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The Thief of Hogwarts

By: Bluminous

A/N: I don’t own Harry Potter

Chapter 8: Seriously sought after!

“Stop it!” Fleur Delacour said as she suddenly stopped walking and turned around to face the irritating little boy.

The boy just stood there and shrugged looking like he had nothing to with whatever the older girl was complaining about.

The Delacour Heiress peered through the eyes slits of the mask the boy was wearing, trying to see if he was mocking her. She continued walking towards the study and continued talking about the theft.

“It was in the study that the family book of spells was stolen and it is the only book missing from our collection.” Fleur said. She again felt wisps of her shiny silver hair being swiped from behind and she lost her patience. The boy that her great grandmother had sent to help retrieve the theft had continued swiping her long silvery hair ever since he arrived yesterday, and it was getting on her nerves.

“That is it!” Fleur declared as she turned around once more. “I do not find this amusing! Mama may think that you will be helpful towards the investigation, but so far all you have done is irritate me! Stop playing with my hair!”

“I didn’t do it.” The boy said behind the mask.

“Mama! He is doing it again!” Fleur said as she stormed inside the study where her parents were waiting.

“He just finds your hair beautiful Fleur.” Apoline Delacour said. She turned to the young boy her husband’s distant ancestor had sent to help and smiled at him. “Don’t you Harry?”

“I didn’t do it.” Harry said again and he grinned as Fleur let out an exasperated tone of irritation. It was fun to rile up the older girl, and her hair was ridiculously shiny that he couldn’t help playing with it.

“Harry, this is the list of possible candidates that stole our priceless family book.” Julian Delacour said, giving a list to the boy. “While our family is well respected in France, we also have several political enemies.”

Harry looked at the list and frowned. He did not have any idea what these names mean and he decided to return back to Penny and ask for some help.

“Do you have any ideas how it was stolen Harry?” Julian asked hopefully.

“None of the alarms and wards was triggered right?” Harry asked.

Julian Delacour nodded as he leaned back on his chair. “None at all, there were no signs of forceful entry.”

“This might be an inside job... or a professional thief who might have done it.” Harry speculated. “Only someone who knows the layout of your protections could have done this without triggering the alarm.”

“I will have a talk with the servants, though the first scenario is unlikely.” Julian said. “They have served the Delacour family for years and are very loyal to us.”

“I’ll look this up.” Harry said as he pocketed the list. He made another swipe at Fleur’s hair and immediately headed outside as the older girl complained again to her parents.

“Did you see that Mama!” Fleur asked. “He did it again! He is so immature!”

“Let it go Fleur, It’s all harmless fun.” Apoline said.

“I’m not sure if this Harry person is competent enough to help us recover the book.” Fleur muttered.

“I’m sure he is, our ancestor, Perenelle sent him.” Julian Delacour added. “Though initially I was quite surprised at how young he is and had thoughts about hiring him to retrieve our family book of spells.”

“What changed your mind Papa?” Fleur asked.

“I thought our wards were as strong as Beauxbatons... or even Hogwarts.” Julian said. “When I offered to make him a portkey back to Britain, he just vanished.”

“Vanished? He couldn’t have apparated through the wards!” Fleur said.

“If a wizard is powerful enough, he can.” Julian explained. “I’m sure Dumbledore or the other powerful wizards in the International Confederation could do it, but to do so they have to shatter the ward matrix. Our young guest just left without a trace.”


“Dudley, move over!” Vernon Dursley barked as he carried his tray filled with food in front of the Sofa. His son moved to the side and Vernon Dudley squeezed in and the couch groaned under the weight. Ever since Harry Potter disappeared last summer, things went rather downhill for the Dursley family.

At first everyone was happy that the ‘freak’ was gone, but they never realized how much money they saved with a free domestic helper and cook living under their roof. Vernon was forced to hire the services of a cleaning maid that cleaned their home every two weeks.

Petunia was forced to head back to the cleaners for their laundry and they had to order take-out food more often. Because of the additional expenses their budget was broken within a month, and the Dursley family had to adjust.

