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Let's bake a cake for the queen. ^_^

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Hotel Jobs RULE!

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Like for real.
Marry me?
I'm not as hyper today. ):
But I'mma update for you anyway..
Got it? Get it? Guuurrdd. ^_^
This one was inspired by the last reviews..
And the cut up melon on my kitchen table..
Enjoy my luverly amigos....

Yet another one from Frankie's PointOfView.
So bored. So bored. The school place got us restraining orders from the building. Didn't even think it was possible. I think we might of just got ourselfs a new rule in the big book of rules in America. Or the 'Law', if you swing that way. So bored. So bored.

"Geegeeee?" I coo. He smiles,


"Let's go get a job." I say. Getting up. The other's get up too. We are so bored, yet still somewhat hyper that this seems a good idea. We get to a hotel and go in, soon we have jobs. This is a posh hotel, but the guy knew our band. So he let us get jobs. Unfortunately we were split up. Gee, Ray and Bobert were waiters and me and Mikesicle are kitchen staff. We say byebye and then head to the kitchen.

"Can you cook?" The chef asks us.

"Sure we can!" I grin.

"Take care of the kitchen for a few hours, I'm going out." He leaves me and Mikey alone in the kitchen. FUN!

"Let's cook." I smile evilly at Mikey and he returns the smile. Suddenly Gee runs in.

"THE MOTHER FUCKING QUEEN OF ENGLAND JUST CHECKED IN!" He screams. I scream too. "And she wants food, now," He hands us the order. I nod as he leaves.

It's some posh French crap. I drop the order into the bin and walk over to Mikey.

"What do we need to make little amigo?" He asks me.

"Beans and Toast." I smile.

"BUGSY MAKING THE TOAST!" He screams. I head to the oven and switch on the frying thing on top. Then I go and get some beans, tinned of coarse. I put the tin on the heat and leave it, looking over to see what Mikey is making. He has a fork and is poking the toast as it heats up.

"NO MIKEY NO!" I scream. Running over and switching off the toaster. He pouts at me. He could of caused himself harm! "Mikey, how many times!" I scream and then he smiles.

"Butter before heat?" He says and I nod. He's supposed to know that! He takes out the bread and butters it thickly, then puts it back in. Suddenly smoke comes out of the toaster.

"That's better." I smile, Getting back to the beans. Mikey drops a fork into the toaster and suddenly both the toaster and tin blow up at the same time. "Perfect timing." I smile. Then get a plate. I put both messes, well, as much of the messes as I can on a plate and then put it out. Bob comes over and takes it, eyeing the mess we have made in the kitchen.

"What the fuck?" He says, looking kinda scared.

"Just bring her the food Bobert old chum." I say, he shrugs and carries the plate to the table.

"We did good." Mikey says to me. I nod. Then take out a fag and light it. As I take a drag the lighter gives me an idea.

"Let's play with fire!" I grin. "The most clever thing to do in a situation like this!" I state and Mikey agrees. I set fire to a plastic cup, then scream, "I AM A FUCKING PYRO!" Mikey laughs evilly.

"We shall rule the world. Ewww the plastic is smelly." He pouts sadly. Then he takes the lighter off me and sets fire to the hair on my arm. I almost scream, but then realize it doesn't hurt.

"SUCKAAAAA!" I yell. Then Ray runs in and sees the burning cups.

"WHAT? WHICH ONE OF YOU DID THIS?" He screams as he puts out the fire.

"It was Rachel." I say innocently. Ray glares at me.

"No more fire." He says as he leaves. I nudge Mikey,

"Let's go back to school." I whisper.

"Yep." He smiles, "Let's help Rachel make good use of her lighter."

"Fuck yeah!" I smile.. and we head out of the hotel and for the school. As we go I blow my nose. My nose juice is black. "OH NO!" I cry. "I HAVE THE PLAGUE."

To be continued... One day... Some day.... Maybe.... Will they find the cure to the Plague.....? And will Rachel burn down her school.......? Maybe we all have cheese stuck to our big toes.... I don't know.... To let you know I am about to make a masterpiece... it involves Clotted Cream ice-cream.... Choccy spread.... Banana.... and Hot water... And it's hotter than your mum.... ZZZYKE!..... Byebye.
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