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Response to a challenge made by jayu called 'Dark Harry'. its basically harry and hermione's path to the dark side.... HHr

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HP & HG - DL & DL
Harry & Hermione - Dark Lord & Dark Lady

Chapter 3 - Escape
"YOU'VE BEEN DOING YOUR FREAK SHIT IN MY HOUSE! HAVEN'T YOU!" his uncle didn't even give Harry time to answer before continuing, "YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LINE THIS TIME BOY! AND YOU WILL REGRET IT!"
Harry automatically assumed the fetal position, expecting a number of blows to come from his uncle any second. He however was rather surprised to hear his uncle booming foot steps leave his room and another door slam open.

Harry sighed in relief, anything was better than getting the crap belted out of you. His relief soon vanished, replaced by fear as a loud un-human screech came from down the hall. Fear spreading over his body, Harry jumped to his feet bolting out of his room, heading straight to the spare room.

All the colour drained from his face when he noticed that it was this door had been thrown open, rushing to the open door, Harry froze seeing the limp form of Hedwig laying on the ground. Looking up at his uncle he noticed the menacing grin crossing the large man's face.

Pure Hatred washed though Harry body, and Vernon grin soon vanished as Harry's green eyes glowed brightly, the air around him seemed to crackle as the large amounts of magic poured off him, enough for even a muggle to feel.

Vernon's face change from evil, to shit scared in a matter of seconds, and the fat large man started whimpering. With a sneer and a flick of his wrist Harry sent his uncle slamming straight though the wall into the main bedroom. Screams came from downstairs as the house shook has Vernon literally went though the wall.

Stepping though the massive hole in the plaster wall, Harry flicked his wrist again; send Vernon though the bedroom door and tumbling down the stairs. Following his fat uncle Harry casually walked down the stairs, glass objects shattering as he got to close.

His uncle started moaning in pain, trying to move on the ground, but finding that moving any part of him cause severe pain.
Looking around Harry's eyes fell on his old room, the cupboard under the stairs. With a sneer Harry flicked his wrist again and his uncle disappeared, reappearing stuffed in the closed cupboard.

With another flick of his hand, his trunks, wand, and cloak appeared, shrinking his trunk he put it in his pocket, before making his way to the front door. His Aunt back away in fear at seeing his eyes glowing. as Harry approached the front door it blew off its hinges, shattering as it bounced across the road.

Harry's last walk though the house at Number 4, Privet Drive, had shatter all the windows and nearly every other glass object in the house, left a gapping hole in one of the walls and also removed the front door, it ending up in pieces down the street.

Walking down the street Harry's anger slowly lowered, his magic returning to normal, probley a minute to early as Harry found himself standing in front of six cloaked figures wearing white masks.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't wee baby Potter" the un mistakable voice of Bellatrix Lestrange called out.

Harry so badly wanted to start yelling out every curse that he knew, but in six to one odds he wouldn't stand a chance.

"What a pleasant surprise to see you hear ickle Potty, The Dark Lord will reward me greatly for finding you" Bellatrix Laughed "But... I think I might have some fun first... CRUCIO!"

Harry watched as the yellow curse came towards him, it seemed to move in slow motion. Thinking that it was over, he thought of the person he would miss most... Hermione.

Harry didn't know what happened next, though the felling of hundreds of knifes being stabbed repeatedly into him did not come, no instead of the piercing pain it felt like he was being squeeze though a thin pipe.


Dumbledore was sitting at his office desk, when one of the silver objects, recently repaired from Harry anger started humming. Dumbledore looked over at the object slightly alarmed. The object then started screeching.

Moving much faster than a man his age should be able, Dumbledore threw some floo powder into the fire place calling out "MLE, Kingsley Shacklebolt Office!"

As the soot clear Dumbledore could see Kingsley looking at him from his desk.

"Kingsley, get some Auror's over to Harry place, there has been magically activity" Dumbledore said before cutting the floo connection and running to the school apparation point.

About five minutes later Dumbledore and Kingsley arrived down the street from Harry's place. They couldn't apparate straight there since the anti-apparation wards stopped anyone from doing it.

Dumbledore paled after he watched six death eaters apparate away, he paled even further when he looked towards Harry house. The front door missing, all the windows blow out. Quickly making his way towards the house, followed by the four Auror's Kingsley brought along, Dumbledore entered the house, wand out and alert. A sound was coming from down the hall, it sounded like someone sobbing. Thinking that death eater may still be in the house, Kingsley signaled the Auror's to move quietly and to backup from behind.