Dudley Dursley could not buy the latest toys anymore and he had to wait a week or two to obtain what he wanted. By that time the hype and craze over the toy was over, and Dudley’s reputation as the coolest kid in the neighborhood plummeted.

Another headache for the Dursley family was their deteriorating health. Without a cook that prepared meals three times a day, Vernon and Dudley were forced to eat unhealthy, fatty meals that made their weight even heavier. Where once Dudley used his large size to intimidate and gather allies, he was now teased as the whale by the other kids, who were now brave to do so since Dudley couldn’t catch them.

“Hehehe! That Mister Bean!” Vernon laughed as he watched the Telly. He scooped out a few sausages and stuffed them into his mouth while his wife tried to finish her salad.

“I’ll just go the Loo.” Dudley said as he stood up from the coach. The young boy squeezed through the door and after a minute of making sure he was on target, since he couldn’t see past his tummy, he started to pee.

“Harry Potter must not go to Hogwarts!”

“AHHHH!” Dudley Dursley shrieked as an oversized toad materialized beside him.

“Harry Potter is indeed big as his reputation is!” The strange creature said. It looked closer at the large belly and revised its statement. “Even bigger than his reputation! Harry Potter is surely full of greatness, it is bursting out of him! Literally!”

“Mommy!” Dudley Dursley screamed, not caring if his piss was soaking the walls.

“Harry Potter must not be scared!” The creature tried to appease its hero. “Dobby is only here to warn Harry Potter of great danger... though Dobby doubts it if evil creature is capable of swallowing the great Harry Potter!”


The door suddenly flung open as Vernon Dursley kicked the door, with a new shot gun on his hands.

“Dad!” Dudley shouted as he rushed behind his father while the strange creature looked on with confusion. “Harry Potter’s parents are dead! Harry Potter has not father!”

“You! What are you doing here! You’re a freak aren’t you?” Vernon said as he aimed his shotgun at the strange creature. “Get out of my house!”

“You are not Harry Potter!” The creature declared as it realized its mistake. “Where is Harry Potter?”

“That little freak ran away from home!” Vernon Dursley replied. He still didn’t lower his gun.

“Ran away?” Dobby asked. Vernon did not bother to reply as he continued to point his gun at the strange creature.

“Dobby must warn him of great danger!” The creature declared. It snapped its fingers and vanished, leaving wisps of smoke behind.


“I managed to return the sorting hat.” Harry said. “Though it looked sad that its vacation was over.”

“You returned it to the Headmaster’s office?” Nicky asked. “That’s too risky Harry. You know Albus has many protections and alarms against intruders.”

“Of course not... I have my ways.” Harry said proudly.

Nicky hoped for more elaboration but the young thief just smiled and continued drinking his butterbeer. “So what do you want to do with the sword? Franz gave it to you as a gift... do you want me to keep it in my study?”

“That’s fine... though I think it would fetch a good price.” The young thief said after thinking for a moment.

“Like the sorting hat, you can’t just sell the sword!” The old man palmed his face in frustration. “Have you no sense of morals? Do all you ever think about is money?”

Harry looked at the old man like he was stupid. “Of course... but I also enjoy the excitement of my... missions.”

“Penny, help me here.” Nicholas turned to his wife for help.

“It’s no use Nicky... you can’t expect to just change Harry’s views on ancient relics over dinner.” Penny said. She turned to the young boy whom she was getting fond of and asked kindly if he was staying for the night.

“I’ll sleep elsewhere tonight.” Harry said, finishing his drink.

“You’re not staying tonight?” The old man asked as Harry stood up after he finished his dinner.

“I have a new hideout you know.” The boy said. “It sometimes helps to have safe houses, just like in James Bond.”

“So that’s what you think of our house? As a safe house?” Nicholas asked.

“No, this one’s the headquarters.” Harry said as he pocketed a few apples from the bowl. He moved closer to Penny and kissed her cheek to the old woman’s delight. She was trying for weeks to help Harry become comfortable around her, and it looks like she was making progress.

