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Home Sweet Home

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Response to a challenge made by jayu called 'Dark Harry'. its basically harry and hermione's path to the dark side.... HHr

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HP & HG - DL & DL
Harry & Hermione - Dark Lord & Dark Lady

Chapter 1 - Home Sweet Home
A/N: Ok... this story starts straight after HP&OotP... and I mean straight after... it is a response to a challenge by Jayu!

Harry said nothing as he enter the Dursleys car, after seeing the look on Vernon's face, Harry knew he was in for a ruff summer, he only hoped that the orders threat had some promise.

After all he could no longer write to Sirius about it... Thinking of his godfather Sirius Black only made Harry feel worse. The guilt he had been feeling over the last week came back full cry.

Harry could feel the tears coming to his eyes, but willed them away knowing that if the Dursley had seen him cry it would only be worse, He didn't want to deal with their teasing at the moment.

The ride back to Number Four, Privet Drive went rather quickly for Harry. Not one of the Dursleys said a word, though it was obvious that they were not happy to see him again this summer.

As usual when they arrived at the house the Dursleys pilled out of the care leaving Harry to carry all of his school things in, what he hadn't expected was to see Vernon waiting for him at the door.

"Hand me that bloody bird, and you trunk" was all he said.

"Err... Why?" Harry risked questioning him. He seriously doubted that his uncle was offering to carry them up to his room for him.

"I am not having any of your freak things in this house. They will be locked away, and that bird will be locked in the spare room."

"But! I need my school stuff... I have to study! a-and Hedwig needs to hunt at night" Harry protested.

What happened next caught Harry completely off guard, as the back side of his uncle's hand slammed into the side of his head.

"DON'T YOU DARE QUESTION ME TO LITTLE PRICK!" he then bend down and picked Harry up by this shirt. "You will be doing as I say! You will write to your freak friends saying that you are fine every two days. You will not leave your room, the only times you will leave your room is to use the toilet and do your chores around the house! Is that clear!"

"What if I refuse to write!" Harry shouted back, but instantly regretted going so as Vernon hit him again, this time harder than the last. Harry's vision grayed in and out until he got his baring back.

"If you don't follow my rules, I will kill your bloody bird!"

"Y-Yo-Y-You woul..." Harry stopped what he was saying seeing Vernon's face he knew that he would follow though with the threat. "Fine" Harry slumped his shoulders in defeat

Vernon hand once again connected Harry's face, causing his legs to fall out from under him. His uncle then picked up Hedwig's cage and his trunk and went off to the spare room.

Harry slowly picked himself up still feeling dizzy. He slowly headed up to his room, silently thanking god that forced habit had his wand and invisibility cloak in his pocket, while also at the same time cursing his uncle.


Harry got no sleep that night, when ever he closed his eyes; flashes of memories would cross his mind.

Cedric falling to Wormtail's curse, the re-birth of the dark lord, Ron getting strangled by a weird looking brain, Ginny and Neville getting injured, Sirius falling though the veil, and then Hermione falling in slow motion to the ground as a purple curse hit her in the chest.

It was always the last images that woke him up, usually in a heavy sweat, the guilt would then follow, then the tears, he couldn't stop them once they started; he had no idea how he was going to get though this.

Harry bedroom door was then thrown open, Harry didn't even have time to react as his uncle moved faster than Harry had even seen him move, and grab him. Vernon ripped Harry from his bed and threw him towards the door.

"Hurry the fuck up! Who do you think you are! Breakfast should be ready in ten minutes and you haven't even made a start! If it isn't done in ten minutes there will be hell to pay boy now move you ass!" his uncle scream.

Harry quickly got to his feet and hurried down into the kitchen, not wanting to be on the receiving end of another of his uncle's fists. Harry as quickly as humanly possible started making bacon and eggs, put the kettle on for coffee and started to make toast.

Fifteen minutes later, Harry served them breakfast; his uncle looked at him and sneered.

"I said you had ten minutes you ungrateful little brat! You are not going to freeload off us any longer! I-Will-Not-Have-It you hear me!" uncle Vernon bellowed "Get your arse in gear and clean the bathroom boy!"

Harry started to make his way to the bathroom when his uncle's foot sprang out, tripping Harry over. Harry grinded his teeth together, though all he could hear was Vernon's and Dudley's laughter. Harry knew he had to keep his emotions in control, after all the last time he had used magic, Fudge had tried to send him to Azkaban. he didn't want a repeat of that, no matter how good it would feel to curse Vernon into oblivion.

Picking himself, once again, off the floor Harry walked out of the room and into the bathroom, carefully shutting the door, knowing that if he slammed it like he so, so wanted to things would only get worse.

