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The reason to belong

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Now it's time for the final act of caturation of my dear older brother

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I haven't forgotten about it I SWEAR!! maybe i have puts up hands don't kill me please
Ray's POV
It's been a week, and I'm starting to think that he might not like me like 'that' after all. However, he did say he would consider it, so perhaps I'm just being paranoid.
Am I just paranoid, or am I just stoned
As "Basket Case" (Green Day) played in my head, I realized I actually was just being a basket case. I watched Mikey as he changed and made his bed for the morning. I, unlike everyone else on this bus, have been up since 5o'clock AM lifting weights.
Mikey streched and came over to me, everyone else was asleep and he looked so cute when he was all sleepy.
"Hey, Ray" He put his head on my shoulder, at first I thought it was because he was still tired, but then I felt his lips slowly sucking at the sensitive flesh on my neck.
"morning, Mikey" I let out a soft moan of pleasure but he sooned pulled away.
"We don't wanna waked anyone up, now do we?" he giggled and gave me a soft kiss "by the way, I will go out with you."
"Yay" I smiled happily at the still tired but happy looking Mikey. "Did you know that Frank and Gee are engaged"
"WHAT!" Mikey yelled "I only thought that they were going out"
I tried to hush Mikey as I notice Frank and Gerard stir in their bunks. "It's okay, they must've not wanted to tell us yet."
"True" Mikey muttered, "and now for the final act of casturation of my dear older brother" he giggled sadisticly. He got up and walked over to the kitchen and pulled out a knife. He then moved and stood over Gerard as he mumbled sleepily and awoke.

A/N what will happed next muwahaha. Will Mikey casturate Gerard? Will Gerard get away? Will Frank give Mikey a blowjob? Who knows?
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