“Thanks again Penny, I’ll be going now.” Harry said as he picked up the notes on the table that Penny supplied.

“Are you sure you are fine in your new safe house?” Penny asked.

“It’s a totally secret place, and quite comfortable.” Harry bragged. The boy waved a final goodbye and vanished.


Kit moved slowly past the cat flap that Tonks installed in the back door. The young cat cautiously looked around and moved towards the living where he knew Tonks’ mom Andromeda was watching the Telly.


He was suddenly lifted to the air by Tonks who wore a triumphant look on her face. “It’s bath time for you Kit!”

The young cat frantically struggled against the older girl’s grip, but once again he wasn’t able to escape.

“Now I know cats don’t like to get wet, but you’re a magical cat!” Tonks said eagerly. “You’ll love the bath I prepared in the tub for you! I even bought you a toy to play with!”

Harry was seriously tempted to unsheathe his claws and scratch his eccentric 'master', he just had a bath at the old man’s place. He decided against it in the end, this was his safe house after all and he wouldn’t want to be kicked out.

“Come back here Kit!”


“It’s strawberry shampoo! You don’t like the smell?”


“Don’t you snarl at me Kit! Don’t you want to smell good?”

Andromeda Tonks smiled and she increased the volume on the telly as the shrieks of her daughter and her pet cat got louder.


“Sorry I’m late Professor.” The Hogwarts Groundkeeper said as he entered the staff room.

“It’s all right Hagrid.” Albus said kindly. “Have a seat.”

He noticed that the half giant had raw red eyes, he was obviously crying. “What’s wrong old friend?”

“It’s nothing Professor.” Hagrid said as he sniffed.

“Back to the agenda then.” Dumbledore said as he gave one last glance to his groundskeeper. “The issue of the missing sorting hat.”

“We still have not found it.” Severus Snape said. “I have searched every nook and cranny of that fool’s office, but the hat was not there.”

“What about searching in the third floor corridor? The fat lady was found there.” Albus suggested.

“We thought of that too.” Minerva McGonagall answered. “But there are no indications that the Sorting was there in the Cerberus’ room.”

At hearing the word Cerberus, the half giant burst into tears.

“Hagrid! What’s wrong?” Minerva asked while Severus Snape moved slightly away from the half giant.

“It’s... It’s Fluffy! Poor Fluffy’s sick!” Hagrid said as he continued to cry. His nose soon stuffed and he used his coat to wipe the mucus off his face.

“How did that happen?” Albus asked.

“It was after Fluffy stopped Quirrell. He’s always vomiting now and his health is getting worse!” Hagrid cried harder.

“Don’t you have a hanky Hagrid?” Snape muttered.

The Half giant fished his pockets for a suitable substitute and finally pulled out a fabric he felt. He heard gasps around him but he ignored it and blew his nose hard, dumping untold quantities of mucus in his ‘hanky’.

“OH Merlin! That’s so gross! Wash me Albus! Wash me this instant!”

The familiar voice of the Sorting hat was suddenly heard and the Hogwarts staff looked on with shock and revulsion as the half giant threw the hat into the center of the table in surprise.

“Blimey! Look at that!” Hagrid said in amazement



Harry tugged his jacket tighter to his body as he walked past a crowd of tourists gawking at the buildings. He had just recovered the stolen ancient book and was on his way back to the Delacours when he decided to take a break and tour the city of Paris.

It turned out that a rival pure blood family had stolen the book of spells since they thought that the Delacour Family was now tainted since Julian had married a half veela. The pureblood supremacists had decided that Julian was no longer entitled to the ancient family book of spells that was tradition among the noble families of France.

Harry smiled at the tourists and their naïve ways and the young thief actually spotted a few pick pockets preying on a group with the American Flag with them.