Coming around the corner they notice that the person sobbing was Harry Aunt Petunia she was lying down in front of the cupboard that Harry had been forced to sleep in as a child. Moving quickly Dumbledore went to check what was wrong. Though when he got to her, it was clearly evident. The cupboard was full, totally full, not something out of the ordinary, except the fact that it was being filled by Vernon Dursley, who moaned in pain every now and again.

Having a closer look, it was painfully obvious that the man couldn't have physically fit in there. Magical means had placed him inside. Dumbledore had to enlarge the opening to get the large man out. Once Vernon toppled out, Dumbledore also noted that he had many other injuries.

"Kingsley, get a medi-witch here, Harry's uncle needs one" Dumbledore said before making his way up stairs to try and find Harry. Once he got up the stairs, Dumbledore found more damage to the house. The main bedroom doors were splintered. Going over to their room first Dumbledore immediately noticed the large gapping hole in the wall, and now had a brief idea were Vernon's other injuries had came from. Stepping though the large hole, Dumbledore noticed the bird cage lying on the ground and not far away the limp form of Hedwig.

Relief washed over him, understanding that it was most likely Harry that had done this and not Death Eaters. Forgetting the bird Dumbledore made his way to Harry room, only to find it empty. Letting out a frustrated growl Dumbledore walked back down stairs.

"There is no sign of him up stairs" He announced to the Auror's "Has his Aunt said anything?"

"Nothing really..." one of the younger men said, "She just keeps going on about glowing green, or something like that"

"Hmm... ok..." Dumbledore sighed in defeat, "Im going to head back to the school, tell me if you find anything, will you Kingsley?"

"Sure Albus" was all he said

Dumbledore left the house and headed back to school, as soon as he arrived he called an emergency order meeting for tonight.


Hermione was sitting on her bed reading her new books. She had got them before the end of school and had saved them for the summer since she was going on a holiday, and she need something to read.

She was startled from her book as a soft 'pop' echoed though her room, looking up she noticed a figure standing in her room and she let out a scream and reached for her wand.


Harry spun around at hearing something screaming, thinking that someone had taken the curse for him, that was until he noticed that he was no longer at Privet Drive, and the person that had screamed was... Hermione.

"Hermione?" he asked

"H-Harry! What, what are you going here!" she yelled jumping forward and slamming him into a hug, making him wince at the pressure against his bruises.

As the adrenalin wore off, the grief of what had happened finally hit him.
"I-I don't know... apparated... Death Eaters... Hedwig..." Harry said choking back a sob at the last word.

"What? What Harry what's wrong?" Hermione asked concern filling her eyes

Harry buried his face into her shoulder, "He-He killed Hedwig, t-that basterd Vernon!" Harry sobbed

Hermione felt her eyes well up with tears also, she loved Hedwig, she was always nice to her, letting her send letter and she always seemed to show up when she needed to send something.

"Shh, shhh its ok Harry, its ok, everything is going to be fine, im here, im here" she cooed softly a tear of her own falling down her check and into hair. Harry's sobs slowly slowed down.

It was then that Hermione's parents burst into the room, quickly asking what was wrong, but stopping half way though noticing the boy in their daughter's arms.

When Harry finally noticed Hermione's parents standing at the door way he quickly let go of Hermione and moved away.

"Hmm... sorry..." he said softly looking down at the ground

"Nothing to apologize for! Im Daniel Granger and this is my wife Jane Granger... and you must be Harry Potter" at Harry's questioning look, he continued "With the amount Hermione talks about you, your rather easy to recognize"

Hermione blushed at this, though Harry didn't notice. "Umm Harry how did you get here?" she asked softly rubbing his back

Harry rubbed his shoulder, the bruise from one of Vernon's recent beating was aching, though he soon regretted it as Hermione spotted it also.

"WHO GAVE YOU THAT!" she said pointing at his arm..

"It-its nothing Hermione" Harry said weakly

"Don't you nothing me, Harry Potter!" Harry looked at her, concern was filling her eyes. Harry let out a sigh in defeat.

"Vernon" was all he said

"Your, your uncle, he, he, Oh Harry... I knew that they were mean... but never this... if I had known I would have come got you... im sorry" she said tears pooling in her eyes as she hugged him again.

"It's not your fault... it's their fault, you had nothing, nothing to do with this" he sighed in her ear.

"So, that's why you left... but, how did you get here? You cant apparate..." she asked after she had settled down.

"I, um, after leaving the Dursley's, out in the street, I ran into some Death Eaters..."


"NO! No not Dumbledore... he, he's not as good as he seems Hermione." At Hermione's confused look, a look that didn't really go with her, "You were at Sirius will reading, you heard what he said about keeping him locked up..."

