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Dirty Little Secret

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A Mikey and Ray love story. RIKEY!!!! Please tell me how I did and if I should continue

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Mikey's Point of view
I let the roar of the crowd wash over me as my hands played my bass with a mind of their own. I lift my head and look around at the massive crowd and my eyes land on Ray's wonderfully tight ass. I always said that I wasn't bisexual, but I've always liked Ray. I stared for a moment, then looked away before anyone notice.

Black is the kiss the touch of the serpents son

I needed to talk to Ray after the show, I just had to. But I couldn't he was straight and I always will just be a brother to him. Plus we were both married.
I looked off to the side of the stage and then noticed Frank walking towards me. Time to move. Far, far away. I skipped to the edge of the stage. Bad move, because the next thing I know the guards are pulling me out of the mosh pit.

I'm not okay
I'm not o-fucking-kay

After the show
"hey, uh, Ray, can I like, talk to you for a minute" I muttered, not making eye contact. I definitely wasn't going to start with talking
"Sure Mikey" Ray smiled at me and I dragged him somewhere more private, aka, the bathroom.
I then just pushed him up on the wall and kissed him, it was the only thing I could do.

Ray's Point of View
I felt Mikey's lips on mine and stiffened in surprise. I then noticed he was about to pull away but I held him there. Yes, I, Raymond Toro-Ortiz, have feelings for Mikey Way. Kill me if you want to Gerard, if you are reading this, but please do it later, when I'm like a hundred or something, or after I marry him and I was married to him for at least fifty years, but please LATER!!!!
Wow, I'm kinda getting ahead of myself here, who says it's gonna get that far?
I hope it does though because I really love him.
We pulled apart for air, and I notice Mikey put his head down.
I reached my hand out and lifted his chin up so I can see his face. "I love you Mikey" I muttered as I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his. I felt him smile and say around my lips "I love you too, Ray-Ray."

---Should I continue this??
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