They stuck out like a sore thumb as they gawked and pointed at the various landmarks while seasoned pickpockets divested them of their cameras, wallets, bags and their jewelries. The tourist group from America were displayed their jewelry, cameras, money and it practically screamed prey for any thief, local or international.

Harry had to admire the local pickpockets, they were as smooth as he is, or even better. He spotted a family of three talking amongst themselves in a cafe and he decided to hone his skills. A glint caught his attention, and he stared at the expensive looking camera.

The young thief needed a diversion, and he decided to use a little trick the old man taught him. Harry used a wandless summoning charm, the only trick he knew, and summoned a waiter’s shoes, making the man crash into a table full of customers.

Panic ensued, and Harry used the opportunity to snatch the camera while the family of three was distracted.


Harry froze up and cursed under his breath... he was sure that he wasn’t seen and his planning was flawless. The sound of foots steps reached him closer and he was about to start running when his foot accidentally tripped the person behind sending the unfortunate bloke to the ground.

“There! Catch him!”

He looked at the person that fell and saw a young man that looked to be in his late teens sprawled in the ground with a woman’s handbag beside him. It was the same bag that the mother in the family of three had and it seemed that an opportunistic thief also used Harry’s distraction.

“Oh thank Goodness! “ The woman sad as she ran towards Harry. She gave him a bright smile while the waiter of the café pinned down the snatcher.

“My camera! It’s gone!” Harry heard a male voice and he quickly thought of a way out.

“It’s here mister, the snatcher accidentally threw it to me as he fell.” Harry said.

The man sighed in obvious relief. “You’re British too aren’t you? Thank God for a fellow countryman. This camera’s a Leika, and cost me quite a few pounds.”

Harry gaped as he recognized the man smiling at him and he smiled nervously back when he realized who he had attempted to steal from. These were the Grangers! And that must mean...


The young boy turned around and faced his first friend and he was forced to step back as Hermione flung herself towards him. “Oh it’s good to see you! What are you doing here?” Hermione asked as she hugged her friend once more.

“I’m just sightseeing.” Harry said as he forced himself to smile back. “What are you doing here Hermione?”

“We visit the continent every summer. This year we picked Paris! And you’re here!” Hermione gushed.

Harry smiled faintly, his friend was in ‘hyper’ mode and he knew she would keep talking for hours if she was allowed to. Luckily for him Hermione’s parents stepped in, forcing their daughter to stop her relentless verbal attack.

“We finally meet THE Harry Potter. I’m Emma Granger and this is my Husband Dan.” Emma said as she shook the hand of the young boy.

“I have to say you really lived up to your reputation. You’re a true hero Harry.” Dan said as he eagerly shook the boy’s hand. “You stopped that thief and saved my Leika from damage.”

Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that Dan Granger didn’t recognize him.

“It was no trouble at all.”Harry said, lowering his voice on purpose.

After the incident was sorted out, the Grangers left without filing a police complaint since it would only waste the rest of their day in Paris. The family insisted that Harry join them for lunch and finally Harry relented.

Hermione immediately attached to his side, beaming with happiness at the unexpected but welcome appearance of her friend.

“I tried to introduce you earlier to my parents at King’s cross, but you suddenly vanished.” Hermione said. “Where did you go?”

“I forgot my books in the compartment, so I rushed back to retrieve them. By that time I couldn’t find you because of the crowds and decided to go home.” Harry replied as he scooped some ice cream. Hermione nodded at this, accepting the explanation and she continued to smile at her friend.

“It’s such a wonderful coincidence that we would meet here isn’t it Harry?” Hermione asked. “I sometimes wonder if Divination is not that useless after all.”

“Yeah... useless.” Harry replied as he took another spoonful of ice cream.

“What are you doing here Harry? And who are you with?” Emma Granger asked. “It’s not safe for a young man to walk alone in a foreign city.”

“I’m with some friends.” Harry said evasively. He spotted Dan Granger smiling at him from time to time while he fondly cleaned his Leika Camera M5 and he was forced to smile back.

“Well since we have some free time, why don’t we fetch you home?” Emma suggested. “I’m sure your guardians would be happy to see that you have arrived safely. Where are you staying?”

