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The Dark Arts and Will's

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Response to a challenge made by jayu called 'Dark Harry'. its basically harry and hermione's path to the dark side.... HHr

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HP & HG - DL & DL
Harry & Hermione - Dark Lord & Dark Lady

Chapter 2 - The Dark Arts and Will's
Harry didn't know how long he had been out... what he did know was that his jaw was aching and his head was throbbing. Pushing himself up Harry stumbled over to his bedroom door, only to find that his uncle had locked him in. He also noticed that an un-opened can of soup was sitting at the base of the door.
Sighing Harry made his way over to his bed, pulling his wand, cloak and mini size trunk out of his pockets. He put his cloak and wand back under the loose floor board. Looking at his mini trunk, he decided that he may as well put the books that he had brought yesterday away properly... Hermione would go spare seeing all those books thrown around in there... and she would probley hex me into oblivion for even having the Dark Arts books...

Un-Shrinking his new trunk Harry pulled all his new books out of the first compartment. He then opened the first storage area, taking a little time to admire the little study room before picking up his new books and walking down the stair case.

Putting his first foot into the trunk Harry noticed that it seemed to enlarge, making more room for him to fit. The weird part was that the trunk didn't seem to get any larger in his room. Shrugging his shoulders and putting it down as 'magic' he continued down the stairs.

Once he was actually in the room, it seemed a lot bigger, and there were a couple of items that he didn't know the witch at the luggage shop had put in here. First there was a fireplace, though he didn't have a clue were the smoke went, it wasn't lit at the moment though, instead their seemed to be a cooling charm, which made it seem like an air-conditioned room. Deciding to read the instruction manual on his new trunk a little later, Harry started shorting though his books.

At first he just starting putting them on the selves randomly, though after the tenth book, he decided against this. After all he didn't want to spend ages looking for a book. He then starting arranging them in alphabetical order, but then changed his mind again. Think like Hermione... Sort them into groups, then alphabetical order! That was the way he decided to go. Though he didn't have much books at the moment, it still looked pretty cool to have his own mini library, he decided that he would decently get more books. Gods... im turning into Hermione... whatever will Ron say... he though shaking his head in amusement, though he knew Hermione would be thrilled with him.

Harry stood in the middle of his new study room and admired his new little library. After about a minute though he got bored and decided he was going to do something. Remembering his last 'conversation' with Vernon, he knew he wasn't leaving his room for a while, and the soup was just proof of that. The last time they used the dog flap to feed him, he was locked in his room for weeks.

Shaking those dark memories away Harry went to the bookcase, scanning over his books, He stopped at his Dark Arts series, deciding that now was a good a time as any, he pulled the first of the four books out and sat down the comfortable chair at the table.

Opening the book Harry started to read...

The Darks Arts is a form on magic usually frowned at by the wizarding world. In the newer times spells are categorized into different groups, the two main groups being 'Light' and 'Dark'. In the older times however, these categories never existed. The killing curse was often used to 'give mercy' to the sick and dying. It was classified as Dark when the wizard or witch used it to intentionally cause harm.
What most people don't understand about the dark arts is that it is not the spells that make it dark. The wizard is the one that chooses whether the spell will be a light or dark one. Simple house hold charms can be used as dark arts. The Accio charm, used to summon objects is a 'light' spell, but when used to summon a person heart, with enough power it can rip it from the person's body, therefore using it for this purpose would be classified as the 'Dark Arts'.
Harry stopped reading for a second, going over the last two paragraphs again.../ That makes sense... wonder why I never thought of it before.../ he thought before going back to the book.
This theory works for most spells, though there are certain spells that have been created that are 'purely dark spells'. Meaning that there is no good reason for them. One of these spells is called the Cruciatus Curse.
Harry tore his eyes away from the book as the word 'Crucio' crossed his mind, watching as Bellatrix Lestrange fell to the ground screaming for a couple of seconds and then got back up and started laughing at him. With that memory, other memories of the night at the ministry come flying back at him, cause the guilt that had been slowly going away to come back, almost overwhelming him.

