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(ch2)Another fangirl. More coffee&Skittles. ^_^

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Thanking you so so soooooooo much for the six reviews!
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Kinda bored.. so here comes moreeee..

Frank's POV still.

I am listening to some Misfits on my iPod. Ray kicked out the fangirls. So no more Skittles. No more coffee. And me and Gerard are too shy to talk. Mikey and Bob are on the bus. Ray and Gerard are at a studio. Bob and Mikey are playing some x-box. The bus door knocks. I go get it, no-one is there. I sigh and go back in, heading to my bunk to lay down. When I open it there is a girl laying in it.

"BOO!" She yells. It's neither Christie nor Danni.

"Who the hell are you?" I ask, laughing a bit. She's defo a fangirl.

"I am Alice. I was sent here by Danni and Christie to offer you something, to let them come back on." I am suddenly very interested, she takes out the red packet. "Agree?"

"I agree." I nod, then take the packet. Eating them all, the familiar feeling overwhelming me.

"Good." Danni and Christie walk in, nod at me, then all climb into bunks, picking up our stuff and tasting it. I shrug and hop into the room Mikey and Bob are in.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEYA!" I squeal. Sitting on Bob's lap.

"Frank what the fuck? You made me loose!" I laugh and hug him.

"Bobert." I giggle,

"Oh God, Mikey, ring Ray. The fangirls are back." Just then the three of them skip in. Then they bribe them with coffee and skittles, then we are all blasting music and dancing. Fangirls not included, they have gone to hide from Ray somewhere.

"TURN IT DOWN!" Ray and Gerard call as they come in. I run and dive on Gerard, Bob and Mikey pouncing on Ray.

"GEEGEGEGEGEGEGEGGEGEGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I scream, "I MISSED YOUS!" He laughs nervously. Then the fangirls come in and hand him coffee, then leave.

"I MISSED YOU MORERR!" Gerard screams, then we start to make out, after we finish, Ray is with the others in the music room dancing. The girls must of given him something too. Me and Gerard call them then all five of us run off the bus, it's late.

"SHIRTS OFF!" I yell, pulling my shirt off, then the others pull theirs off. All five of us walk, skip, dance down the road shirtless and shoeless. We all line up in a row, opposite a row of houses,

"Let's play a gammee!" Gerard smiles, we all get into a tight circle. "Each of us has a house, 1-5, on that street and we have to make up something for each of us to do to our house." I don't quite get it. "Frankie, you have to knock your house and ask your way to Pluto, and cry when they don't know. Nice easy one. Your house number is 1." I nod wildly. Sounds fun! "Now you tell Ray something to do." I turn to Ray.

"Ask 'em whether someone has written something on your bald head, and when they say something, or give you dirty looks, CHICKEN DANCE!" Ray nods, grinning, "You tell Mikey something!" He turns to Mikey.

"Ask for your mummy, cry, then ask them if they will be your mummy." Ray nods happily. "You tell Bob something."

"Bob, you must ask them to marry you, then shout honeymoon and start stripping!" Bob looks scared, but laughs and nods. Bob turns to Gerard.

"Make out with them." He says simply. Gerard shrugs and nods.

"Frank, then Ray, Mikey, Bob, me." Gerard says, "Go on Frankie." He laughs, I skip across the road and the others come and hide behind the wall, listening I knock the door and a little old woman answers.

"Where is Pluto?" I ask politely, she shakes her head and goes to shut the door. I start to wail loudly. She stares at me. Then slams the door muttering, 'stupid kids.' "I AM LIKE TWENTY SOMETHING ACTUALLY!" I yell, then skip down to the others who are all laughing. Ray gets up for his go. He knocks the door and a big, strong, middle aged man answers, I duck to hide.

"Excuse me sir, has anyone written on my head? People tend to take the piss out of the fact I'm bald." I hear the man laugh, then peek and see Ray chicken dance, the man shakes his head and slams the door loudly. Ray shrugs and walks down. That was really funny! Mikey's turn, we all move down a house and re-hide. I hear him open the door, and peek to see it's a teenager. But not the type that goes to our shows, this one looks very, chavy?

"Where's my mummy?" The kid gets out their phone and films Mikey, Mikey is too hyper to care and starts to pretend to cry. "BE MY MUMMY!" He yells. Then falls to his knees, the kid just stands there, filming him. He waves at the camera then walks away, the kid puts his phone away.

"So checking out youtube later." Bob laughs, it's his turn, he walks to the house and I kneel, peeking again. The door is answered by a guy about Bob's age, he looks pretty alright, and smiles at Bob as he answers the door. I don't like to say it, but he's gay. For sure.

"Will you, uh, marry me?" Bob asks, the man laughs, suddenly the sugar kicks in. "HONEYMOON!" Bob yells and starts to take off his trousers, the man closes the door, and Bob puts them back on, walking back to us. We're all laughing. Finally it's Gerard's go. He walks, no wait, skips to the door and knocks. A woman about his age, or older answers, and Gerard grabs her and starts to kiss her, she starts to kiss back and I watch him, open mouthed. Then the girl's boyfriend comes to the door and hits Gerard, who falls to the ground, then the woman walks back in with the guy. I run to Gerard's side, along with the others.

"You okay?" I ask him, worried. Then he laughs.. and yells...

"That was fucking FUNNY!"

Dude. Other one was better. FACK IT! XD
Turning awaayyyyy if you couldn't get me a drink of waterrr...... sings
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