“It’s fine really.” Harry begged off, but Emma was as persistent, if not more than her daughter.

“No, I insist. The sun’s is almost setting, and it will not be safe for you to wander Paris alone in the dark.” Emma persisted. She looked back at her ‘husband’ for some support. “Don’t you think so Dan?”

“I agree, it’s the least we could do after you saved this family’s vacation.” Dan Granger said.

Harry sighed and finally gave out the Address of the Delacour’s residence in Paris. “It’s in Foch Avenue.”

“Why that’s practically a five minute walk from here!” Emma said. “Let’s head back.”

“Wow... there are really big houses here Harry.” Hermione murmured. “Who are you staying with?”

“I’m staying old friends of my parents.” Harry said and the Grangers’ expression fell slightly as they felt pity for the orphaned boy.

Five minutes later, Harry was standing in front of the house and was currently saying goodbye to Hermione and her parents.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Hermione asked hopefully.

“I’m sorry Hermione, but my portkey back to England is tomorrow.” Harry said and the young girl’s expression fell.

“I’ll visit you this July, don’t worry.” Harry said. He was now confident to visit his friend’s home now that Dan Granger did not recognize him.

“Oh right! I’m excited about that.” Hermione said brightly. “I can’t wait!”

“Me too.” Harry agreed. Hermione’s neighborhood was for well to do families and he was sure there would be nice shiny things for him to pick up.

“He’s a nice boy.” Emma Granger said. “Though a bit quiet.”

“He’s like that mum. But he can be pretty mischievous when he wants too.” Hermione said. She glanced back and was not surprised to find that Harry had now disappeared.


Harry donned his cloak and mask as he appeared at the true address of the Delacours and decided to tease Fleur once again. The heiress of the Delacour fortune was easy to rile up and it was funny to see her irritated.

As he walked around the spacious hallways of the Delacour mansion, he wondered why it was awfully quiet. He knew that the by this time, the Delacours would be eating dinner at the dining room as servants bustled in and out delivering exquisite dishes.

Harry heard muffled noises in the private study and decided to investigate. Maybe he could make Fleur shriek like a banshee this time.

“Where is it?” A large man said in heavy English. He was obviously not a French citizen. “My employer had recently found out that the book is gone.”

“It doesn’t belong to you!” Julian said defiantly.


The large man punched Julian, making a lip split. “It doesn’t belong to you either. Your family is now impure, and the book that recorded the history of the Delacours and the spells your ancestors invented is now forfeit.”

“I’ll ask again... where... is it? And how did you recover it so quickly?” The man asked.

Harry narrowed his eyes when he saw three servants stunned lying in the study while Julian Delacour sat on his chair, bound by thick ropes. Apoline was beside Fleur and they were both bound by ropes while little Gabrielle slept on her crib.

“If you won’t answer...” The man moved closer to the crib and pointed his wand at the sleeping baby.

“NO!” Apoline cried out as tears dropped down her flawless cheeks. “We told you we don’t know where it is! Leave my baby alone!”

“You’re lying.” The man said. “Say goodbye to your daughter...”

A red bolt came from the shadows and the large man was forced to duck and face the new threat. His experienced eyes narrowed when he saw no signs of his new opponent and he twirled his wand and let out a burst of magic, designed to see the position of hidden enemies.

For a brief moment he saw the silhouette of a person in the shadows and he started throwing curses and hexes at the corner of the study.

Harry narrowly avoided the spells by instantly fading and reappearing behind the large man. He sent out another bolt but it seemed that the man was an experienced dueler and managed to avoid it.

“ACCIO!” The intruder shouted and Harry felt his invisibility cloak slip from his body. He managed to counter the spell and he hastily moved out of range of the man’s wand.

“Who are you?” The intruder demanded as he walked around pointing his wand in several directions hoping to spot his elusive opponent.

