom.

“Have you decided to run away Harry?” Albus asked softly. The boy who lived did not answer, nervous at being the center of intense scrutiny from the old coot and the Transfiguration Professor.

“No.” Harry replied. “I was just... going out for a walk.”

“You can tell the truth dear.” Minerva sniffed as she continually dabbed her eyes. “I will not blame you for deciding to run away. James and Lily... oh what would they say.”

“Come out of there Harry.” Minerva said gently.

Harry slowly stood up and he was surprised when he was immediately hugged by the stern Deputy Headmistress. Harry smiled when he remembered the last time he in such close proximity to the old witch.

“You’re so brave, putting a smile like that.” Minerva replied as she caressed the young boy’s cheek, misinterpreting the Harry’s smile as a brave show of composure. She gave a nasty glare at the Headmaster who looked sad and embarrassed at the state of dwelling of the boy who lived.

“Why are you here professors?” Harry asked.

“Have you ever wondered why you survived the killing curse from Voldemort Harry?” Albus asked. He was pleased when the boy didn’t recoil at the Dark Lord’s name.

“No.” Harry replied honestly. He knew of the prophecy, and the old man and Penny speculated at what it meant, though they do not have the vaguest idea at what caused Harry to survive the killing curse.

“It was your mother.” Albus replied. “Your mother’s love protected you.”

Harry stared at the Headmaster, intently observing his face for any signs of deceit. He found none, either the old coot was telling the truth or he was a fantastic actor.

“My mother?” Harry asked.

“Yes Harry. And I used that powerful protection and extended it to this House.” Albus replied. “As long as you call Number Four Privet drive your home, the enchantments will continually protect you.”

Harry did not reply, as he realized that his decision earlier to leave Privet Drive caused the protection to vanish.

“And when you decided to run away, you stopped calling this place your home... am I right Harry?” Albus asked and he smiled when the young boy nodded.

“This complicates things. “ Albus replied. “As the boy who lived, many families were eager to take you in after you were orphaned... but I decided that you be placed where your mother’s blood dwells... Petunia’s home since you will be safest here.”

“Perhaps this is the best Albus.” Minerva said. “Harry may be safe here from the Dark Lord, but does that justify the hardships Harry experienced living here? I think not.”

“Very well... since the charm is now broken I will consult with the Goblins of Gringotts, and use the will to determine where you would now stay.” Albus replied. There was nothing else to do, since the powerful protection in Petunia’s house was now broken. He would have to cast additional protections in Harry’s new place of residence and add a Fidelius Charm if needed.

All was not lost, and Albus thought he could use the opportunity to mold the boy to the Gryffindor hero he needed. The Weasleys would be a suitable location, and he had good relations with Molly and Arthur.

“Would you like to come with me to Gringotts? I am sure you would be eager to read your parent’s will.” Albus asked.

“Sure Professor.” Harry replied. He knew he had no choice.

“Where are your things then? And your trunk?” Minerva asked as she placed a comforting hand on young Harry’s shoulder.

“I asked uhmm Hermione to keep it for me for the rest of the summer.” Harry replied. “ The Dursleys don’t like anything magical inside the house.”

“The Dursleys... I will have words with them later.” Minerva said as her grip on the young boy’s shoulders tightened.

“Touch this Harry.” Albus replied, holding out a quill. Harry touched the tip of the Quill while Minerva touched the other end and the three magical beings vanished from Privet Drive, never to return again.


“Nymphadora... it’s a pleasure to see you again.” Albus said when he noticed the young metamorphagus walking around the Alley.

The young witch’s face immediately turned sour at the mention of her name, but she forced her face to smile back. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too Headmaster, Professor.”

“How are you faring Tonks?” Minerva asked. “Are you still considering the career path to become an Auror?”

“Of course Professor, that’s always been my dream.” Tonks replied. She noticed the young boy between the two professors and looked at him curiously. There was something strange with the boy, he was awfully familiar, like she knew him from somewhere.

Albus noticed her gaze and smiled. “Allow me to introduce you Harry Potter. Harry this is Nymphadora Tonks.”