After about one hour of cleaning the bathroom was finally spotless, Harry wondered if the Dursley's cleaned while he was away, as everything seemed a lot dirtier than it usually did.

Walking out of the bathroom, Harry was caught unexpected by Dudley swung, hitting Harry in the stomach causing Harry to vomit. Dudley then left muttering something along the lines of 'Stupid freak'.

After catching his breath Harry cleaned up his own vomit, not knowing how this summer could get any worse and itching for the day that the order came to check on him, and then he would be able to get away.


Harry was lying down in his small, uncomfortable bed. It had been a week and the order still had not checked up on him. He would have thought, that an order, containing a number of Auror's would find Harry letters of "Im Fine", or "all good here" would be a little suspicious, but so far nothing.

The last week had been hell, he had cleaned the whole house at least three times and some rooms he was made to re-clean, after a beating, even though there was not a spot of dirt.

Sleep had been practically no existent for Harry, Nightmare plagued his mind, even closing his eyes was hard, afraid that the events from the ministry would replay themselves.

Looking out his window Harry noticed that the sun was peaking over the landscape, sighing Harry got out of bed and headed down to the kitchen. When he entered Harry noticed that there were a lot of dirty dishes, panicking Harry knew that his uncle had done this on purpose, to make Harry late with breakfast, therefore having another excuse to punish him. Not that it ever stopped him.

Harry quickly cleaned the dishes and started making breakfast. Much to his relief it was all done on time, his uncle only grunted at this and started eating. Once every one was finished his uncle seemed to have a thoughtful look on his face, this just made Harry more nervous. Once Harry had finished cleaning off all the dishes Harry started to make his way to his room when his uncle yelled from behind him.

"BOY! My coffee wasn't right!"

Harry then watched in horror as Vernon removed his belt, not wanting anything to do with that, he made a run for his room. Unfortunately Harry tripped on the first step of the stairs. A loud 'crack' followed by a cry of pain went throughout the house as the metal buckle of Vernon's belt slammed into the side of Harry back. Vernon then stormed off leaving Harry there crying in pain.

It took about five minutes before Harry had enough strength to pick him self up and make it into his room. He slowly sat down on his bed, pain shooting up his back as pressure was put on his wound. Harry mentally berated him self saying, Common Harry! This is nothing compared to Voldermort! After another five minutes of lying on his bed, Harry decided to take some time for himself.

Pulling up the loose floorboard from under his bead, Harry grabbed his wand and invisibility cloak. Putting his wand in his pocket and throwing the cloak over himself, Harry disappeared.

Opening his door as quietly as possible Harry made his way down the stairs. Avoiding the sixth and second stair, knowing that the creaking sounds they made would sure make his relatives suspicious. Noticing his Aunt and Uncle are in the lounge room watching T.V and knowing that Dudley was out with his 'gang' probley picking on ten year olds, Harry opened the front door as little as possible before making a run from the house. Coming up the chair were Harry had called the knight bus his third year, Harry pulled out his wand and stuck it out across the road.

Not a second later and a soft pop, the large Triple Decker purple bus pulled up in front of him. He was greeted by the half toothless grin of Stan Shunpike.

"Welcome to the knight bus! I will be you... well look here its Neville again!"

"Er... hi" was all Harry said, "Um I need to go, to the Leaky Cauldron"

"Certainly! Only 5 sickles" Stan said.

Harry faced paled slightly He didn't have any money! Thinking quickly Harry asked

"Umm Stan, I don't seem to have any money on me at the moment... Would it be ok if I paid on the return trip? I have to stop at Gringotts anyway..."

"No problem at all Neville, after all we look after our friends! Consider this trip on the house!"

Harry sighed with relief and mumbled 'thanks' before hopping on the bus. Unlike last time, the bus was not full of beds, but rather old looking leather seats. Harry also noted thankfully that there were not many people on the knight bus at the moment.

The trip took about five minutes only making two stops along the way before they arrived at the front of The Leaky Cauldron. Harry once again thanked Stan before hoping off the bus, which with another 'pop" was gone.

He entered the pub, and watched as every conversation stopped as he entered, sighing Harry started too walk further into the pub. About half way though is was when the first person approached him.

"Mr Potter, I just wanted to say... what the papers said about yourself and Mr Dumbledore last year was... unwarranted, I just wanted you to know that we all believed in you"

All Harry did was nod his head, Bloody liars... all they are, are sheep... After another person approached Harry, he knew he had to do something. There would be no way in the world he would be able to shop at Diagon alley at this rate. Harry made his way into the bathroom. Pulled out his wand and prayed that the ministry would not be able to track him since the area he was currently in contained so many magical signatures.