Julian’s eyes widened when he felt the ropes that bound him suddenly vanish and he slowly reached for his spare wand in his boot to escape the man’s attention. He knew what Harry was planning and he focused his magic, ready to cast several spells at the right moment.

Once Harry saw that Julian was ready to assist him, he decided to draw out the man to distract him while his employer attacked from behind. Two bolts of red light suddenly headed for the man and once again the intruder dodged by rolling to his side. With incredible speed and accuracy, the intruder sent a volley of blasting curses, and one hit the young thief head on, sending him crashing through the book cabinet.

As the man was about to gloat about his victory, he saw streaks of light rushing towards him and he fell down to the floor, stunned and a few bones broken. Julian Delacour was mad.

Immediately the Delacour Patriarch freed his family and servants and he hurried to their savior where he heard groans of pain and cursing.

“You arrived just in time.”Julian said as he slowly reached and once he felt something solid, he pulled out the cloak and revealed the battered form of the young boy his ancestor had sent. “Can you stand Harry?”

“I think I can manage.” The young boy said. He took the hand offered to him and he slowly stood up.

“Who was that?” Harry asked as he leaned on a chair.

“That is a professional thief that used polyjuice to imitate our butler.” Julian said. The Delacour patriarch glanced to his family and smiled when he saw that they were all safe and sound.

“How did he manage to subdue all of you?” Harry asked. He felt blood trickle down from his neck and wiped it with his hand.

“He stunned me first since he knew that I was the most dangerous.” Julian explained. “After that it was rather easy since my wife and daughter did not expect such a cowardly attack.”

Apoline saw that her family’s savior was swaying where he stood and after she gave Gabrielle to Fleur, she rushed to the boy’s side.

“Are you fine Harry?” Apoline asked.

“I’m fine.” Harry said. He winced when he placed weight on his right leg. “I might have received a few bruises... and a sprain in my leg.”

Apoline examined the leg and Harry hissed when her fingers dug into a bruised spot. “You’re lucky... nothing seems to be broken, but there might be a torn muscle or a fracture. You better drink some potions.”

Julian nodded to the servants and all of them went out of the study, dragging the bound and defeated intruder with them. A few minutes later one servant returned with a series of potions on a silver tray.

“You can go Jacques.” Julian Delacour ordered. “Make sure the manor is secured, and make sure our intruder will not escape. I will... speak with him later.”

The servant nodded and left, closing the door behind him.

“Drink your potion Harry, or your injuries will only get worse.” Apoline said.

Harry was about to remove his mask when he hesitated when he saw the Delacours staring at him curiously.

“We all vowed to keep your secret Harry.” Julian said. “You can trust us with your identity.”

Fleur who remained silent as he carried her younger sister stared at the young boy with renewed interest. Perhaps he was not that useless after all, his courageous actions earned her respect and admiration.

Harry slowly removed the straps on the mask he wore and he wiped his bloody face as the Delacours all drew collective breaths.

“Merde!” Fleur exclaimed when she saw the distinct scar. “He is Harry Potter!”

“When Grandmama said she will send someone competent to help us, she really did.” Julian murmured. “She sent us the boy who lived.”

“Keep this to yourselves alright?” Harry asked slowly after he finished drinking the potions Apoline indicated he should drink.

“Of course.” Julian said while Apoline and Fleur nodded in agreement.

“The man said that the book he stole had gone missing.” Julian said. “So it was the Malfoys then?”

“Yeah, I found the book prominently displayed in their living room.” Harry said. “These Malfoys are annoying... the ones in Britain have the tendency to piss me off.”

“They are... unbearable here too.” Julian said as he opened a bottle of whiskey. He poured two glasses and gave one to his wife. “The Delacours are far older and richer than they are. They have been plotting the downfall of this family ever since I married my lovely wife, but I have never regretted that decision.”

“Catch” Harry said as he fished an old worn book with its leather cover decorated with gold and silver thread.

The Delacour patriarch snatched it out of the air and inspected the book for any damage. “Now that I have it in my hands... It seems so worthless compared to the safety and well being of my family.” Julian said as he placed the book onto its podium.

