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Still in Frankie's POV.. (:
The fangirls were still feeding us what we needed to stay so happyful. Our live shows would be AWESOME, if we weren't on a break from the tour. I was sitting in the bus, with the others, bored. We looked like STONERS. cheesy smile No offense, Joe Trohman or Ryan Ross. Just kidding. We know Ryan's not really a stoner, and Joe's a cool guy.

"BACK TO SCHOOL!" Bob yells. Sitting up. We all raise our eyebrows,

"Yeah man! Let's go back to school!" Mikey smiles. Then we all get what he means, without another thought we all get up and go to the nearest adult college thing. The fangirls stay behind to taste more of our belongings.

"We wanna learn." I say to the man who is signing people in. He nods slowly, then gives us all classroom passes.

"That was easy!" Gee grins as he takes my hand as we walk in. We all sit at the back of the packed lecture room.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen." The old man teacher says. I raise my hand, "Yes?"

"May I be excuse to go bang on my cousin's brothers mother's drums?" I ask, the others giggle hysterically.

"Isn't your cousin's blaaah just your brother?" Mikey asks.

"No, it would be his aunt." Ray says in a matter of fact voice. Then we all argue over it. The teacher yells for us to shut up.

"Alright mummy." I grin.

"I am not your mummy." He states.

"You are." I say, pouting.

"Okay I am, now shut up?" We all nod.

"But let's get one mother-fucking-thing clear!" Gee stands up. Putting a finger at the teacher, then pointing to him self. "I AM NOT A MUGGLE!" He screams. Everyone in the room stares at him. But me and the guys can't stop giggling. Even RAY is giggling.

"Okay no more distractions from you two at the back." The teacher says. Me and Gee nod. When he turns his back we whisper to Mikey,

"Do something interesting." We whisper to him and he nods. When the teacher turns around again Mikey starts to moan loudly.

"Bob! Ohhhh.. Yeah.. BOBBB!" Mikey says, having a fake orgy over Bob. Bob looks at Mikey with a very freaked out face, but then we all laugh. "I like that Bob!" Mikey says really loudly. The rest of the classroom turn to glare at us, but we just keep on laughing.

"STOP IT!" The teacher yells.

"But, but sir. I can't help myself." Bob says innocently. We all giggle, trying to hide our faces so the teacher doesn't see.

"You four, at the back, last warning." He says sternly.

"But sir there are f-" Gee covers my mouth. The teacher turns back to the board.

"Ray your turn." Gee smiles at him.

"Oh no." He shakes his fro violently.

"PWEEESE!" I whine.

"Fine. What shall I do?" He clamps his hands together. We think about this one, it's gotta be good.

"Freak out mode." I say.

"What you mean?" He asks me.

"Freak out. Just, freak out man." I laugh. Ray nods. Then climbs onto his desk.

"WOOHOOO TABLE DANCER!" I clap madly. Ray starts dirty dancing on the table as everyone looks at him.

"I love to dance like Gerard Waaay-heey!" Ray laughs as he dances. I get up and pull Gee up and we dance on a table too. And soon all five of us are dancing on the table tops. The teacher does a major freak out though. And sadly we get carried out by big scary men.

"Let's do that again." I smile as we are left outside. The others nod and we head for the way in again.

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