With a flick of his wrist, Harry watched as his usually black messy hair changed into blond slicked back hair, his eyes changed from emerald green to light blue and his scar nearly faded out of sight. For some reason, no spell really worked on his scar, though now you really had to get up close to see it, it was still visible.

Harry looked in the mirror, admiring his new look. I look like some stuck up pureblood he though although the rags for cloths don't really go with the look. With another flick of his wrist his rags changed into half decent robes, perfect for a couple of hours shopping.

Heading back out into the pub, he was glad to see that the people he passed didn't even look twice at him, his little glamour charm was working perfectly. Harry made he's way out the back of the pub and came up the brick wall. he stopped and looked at it. Aww... common! What was it again... two up three across... no three up two across? Harry was broken from his thoughts as someone came up beside him.

"Cant remember the order dear?" the person said, the voice made Harry freeze, he knew this person... slowly looking to his left he was meet with an middle age looking lady with fire read hair.../Oh shit! Mrs. Weasley... why did I have to run into you.../

"Umm... no... I haven't come in this way for a while you see... usually floo in" Harry replied hoping his voice sounded different.

"Oh yes, the same with me, but when you have come in this way as many times as I have, its hard to forget... now watch... its three up, two across to the left, then one up and two to the right. Then another two to the right, and there you have it!" Mrs. Weasley said as the brick wall reformed to make an arch way.

"Thank you, mam" Harry said before quickly making his way, away from Mrs. Weasley.

Harry stood in the middle of Diagon alley, looking around at all the shops. He had a fair idea of what he need... New books, trunk, someway to hide them also, new parchment, quills and ink... potion supplies he could get latter when he came here with the Weasleys... If he was aloud... Harry mussed anger growing inside him again at the thought of people trying to run his life.

Well I guess Gringotts is the first stop... haven't been there in a while... Harry mused as he started making his way to the wizard bank. He came up to the large white building and made his way to one of the free goblins who just happened to be Griphook.

"Hello, I would like to access my vault" Harry said handing over the key.

"Yes certainly, name please?" Griphook asked

"Err... Harry Potter" Harry said quietly so only the goblin could hear. Griphook simply raised one of his thin eye brows questionably.

"My disguise" Harry said a small grin crossing his face.

"Understandable... Would you please follow me, I will take you personally to your vault this evening" Griphook then stood, well Harry thought he did, even though it looked like the crouched, and lead Harry though a large circle door to the carts.

The cart took off quickly. Making many, many turns the cart came to a halt after about five minutes, stepping out the goblin then proceeded to open the vault... what he saw before him amazed him, it was easily double the size that it was the last time he look.

"Er... Griphook... how come it seems that my vault has grown in size?" Harry asked, though still staring wide eyed at the piles and piles of gold before him.

"This is merely a trust account Mr Potter, more money is deposited after every year. Once you are of age you will have control over the rest of the Potter Vaults" the goblin said

"Umm... how much... is there here?" Harry asked still in a state of shock.

"Hmm lets see" the Griphook said walking over to a piece of parchment next to the vault door. "There is currently 446,521 Gallons approximately.

If anything Harry's eyes grew larger at this. "Is there a way, that I can access this, without having to come down to my vault all the time?"

"Yes there is, we a recently created a Gringotts Debut Card, which can be used in both the muggle and wizarding worlds. All the shops in Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and Knockturn alley now accept them, also a number of other shops else were do. Hopefully by the middle of the year every all wizarding shop will accept them. Would you like to receive one?" Griphook asked...

"Yes I think that would be best" Harry said.

"Ok then, if you would follow me, you will not be needing to fill up your money bag down here then."

Another twenty minutes later and Harry left Gringotts in possession of a new Gringotts Debut Card. Looking around Harry made his way to the book store when he came across a store that sold magical trunks, there were a couple in the window display and they all seemed very nice looking Though a little expensive... then again they might have what I need. Harry though as he entered the shop.

Harry walked into the shop and head straight for the counter.

"Um excuse me?" Harry asked the lady

"Yes, how may I help you?" she asked happily

"Well, I need a new trunk... I need to be light, umm have a way of shrinking and also have a fair bit of space..." Harry asked

"Yes... we have some that will fit your requirements, though they are rather expensive, the cheapest is about three hundred gallons..."

"Oh money is no problem" Harry reassured her.

"Oh! Ok then, if you come with me" She then lead Harry towards the back of the store.

"This one hear is the cheapest at three hundred, it has every thing you need, though there isn't much extra space and it shrinks down to about the size of a shoe box..."

"This one is a bit more expensive at five hundred, though it has two compartments, with a fair amount of space, shrinks down to about the size of a matchbox. It also has anti thief charms placed on it..."