He could hear Bellatrix laughter again, and the anger he felt towards her pushed the guilt aside. Righteous anger! Next time... next time ill show here how much damage bloody righteous anger can do! He then threw the book across the room before storming out of the trunk.
It had been two days since Harry had been out of his room, except for the occasional time when he was aloud to use the bathroom. He hadn't touched the dark arts books again; in fact the book still lay on the ground in his trunk.
Instead he had begun studying his books on advanced dueling, non-stop. He had already found a lot of spells that may prove to be very useful, though he couldn't practice them practically; learning the theory first always made it a lot easier. Some of the topic's he was studying also did not require spell work, the bits on dueling stances, and wand drawing could be practiced without using any magic.
Harry was broken from his studies by a tapping at his window, looking over he noticed two brown owls. At first he though nothing of it until he realized what was actually before him, Owls! I can send a letter to Dumbledore to get me! Rushing to his window Harry eagerly took the letters from the two owls, informing one of them to stay. when both the owls didn't move, he just shrugged his shoulders and went back to his letters.
Looking at the letters, he easily spotted Hermione's handwriting, and smiled, looking at the other though shocked him, the blue wax seal of The Gringotts Wizarding Bank staring up at him. Opening Hermione letter first Harry smiled seeing her neat handwriting and began to read...
Dear Harry
How are you? I know it's a stupid question, but I know you Harry and I know that you will be blaming yourself over this. It. Is. Not. Your. Fault. Ok!
Sirius wouldn't want you blaming yourself over this. I know what you're feeling to Harry, well at least a part of it. I helped rescue him to; I loved him to Harry. But please don't blame yourself over this; he would have done the same things if the shoes were reversed.
I am fine also by the way. I had to take potions for about a week, but now there is no evidence that anything happened at all, not even the faintest scar.
I have been begging Dumbledore to let you leave, I know what those things are like, and it's not what you need. But the old man says you have to stay... though I don't see why, he told me that it has to do with protections from Voldermort but what good are they since they don't protect you from those dam people.
Anyway I will keep bugging Dumbledore to allow you to leave though I am afraid I am leaving on holidays with my parents in a couple of days, I wish you could come with us... but I know Dumbledore won't allow it... So unfortunately I won't be able to see you until September 1st.
Well, that's about it really, nothing has been happing that I know off, I will miss you, try to have some fun.
With love from
Harry re-read the letter before sighing; Love you to Hermione... his eyes shot open, "What!" he yelled, instantly ducking his head and listening for his uncle, hearing nothing, Harry sighed and shook his head, the lack of sleep must be getting to him...
Harry then looked down at the second letter, looking over the letter, there wasn't anything on it except his name and the Gringotts wax seal. Opening the letter Harry was surprised to find it rather short.
Dear Mr Potter-Black
Harry stopped reading and simply looks at the name Potter-Black? What the hell is that on about...? Shacking his head, thinking that there had been a lot of weird things lately the continued to read...
This letter is to inform you about the reading of Sirius Black's will that was read yesterday evening.
Since you were unable to attend this letter is being sent out to you. If you wish to hear the will send a reply to Mr Grophook Gueks and the earliest time that you are available.
Gringotts Wizarding Bank
Guilt washed over him, though he could easily tell it was no were near as much as he had been feeling in the past couple of weeks. There were a lot of un asked questions going though Harry's mind, Sirius' will was read?, who said he wasn't available? Though he had a pretty good idea how had kept these things from him... Dumbledore... he had kept a lot to himself...
The words of the prophecy replayed in his mind, though the more he though about it, the less it mattered. Even if he had not been told about it, he would still fight him. But the fact that only he could do it, and the fact that Dumbledore knew this and kept it from him made him angry. He would have been training... Dumbledore talked about, his love for him, but all Dumbledore had done was made his task more difficult.
Pushing the thoughts from his mind, it was not something he wanted to dwell on at the moment; Harry quickly scribbled a note and handed it to the owl. the note simply said that he would be available anytime tomorrow. After all, the Dursleys would act normally, thinking it was someone checking up on him. He handed the note back to the Gringotts owl which took flight. Harry then had a look at the other owl. Had Hermione got an owl? Noticing a tag on the owl's foot, Harry had a look and noticed that the bird belonged to the Wizarding post.
"Would you be able to deliver to a couple of letters for me?" Harry asked the owl which hooted once in response.
Taking that as a yes, Harry quickly scribbled down a note to Dumbledore begging him to come and get him, saying that the Dursleys had not been feeding him and had taken Hedwig away so he couldn't send mail. Harry then pulled out another piece of parchment and started writing his letter to Hermione...
Dear Hermione
I know that you say it is not my fault that you got hurt and Sirius got... but it is, and im so sorry about it.
I should have listened to you... you knew it was a trap, and I ignored you... how stupid was that, not listening to the smartest witch of her age... im trying to come to grips with what happened, but its hard...
As much as I would love to go on a holiday, you are right, Dumbledore would not allow it. In fact it's rather annoying the way he seems to control my life... I hope you have fun though, and I look forward to seeing you on September the 1st...
Well, until then have fun!
Re-reading it, he decided that he was happy with it, he attached the notes to the owl.
"Could you take this one to Hermione Granger first please, then the second to Albus Dumbledore" the bird hooted once before taking off.

