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Skittles, Coffee, Fangirls!

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This is the result of boredom...

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After another tiring, tiring, fun show I was in the kitchen, burning some food for myself. Just as I got a good flame going. Gerard came and ruined my fun.

"FRANK!" He screamed, a bit girlish, I giggled. Then he sprayed the fire extinguisher at my food. Putting out the fire I had worked so hard to make.

"Awwwww!" I whined and pouted.

"How many times do we have to tell you?" He put one hand on his hip and pointed a stern finger at me with the other hand. "No fire." I pouted, a small smile appearing on my face.

"But.." I began but he cut me off.

"No but's! I'm going in the other room, no fire's. Don't even touch anything! Order a pizza if you have to!" He said, then gave me one last glare. And left. I pouted and grabbed the phone and rung the pizza service.

"Hello?" I said, there was a small yelpy scream the other side, "I want a cheese pizza please, and some coca-cola." There was a little squeak which was probably a attempt at an okay. I gave them the address and hung up.

Then sat on the side next to the sink. Mikey had gone out with Bob and only me, Gerard and Ray were left at home. But Ray had gone to a shop or something. I got up and walked to see what Gerard was doing.

"Heeey Gerard!" I said as I sat next to him.

"Hey Frank." He smiled, sipping his de-caf coffee. He doesn't drink normal coffee anymore, it makes him go crazy hyper or something. I realize I'm staring at him, he raises his eyebrow at me.

"I'm bored." I sigh.

"Go play video games?" He suggests, just then the bus door knocks. I go and answer it, and there are two girls standing there. At first I think they're fangirls but then I see the pizza box. Then they both smile widely. And I don't just think they're fangirls. I know they are.

"FRANKIE!" The short one, with black hair and glasses screams. The other one, just as short but with a bit lighter hair and no glasses, nudges her hysterical friend.

"Thanks." I say, trying to take the pizza off them.

"No." The one without glasses giggles, keeping a grip on the pizza.

"Come outside." The other smiles evilly. I obey and step outside. "Christie, you telling him, or me?" She asks the non-glasses one.

"Go for it Danni." Christie smirks.

"What?" I ask, suddenly scared.

"We want to live on the bus." Danni says.

"And we are willing to pay you for it." Christie adds.

"I'll have to talk to the guys and.." I begin, but then I see what Danni is holding in her hand, she waves the packet to tempt me. I try to snatch them.

"Agree to letting us stay first." Danni says, holding them away from me. I nod.

"I agree. Now hand over the skittles!" She passes them to me and I rip open the packet and down the whole thing. My body starts to set on fire. Christie and Dannie wonder onto the bus and start looking around the bunk area.

"WOOHOOOOOOO!" I scream. Climbing on the bonnet of the bus, then onto the roof. I jump up and down, shaking the bus, then I hear the bus door open. I lay flat and lean over the edge, seeing who it is, but then I lean too far and fall. I land in Gerard's arms.

"What were you doing up there?" He asks me. Obviously a bit annoyed. I grin.

"Looking for you!" I laugh hysterically.

"Why?" Gerard looks so confused. I press my lips to his and then pull away before he can react. He drops me to my feet but I keep a grip around his neck.

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SILLY!" I scream loudly, then run on the bus. And I dive onto the sofa area. Danni and Christie come and poke me.

"Like those Skittles?" One of them ask I nod. Then they walk away. I smell coffee. Suddenly Gerard runs in and dives on top of me. And then presses his lips to mine. I taste coffee.

"You didn't let me tell you I love you back silly!" He laughs. then he kisses me again.

"What. The. Fuck?" RAY'S HOME! I push Gee from on top of me and stand on the sofa. A wide grin on my face. Ray takes a step back, dropping his bags. "No." He warns. Then I jump on his head. My face deep in his fro. "GET OFF!" He calls. I hold on tight, then he pushes me. I land on the floor on top of Gerard. Who wraps his arm around me.

"Nasty Ray!" Gerard yells. I stick my tongue out at him. He picks up his stuff from the floor.

"Who the hell gave you two Skittles and Coffee?" He asks us, shaking his head, his fro bouncing with it.

"Wasn't me!" I cry.

"OR ME!" Gerard screams too.

"You've let fangirls on again haven't you Frank." Ray says. I nod.

"B-but they had pizza and skittles!" I defend myself. Ray simply glares. I try and hide in Gerard's lap.

"Well we are getting rid of them before they feed you more." He states. I shake my head. He's not gonna make them leave! I will PROTECT THE SKITTLES!

Will Ray get rid of Danni and Christie? Will Frankie fuck Gerard and make home-made porn? Will they all die by being trampled by a purple giraffe? WILL I GET SOME SKITTLES?

How the fuck am I supposed to know?........ mofo.
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