"This last one is also our most expensive trunk we have, its one thousand two hundred gallons, it also shrinks down to about the size of a matchbox, it has a never lose charm on it, just incase you happen to misplace it, weighs about as much as a feather, has three compartment and also two large storage areas, big enough to fit about 4 beds in each. It also has the anti theft charms on it..."

Harry looked at the last, it was very interesting, especially with the storage compartments.

"Is it possible to have some book cases put in one of the storage compartments? And a desk and chairs?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Yes certainly, we can do that for you. Though it may cost you a little extra"

"That would be fine. I would like 3 large book cases, one large table and four chairs, all put in one of the storage areas thank you"

"Certainly, it won't be a second" the witch then took the trunk into the back room, about one minute later she returned. "Is this to you liking?" she asked opening the trunk.

Harry looked in; it was perfect, three large book cases and a quiet place to study... Hermione is going to be soo jealous Harry thought briefly.

"That's great thanks" Harry said "how much do I owe you?"

"Umm... that comes too... one thousand four hundred gallons" Harry handed over his new card which she pressed against a small square object, the card seemed to sink in and then glow green before see pulled it out. "There you are all done, oh this is also yours. It gives instructions on how to add and modify your trunk. Have a Nice day" she said handing Harry back his card and also a small book.

Harry placed the book in his new trunk, but then thought how do I shrink it... "Umm excuse me? But how does it shrink?" Harry asked

"Oh! I forgot to show you... it quite simple really, you push this button and this button together to shrink, and the same to enlarge it back to size." She said showing him the small push in buttons on the side.
"Thank You"
Harry's next shop was Flourish and Blotts Bookstore. As soon as he entered the store his sensors were hit with the smell or parchment, looking around Harry picked out all of his school books along with about another twenty others on a range of subjects, a large amount of them focusing on advanced dueling and combat magic. The clerk's eyes went wide when he saw the amount of books that Harry was buying and quickly came and helped him. After paying for the books which ended up costing him about two hundred gallons Harry put them all in the first compartment of his trunk, deciding to re-arrange them when he got back.

Leaving the bookstore Harry started to wonder around Diagon alley just looking around. He stopped at Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop and picked up a couple of pranks. He really wanted to have a look in the twins shop, but it was too much of a risk. After walking past the potions store Harry found himself facing the entrance of Knockturn Alley, remembering his pureblood looking disguise Harry decided that it wouldn't be too dangerous to have a quick look.

Now that Harry had time to look around, Knockturn Alley had some quite fascinating items and also some ghastly one as well. Harry had stopped in a weapons store and seen a wicked looking dagger. He had thought about buying it, but then decided not to, knowing that it could be cursed...

Wondering around Knockturn Alley Harry came across a bookstore, looking though the books Harry noticed that practically all of them were dark arts books. Deciding that researching the Dark Arts might actually be helpful Harry decided to buy a couple. Reasoning with himself that 'its better to know what your up against'.

He ended up buying a set of books about the dark arts. The set contained four books,

Mastering the Dark Arts By Maurice Amaury

Book 1: A look at the Dark Arts
Book 2: Ways to Cause Pain
Book 3: Ways to Kill
Book 4: Rituals

Deciding that this book will cover everything he needed Harry decided to make his purchase. On the way to the counter though two more books cought his attention 'A Guide to Occlumency and Legilimency' and 'Advanced Dueling: Dark Arts' Harry also picked these up as well.

After paying for the books Harry walked out of Knockturn Alley and back into Diagon Alley. Looking around Harry noticed that its starting to get dark, he paled at this fact... he didn't realize that he had been away for that long!

Breaking into a jog Harry quickly makes his way back to the Leaky Cauldron were he quickly removed his glamour charm and then called the knight bus.

Handing Stan ten gallons, Harry asked to get him back as quick as possible, Stan thankful for the rather large tip, happily took Harry straight to his stop.

Hoping off the bus Harry threw on his invisibility cloak and ran full pelt towards Number 4.

I hope they haven't realized me being gone... Harry hopes were cut short though as he heard his uncle voice screaming his name. Gulping Harry tucked his invisibility clock into his pocket, knowing that if his uncle knew he had been doing anything 'magical' it would be much worse.

Quietly opening the door, Harry silently tried to make it to his room, but his uncle spots him.


Harry breathed a silent sigh of relief; they didn't know he was gone practically all day...

"I...I was just out side uncle Vernon, im sorry I didn't hear you call..." Harry said meekly


Vernon then grabbed Harry by the back of the neck and hauled him up the stairs. The last thing Harry remembered was uncle Vernon's fat fist connecting His jaw before everything went black.

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