The next day at 11:00 am, a soft 'pop' echoed though Harry's room. Harry, at hearing the sound at whipped around, wand coming to his hand quicker than a blink of an eye, the tip already glowing red. At seeing the Goblin there Harry quickly lowered his wand.
"Oh! Sorry... you gave me a fright..." Harry said
"It's quite alright Mr Potter, My name is Grophook Gueks" The goblin said, before flicking his fingers towards the door. The walls flashed white and his door an orange colour.
"Err... what was that" Harry asked confused
"A simple silencing charm and locking charm, so that we wont be disturbed" the goblin answered
"Umm... Im not going to get a letter from the ministry am I? I nearly got my wand snapped because a house elf did magic here..."
"Do not fear Mr Potter, the Ministry cannot detect Goblin magic, you have nothing to worry about" Harry visibly relaxed at this, "Now... would you like to get along with the will reading? Or do you have some questions?" the goblin asked
"Actually... I do have a couple of questions..." the goblin waved his hand motioning Harry to continue. "Who told you I wasn't available to attend the first reading?"
The goblin looked over at Harry for a little while before answering "You did Mr Potter. We received an owl, two days after we sent out the invitation to the reading, saying that you were unable to attend due to family matters"
"WHAT!" Harry shouted, then quickly look at the door, "What? I never sent a letter, or seen an invitation! In fact, I have never received a letter from Gringotts in my life!"
The goblin sighed. "It is what we thought then..."
"What is!" Harry demanded, he was sick of things happing in his life that he didn't know about.
"Answer me this Mr Potter, do you receive much mail? Friends, fans..."
"Waa... fans what are you talking about, I have never received fan mail..."
"Yes... don't you find that strange?" seeing Harry confused look the goblin continued, "You, The-Boy-Who-Lived, Defeater of the Dark Lord, Savior of the Wizarding World, have never received fan mail... surely people would like to thank you for what you have done, sent you mail on the day you saved all their lives, wouldn't you think?"
All Harry could do was nod his head, he had never thought of it before, he was famous, walking down Diagon Alley people would come up and thank him, shake his hand. He had never thought twice about fan mail.
"Someone must be reading and screening my mail then, since I have never received mail form Gringotts either..." Harry finally spoke.
"Yes, that is correct, you should have received a number of letters from use, monthly bank statements, your parents will when you turned eleven"
"Who has been screening my mail? You said you expected it?" even as Harry asked he was ninety percent sure who that person was.
"First, I must apologize on behalf of Gringotts... we take great pride in protecting our customers rights, and have fail at going this gravely, concerning yourself. We first thought something was amiss when after Sirius will was read, we informed the attendants that you would be receiving a copy. Mr Dumbledore then told us that, that would be unnecessary and that he would inform you himself. We of course agreed, not wanting to make a scene, but after the reading we did some investigating for ourselves. In seems that Mr Dumbledore went directly against your parents will, your parents had specifically stated that your Aunt was to never have custody of yourself..."
The Goblin could see the rage building up behind Harry's eyes, they were flickering, the goblin though that he noticed a Green glow coming from him, but was startled when his bedroom window shattered. This also seemed to derail Harry rage as he looked over at the window, mouth agape.
"Ummm... you wouldn't be able to fix that would you?" Harry asked the goblin, who didn't respond, only flicked his index finger and the window repaired itself.
"Sorry about that..." Harry apologized
"Not necessary, it's completely understandable. Though... that was quite an impressive display of power there Mr Potter"
"Although, I must say you didn't seem very surprised at this revelation... has Mr Dumbledore kept things from you before?" the goblins asked.
As the goblins spoke, Harry started to think back,
The Philosopher's Stone, how were a couple of first years able to get to it, when it was supposed to be protected against Voldermort?
