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One story untold

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We find out a little more on Frank, and he gives more advice to Ray

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Ray's point of view
Mikey was avoiding me, every time I was near him he walked off into another direction. It hurt. After about five days I finally cornered him.
"Mikey please," I breathed so Gerard couldn't hear me.
"I can't," he muttered, "I don't wanna be hurt again"
Of course, he was stilled bummed about Alicia breaking up with him.
"Mikey, I love you" I stroked his cheek gently.
"I love you too Ray-Ray, but I can't" and with that being said he pushed me away from himself and walked off.
I leaned against the walled and tried to stop myself from crying.
I decided then to talk to Frank.
"Frankie, oh, Frankie how I love you so."
He gave me this look that clearly said that I was going to die in my sleep later.
"What do you want my dear dead Raymond?" He was clearly annoyed and tired.
"What am I doing wrong?" I asked.
"Let him know you won't hurt him, and tell him you'll give him time." Frank muttered not looking up.
"I didn't even tell you my dilemma." I said shocked by what Frank had said so simply, like it was obvious.
"Look Ray, I overheard, I know the fact that you haven't had any real practice makes you such an idiot at something so simple to figure out. Mikey is acting like a girl at this, and he also is playing hard to get. Yo have to play along. He is probably so a secret point system, blow his mind, make him want you and then make it hard for him to get you. Please Ray, just go after him, screw the secret- you know what don't. I have a better idea. Write him a love note in his diary. Tell him that you will wait for him."
I looked shocked, Frank was good, and did he just help me and insult me at the same time.
I quickly looked at him and I realized then that he was writing in Gerard's diary. Hmm interesting.
I looked around for Mikey's diary and finally found it in an old shoebox.
Dear Mikey,
I know i seemed forward about everything, but I am willing to wait for you. I realize you are still trying to get over the fact that you and Alicia broke up. Also I am willing to be secretive with you when or if we get together.
I really love you Mikey and I really do hope that we can be together. You are really smart, cute and funny. I want you in my life as my boyfriend, my partner. Mikey, the best thing that ever happened to me is meeting you, and kissing you after the show, if I remember correctly you are the one that came up to me after the show. I love you and nothing will change that.
xoxo Ray

"Perfect" a voice said. I probably jumped about a mile because of it.
"Frank!!" I exclaimed restarting my heart.
"What" he said simply.
"May I asked what you were writing in Gerard's diary?" I said
"My weekly love letter to him" He smiled "I am gonna get a reply tomorrow, we've been together for two years anyway, I mean seriously he's my Fiancé"
"WHAT!!!" I shouted I lowered my voice and muttered "you and Gerard have been together and we didn't know."
"Uhh, what do you think we are doing when, he and I go into his hotel room giggling like school girls"
"Am I really that blind?"
"Uhh... should i answer that?"

10 min later
Mikey came over and just said, "I'll consider going out with you" he smiled a bit and walked off before I could say anything.
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