Tonks gaped at seeing the savior of the wizarding world, but that immediately vanished when she saw his green emerald eyes. They were so similar to Kit’s, her wayward pet.

Harry smiled at his ‘owner’, enjoying the fact that she doesn’t know who he is. He was very amused at learning her name, since he never heard it before. Even Andromeda called her daughter Dora, and he actually thought that was her true name. Nymphadora sounds much better, since it suited her personality well.

Tonks seemed to know what the boy who lived was thinking and she shook his hands. “You think my name’s funny do you?”

“No.” Harry said immediately, though he was thoroughly amused. Nymphadora.

“Just call me Tonks.” The metamorphagus witch said, she knew the boy who lived was lying for some reason. “You know, you awfully feel familiar.”

Harry shrugged and he yawned.

“What are you doing here Tonks?” Minerva asked.

“I was just getting some things for my pet cat.” Tonks said. She removed a piece of clothing from her bag and showed it to the professor. “I think Kit would look cute in this don’t you?”

As a cat animagus, Minerva knew that the poor pet cat would not like this, but she kept it to herself.

“That’s... interesting Tonks.” Minerva said as she stared at the lace that covered the small hat. Harry’s face immediately blanched at was he was going to be forced to wear sooner or later. Bugger.

“That’s not all!” Tonks said eagerly. She showed various clothing accessories, like a ribbon for the tail, a jacket, and purple socks for her pet.

Harry seriously considered not making an appearance at the Tonks residence for a few nights because of this.


“The will specified that if they have died, Sirius Black will be the one to take care of Harry James Potter.” Griphook said as he read from the will.

“That is not possible.” Albus said immediately. “Sirius Black is currently incarcerated in Azkaban.”

“ Very well... the next is Remus Lupin.” Griphook said again.

“That is also not possible. Remus Lupin has a health condition that the ministry has classified as a risk.” Albus said.

“We are aware of this.” Griphook nodded. “In the event that the previously mentioned wizards are not capable of taking care of Harry Potter, then the Ministry will decide where he would live.”

“As the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, I propose that Harry live with Weasleys.” Albus replied. The Headmaster smiled... things were going smoothly.

“The Weasleys?” Harry asked.

“They are good people Harry.” Albus replied as he looked at the boy walking round the room, looking at the various objects in the Goblin’s office. “Molly and Arthur Weasley were friends of your parents.”

“We will consider it.” Griphook replied as he read the various papers in his desk. “Wait... there is something.”

“What is it?” Albus asked.

“The House of Potter has a betrothal contract with the House of Delacour.” Griphook replied. “Specifically, Harry Potter is betrothed to Fleur Delacour, daughter of Lord Delacour.”

“WHAT?” Albus said as he stood up from his plushy chair that he conjured.

“Harry is betrothed?” Minerva asked. “When did this happen?”

“It is not specified. It is just stated that the Head of the house of Potter has and agreement with the head of house of Delacour, sometime after the will was updated.” Griphook said. “This changes things.”

“What do you mean?” Albus asked. “As the chief of Warlock, it is up to me to decide where Harry will leave.”

“That is true... before the betrothal contract was agreed upon.” Griphook replied. “Lord Julian Delacour has the option to take Harry in as his ward.”

The goblin turned to his assistant. “Ask the head of the house Delacour if he would like to attend the meeting.”

The assistant nodded and hurried out of the room.

“I must protest... the lord of the house of Delacour is a French Citizen...” Albus began.

“... and he is legally within his right to take Harry Potter as his ward.” Griphook interrupted the Chief Warlock. “The International Confederation of Wizards has passed a treaty allowing this matter.”

The magical beings in the room were silent for a few minutes, contemplating this new development. The silence was broke when Harry Potter spoke out.

“What does Betrothed mean exactly?” The boy who lived asked. He wondered why the old coot was getting so worked up with this issue.

“Harry... Betrothed means a promise of marriage. When you turn Seventeen, you will wed Fleur Delacour.” Minerva said.


Griphook, Albus and Minerva looked on as Harry Potter dropped the glass sphere he was playing with, while he wore a shocked expression in his face.

“MMmariage?” Harry asked weakly as he completely lost his composure.

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