How were three second years able find the Chamber of Secrets in under a year, when a school fool of the smartest and most powerful wizards couldn't find it in fifty years. He understood that they wouldn't be able to open it, though find the entrance shouldn't have been too hard.
Dumbledore had to have known that Peter was his parent's secret keeper, after all he was the leader of the order; he would have then known that Sirius was not the traitor!
How had a polyjucied Death Eater been able to walk around the school for a whole year, pretending to be one of Dumbledore's oldest friends? How had Snape or Dumbledore not found out, with them being master at Legilimency?
In fact, why was Snape teaching him Occlumency? Dumbledore knew of the hatred between them, he must have know that Snape wouldn't try to teach him properly, and then there is the prophecy... why wasn't he told? After looking back over the years Harry seriously doubted that it was out of love... some other plan of Dumbledore's...
As Harry though he could fell the anger building again, but was broke from these thoughts by the Goblin.
"By the look on you face, I see that this is not the only thing Mr Dumbledore has kept from you. A word of warning Mr Potter, Mr Dumbledore is an old and powerful wizard, tread carefully around him" all Harry did was nod
"Now, im afraid, I am running out of time and we must get on to the will. We will be viewing my memory of the will, since I was the one to read it" the goblin said, pulling out small pensive from his pocket and enlarging it.
"If you would take my hand" the goblin said offering Harry his hand, which Harry took.
He felt like he was falling though space until with a soft 'thud' they landed in a medium size room. Looking outwards Harry noticed a number of people sitting down, most seemed to be dabbing their eyes.
The first person to catch Harry's eye was Malfoy, who had a bored look on his face. He briefly wondered what he was doing here, but then remembered that Narcissa was also a Black.
Looking over the other people Harry also spotted Hermione, who seemed to be softly crying and kept looking towards the door, Ron was next to her, with slightly bored look on his face. This confused Harry a little before the looked on, the twins were also there, they weren't crying like Hermione but the sadness of clearly obvious on their faces. Mrs. Weasley was crying while Mr. Weasleys comforted her. Next to them, were two people that Harry found vaguely familiar, looking at the lady Harry instantly knew who they were, Hermione's parents. Behind them were Remus, who also had the same look as the twins, Tonks was next to him rubbing his back, sadness etched into her face also. Dumbledore was next to them, looking at him Harry felt his anger rise, but knowing he couldn't do anything he pushed it away. Dumbledore's face was unreadable.
Harry was broke from his studying of the crowed by the Goblin at the front clearing his throat.
"We are hear to witness the reading of Sirius Black's last will and testimony." He said "We will now begin..."
I, Sirius Black, being of sound mind and body, leave this my last will and testimony.
Harry could feel tears coming to his eyes, as the reality of it set in.
Well enough with being all formal. If you are hearing this then I have most likely done something stupid and have gotten myself killed.
Now let's get onto the goodies shall we!
Well to start, to Narcissa Malfoy, I leave you with 1 gallon. You are a weak pitiful person that deserves to be be-headed.
The statement caught Harry off guard; he choked back a laugh at the look of outrage that was now painted on Narcissa's face.
To her pitiful excuse of a son, Draco Malfoy, I leave 1 gallon. Again you are a useless excuse of a wizard.
Draco, Harry noticed just looked rather annoyed at this, though this didn't surprise him in the least, it didn't stop him wanting to rip Malfoy's head off.
To my lovely niece Nymphadora Tonks, I leave you with one million gallons. Try and live a happy life.
Harry turned at the sob coming from Tonk's direction and watched as began Remus comforting her. This took Harry a little by surprise, though he smiled slightly at it.
To my good old mate Rubeus Hagrid, I leave you with one hundred thousand gallons, just please don't get my godson killed in class.
To Albus Dumbledore, I leave you with one million gallons that is to only be used for Hogwarts. I also leave you, personally, with two gallons. You took away my last chance at happiness by keeping me locked up in that old house.