“You have delivered as you have finished as agreed upon.” Julian Delacour said. “The Gold will be delivered as promised.”

“And the Chocolate?” Harry asked.

“How could we not forget that?” Apoline laughed. “I will make sure that you have the best chocolates I can find... you deserve it at the very least.”

“Thanks.” Harry said as he straightened up. He was already feeling loads better except for a slight pain in his right leg. He summoned his Invisibility cloak from the floor and tucked it under his arm. “I better head back.”

“Wait... Harry... I still have not discussed payment for saving my family’s life.” Julian said. He looked at his wife and Apoline nodded after a moment, thinking along the same lines as her husband. “Fleur will soon be looking for a betrothed... do you want to be betrothed with her?”

Harry narrowed his eyes as he looked at the girl who looked surprised at her father’s statement. “What does betrothed mean? I get to tease her?”

“In a manner of speaking...” Julian said as Apoline bit her lip to stop from giggling. Harry Potter was a fine choice for her eldest, and after the courage he showed today, she was sure she could not find a better suitor. She didn’t like taking advantage of the boy, but she knew it would be best for him in the long run. And like all mothers, she wanted the best for her daughter.

“You can tease Fleur all you want, and visit her.” Julian finished. He held out a hand to shake. “Do you want to be my daughter’s betrothed Harry Potter?”

The young thief thought for a moment before accepting the deal. It looked like Julian wanted him to accept the deal badly. “I’ll accept, on one condition...”

“What is it?” Julian Delacour asked.

“Can you teach me how to duel like that? The old man’s a good teacher and all... but he never taught me how to fight like that.” Harry said.

“Done.” Julian said, sounding pleased as he clasped the hand of Harry Potter. Their hands glowed blue for a moment, signifying a magical contract between two parties have been agreed upon.

“I better get back.” Harry said. He stared at the older girl and grinned at her. “See you Later Fleur!”

“See you later Harry.” Fleur replied shyly, to the young boy’s surprise.


“There you are.” Tonks said as her pet walked in through the cat flap she installed at the back door. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you the whole day! I just visit the mall for an hour and when I come back you suddenly vanish!”


“Don’t make those cute big and green eyes on me!” Tonks said as she crossed her arms. She stared at her pet for a few minutes until she finally gave in. She could never say no to that cuteness.

“You’re limping.” Tonks said and Kit froze in his spot. He hoped that his ‘owner’ didn’t notice this but it seemed Tonks was very observant for an overactive and sometimes clumsy girl.

“What happened? Did those mean dogs or older cats bully you?” Tonks asked as she scooped her pet from the floor. “Don’t worry Kit... If I see those dogs again I’ll transfigure them into mice for you to play with.”

Tonks stared out the window and noticed several police cars were out on their street and she was puzzled at their appearance. Their neighborhood was usually peaceful and virtually no crime happened in their street.

“Mum! Why are there so many Bobbies at the street?” Tonks asked.

“There’s a robber that struck our neighborhood dear.” Andromeda replied. “Jewelries and... rare toys went missing. The police are puzzled with it since there are no signs of break in.”

“Are we fine mum?” Tonks asked as she hugged her pet closer to her bosom. “Does the robber steal pets too?”

Andromeda laughed. “Kit is quite safe, since there are no reported missing pets. We’re quite safe Dora, since we have wards to alert us if there are intruders.”

“That’s good to hear.” Tonks said. “C’mon Kit! Let’s give you a nice bath!”


A/N: This is a Harry/ Hemione, (possibly a few girls) but it will be done much much later. They're too young right now.

I think that Tonks and Fleur are severely underused characters in canon and in the fan fiction world, and so I decided to give them major roles in Thief of Hogwarts.

Harry's sense of what is valuable slightly differs from a regular normal thief. While he does see gold, jewelry and others as precious commodities, he also thinks toys are valuable since he plays with them. As he grows older, his sense of what is valuable will also change according to his age.
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