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Cross your heart

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Mikey fears that the relationship will be too much to hide. Ray needs advice on how to keep things up with Mikey

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Mikey's Point of view
The kiss was magical, but I knew one thing. Gerard was protective of me and I knew he would kill Ray for doing this.
"We can't tell Gerard." I stated bluntly
"Why?" He muttered "I thought y-"
"No Ray-Ray we can't, I don't want you hurt." I stood on my tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his lips. "We can't, we can't be together" and with that I left the bathroom and walked back out toward the fans who wanted autographs and pictures, just leaving my Ray-Ray. I didn't want him hurt, so I convinced myself I was doing the right thing. That also, there was no other way.

Ray's point of view
I watched Mikey leave the bathroom and it felt like he left my life. In reality he did, I love Mikey, I love him. Now he is out there. Frank then walked into the bathroom and while he was using I decided to talk to him.
"Frankie" I say unsure of what he would do.
"Yeah Ray" He seemed totally unfazed by the fact that he was urinating and I was talking to him.
"I need some advice, advice on trying to get someone" He zipped up his fly and started washing his hands.
"First it better be a guy or I am so telling Christa, two what the hell I thought you were straight anyway, shoot" he looked at me.
"It is a guy and well, he told me that he was in-love with me, then decided that we couldn't be together because he has a protective brother." I looked down then back up at him.
"It's Mikey isn't it?" he thought for a second. "I would say see if Gerard approves first, but that might be a lost cause. Hows this. Go after him, keep your relationship a secret from Gerard, because what Gerard doesn't know won't hurt him. And besides he's busy with Bandit and Lindsey. Also if you really need someone to cover up for you guys, Jamia and I won't mind and I am sure Alicia and Christa will approve I mean they have been trying to hook you guys up forever" He smiled at me a true genuine Frankie smile, one that says that he means it.
"Promise" I asked knowing the answer.
"Promise" He said.
"Cross your heart" I had to, I couldn't help it
"Cross my heart" He said and hugged me. "Now go after him lover boy" and I laughed I just adored this little fella.
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