Harry turned to look at the headmaster, feeling even more angry at him after hearing what Sirius said, though Harry was surprised to see they look of anger also on Dumbledore's face, Harry thought that he would at least try to hide it from everyone.
To Arthur and Molly Weasley, I leave you with one million gallons, you have been the parents that Harry was never able to have, and the one I wasn't able to be. I thank you for that.
Harry heard a loud gasp come from Molly, then she started to cry again, Arthur's face was one of bewilderment, this cause Harry to smile, knowing that they deserved the money a lot more than he did.
To Fred and Gorge Weasley, I leave you with five thousand gallons each and twenty-two kegs of Ogden's Firewhiskey. I also leave you with a copy of the Marauders Notes, may they help your future joke shop!
The twins just sat their stone eyed, and nodded, sadness still sketched into their faces.
To Ginny Weasley, I leave you with five thousand gallons.
Harry was surprised to see that Ginny looked rather disappointed at this. There wasn't a trace of sadness in her features at all...
To Remus Lupin, the last of the Marauders, I leave you with two million gallons and also a medium size cottage. The location will be given to you after the reading. Look after yourself my friend and look after Harry.
Harry just watched as fresh tears came to Remus' eyes as he leaned into Tonks embrace.
To Ron Weasley, I leave you with ten thousand gallons, I know you have problems with the amount of money Harry has. But remember what he has had to go though to get it. You're his best friend; don't let something as pitiful as money get in the way of that.
Ron's expression, both surprised and angered Harry, he looked... Gleeful...
To Hermione Granger, My dear, I owe you a life dept. well I guess I owe you more than one. The amount of times you have saved my godson's ass. Anyway to you I leave you with twenty thousand gallons, I have also had the library from a certain house that you know off moved to your new vault. I have made sure that all the cursed books were removed and destroyed. But there are still some dark books in there, don't let Dumbledore destroy them, after all the best way to defeat the Dark Arts is to know what you are up against.
Hermione started crying again as her mother leaned over from behind and hugged her, that's when Harry noticed that Ron next to her had a look of anger and jealously on his face. It made Harry want to hit him.
To my dear godson, Harry Potter, first I must apologize for getting my self-killed, I am sorry that I never had the chance to raise you instead of those bloody muggles. I leave you with the rest of the black fortune and also make you head of the black family. The Potters and Blacks are old families Harry and being a head of both will have great advantages in the future. One of which is allowing you to leave those damn muggle relatives, as being head of a family legally makes you an adult. There is also a letter that is to be given directly to you. In it will list what I have left you. Try and have some fun in your life Harry, and when the time comes kill that son of a bitch.
/ /After the reading was done Harry could feel the tears rolling down his checks. He was about to ask the goblin if they could leave when he head Ron mumble...
"Dam Potter gets left a fortune..." a large crack followed this as Hermione slapped him, hard across the cheek.
"You are the most cruel, despicable person I know Ron Weasley!" she hissed at him before storming out of the room.
Harry was too shocked at what Ron had said to notice that they had already left the pensive and were back in Harry's room.
"As you can see Mr Dumbledore's root's spread far" the goblin said, breaking Harry from his thoughts. "We never gave this to Mr Dumbledore, we gave him a fake letter as he rather persistent that he should be the one to present it to you, and wouldn't leave without it"
Harry took the letter off the goblin and slowly un-folded it, reveling Sirius messy handwriting.
Dear Harry
Please don't morn my death to much, and never blame yourself no matter what the circumstances. I am in a better place now, with your parents and we will see you again, when it is your time. Which will be many, many years away! Promise me you will try to enjoy life.
Now there are some warnings that I am afraid that I must give you. Be careful of Dumbledore! Don't trust him; there are things, part conversations that I have over heard that have led me to question his ideas. I would bet all my gold in Gringotts that he is using memory charms or some other spells to change people's minds to suit his own scheme.
I don't believe that he has turned his back on the light, though I do believe that he is power hungry as much as Voldermort is. Being locked up in a house for over a year allowed me a lot of thinking time and some of the events of your schooling years don't add up. With this letter is a book, this book Harry is a dark arts book, but look at the area on mind charms. It has ways to block them; it's an extension on Occlumency, another thing you must master. Try find a book on it, and study it yourself. I seriously doubt that Snape is even teaching you properly.
You're a powerful wizard Harry; there are many topics that you should look at. Wandless magic is well within your reach and a powerful advantage, keep that in mind.
Keep safe Harry.
Now onto all the goodies that I have left you. For starters the title or Barren Black is now all yours! HA, HA! I hated it. You will formally be known as Harry James Potter-Black or Black-Potter, it's up to you. The Black fortune is a large one! Removing the inheritance of the others, you will be receiving about two hundred million gallons from the black fortune, since I was removed from the family tree I wasn't able to use it, but now since all the Black males are dead my will goes into affect no matter what my mother wanted and I decided who gets it all! I will also be handing over the control of the Potter vaults since they were under my care, I am sorry I didn't do this earlier but since I was a convict I couldn't really go into Gringotts and request that they be handed over to you, to many questions. So will be receiving access to the rest of the Potter vaults, that's right; the vault you visit at the moment is only a trust account. You will have to ask someone at Gringotts the size of the Potter fortune, since I have no idea, though it was large.
With the Black inheritance you will be also receiving a number of residences. These include Number 12, a cottage in Hogsmeade and also a wizard library, yes, yes I know Hermione will probley die of jealousy... this I a private library so it's not open to the public. The library is about as vast as the Hogwarts one, but it also has a lot of dark arts books. I would not tell Dumbledore about this place if I were you.
With the Potter inheritance coming into your belonging, there are also a number of houses. There is another library also not open to the public. I had Godric's Hollow fixed up, you can visit it in the future if you want, there is also the main potter house were your parents usually lived. It's a large mansion. There is also a private island, and I don't have a clue what is there, though there is a portkey to get there in one of the vaults.
Well that's it... you will have to asked someone at Gringotts for more information on what's in the Potter vaults and stuff.
Try and have fun kiddo. I will see you again but hopefully not for a long, long time yet.
Harry put the letter down, tears freely falling from his eyes, his face a mixture of sadness and surprise. Even though he did care he asked.
"H-How... Big is the Potter fortune?"
"I cannot tell you the exact amount, though there is around three hundred million gallons, this is not including properties and belongings of course"
Harry's eyes just got wider at this statement.
"Yes Mr Potter, you are the largest depositor in England" the goblins paused before continuing, "I must being going, I am sorry for leaving on such short notice, but if there is anything, anything that we can help you with, don't hesitate to ask" Harry got the feeling that he was not just talking about banking, "Good day Mr Potter, Oh and you may keep the pensive"
With a soft 'pop' the Goblin vanished and his wards fell also. This was not a good thing for Harry as, as soon as they had fallen, his door was thrown open.
Harry paled at this, and it was not lost on his uncle.
"YOU'VE BEEN DOING YOUR FREAK SHIT IN MY HOUSE! HAVEN'T YOU!" his uncle didn't even give Harry time to answer before continuing, "YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LINE THIS TIME BOY! AND YOU WILL REGRET IT!"
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