"What? Sirius will reading?... what are you talking about Harry?" Hermione asked, becoming more confused.

Harry just looked at her strangely, "You were there... you, your parents, the Weasleys, Dumbledore, Remus Tonks, even bloody Malfoy" Harry said.

It was then that Jane entered the conversation, "Um... Harry... we haven't been to any will reading... in fact we haven't been to Diagon Alley this summer..."

"What? That's not right, though... I have proof that you were there..." Harry said not also becoming quite confused. "I'll Show you" he said pulling out his trunk, to get the goblins pensive.

He put the pensive down, when he remembered Sirius' note, I would bet all my gold in Gringotts that he is using memory charms or some other spells to change people's minds, Harry groaned remembering this.

"What is it Harry" Hermione asked getting worried again. Harry simply dug into his pocket, pulled out Sirius letter and handed it to Hermione.

"Take special note of the second paragraph" was all he said

Hermione began to read the letter, letting out a gasp as she obviously read about Sirius suspicion, it didn't take her long to read, before she handed it back to Harry, who pocketed it again.

"The Goblin also said that Dumbledore was very persistent, that he should be the one to tell me about Sirius Will, and be the one to give me that letter."

"You... cant go back to him this summer... you have to hide..." was all that Hermione managed.

"I have an idea" Jane spoke up again. Both Harry and Hermione turned to look at her, "You can come on holidays with us!" a large grin broke out on Hermione's face, while Harry face was one of complete surprise.

"Brilliant idea, love!" Daniel said, "I will make the changes now..." the paused look over at Harry, looking at the rags he was wearing he added, "Don't worry, Harry we will cover all expenses"

"Oh, no, I will pay my self" at seeing Daniel's nervous look expression Harry added, "I think it might be best if we have a look at the pensive first"

Harry was free falling again, until he landed back in the room in Gringotts, looking around he watched as Hermione and her parents appeared behind him and started looking around in amazement. He then heard all of them gasp, obviously as they spotted themselves.

"B-b-but, you say this is a memory?" Jane asked, still staring at the image of herself.

"Yes, it's the Goblins memory..." Harry answered

"But, I don't remember, I have never been here!"

"You have, but you have probley had it removed from your memory... we will explain more later" Harry said and Jane just nodded

"Oh my gods... look at Ron..." Hermione said; as she watched him sigh in boredom, then watch herself hit him.

"I... I know... once we left the goblin said something about Dumbledore's roots running deep... I guess he was talking about Ron and Ginny... look at her" Harry pointed Ginny out, "She has the exact same expression as Ron"

They turned around as the Goblin announced that he will was going to be read. This time Harry didn't listen, he just held onto Hermione who also done the same to him. He heard her gasp when her part was read out and she begun to sob on his shoulder. He watched as the 'memory Jane' leaned over and hugged Hermione, at the same time as the 'present Jane' did so.

When the will finished Harry watched as Ron made his parting comment of /'Dam Potter gets left a fortune...' /and sighed, though Hermione growled in anger and hissed, "I can't believe I ever considered that git a friend!"

They then felt the familiar free falling sensation as they had done before, until they landed back in Hermione's room. Harry turned to Hermione parents and handed them Sirius' letter.

"That's the letter they refereed to in the will... it will probley shed some light as to why you can't remember the reading as well..." Harry said softly.

Jane took the letter and read it quickly, paling as she did. With a trembling hand she handed it to her husband. He also read it quickly before handing it back.

"So... your headmaster... he's the one who removed our memories?" at Harry and Hermione's nod he asked, "Why?"

"Dumbledore, has always seemed to want to control my life... ever since I was one he has been doing it... according to the Goblins, he went directly against my parents will, with placing me at the Dursleys..."

"Well then! We will change your schools... there has to be other wizarding schools..." Jane said

"We cant... he's one of the most powerful wizards alive mum... and even if we tried that, he would probley just do another memory charm..." Hermione said softly "We just have to do what Sirius said... learn away to protect ourselves against it, and play along until we can get away safely" she then turned to Harry.

"He has had his hand in everything hasn't he... the Philosopher's Stone, the Chamber of Secrets, Sirius... he must have known was innocent, The Tri wizarding Tournament... oh my god... and with the ministry... how couldn't he know that Snape would be the worst teacher for you!" she cried throwing him into another hug.

"Well it's settled then! You're coming with us!" Daniel said, quickly leaving the room before Harry could say anything.

"Mrs. Granger... I want to pa..." Harry started but was cut off by her

"Its fine Harry, Hermione had been bugging us for years to allow you to come on a holiday with us anyway." Jane said happily.

"If its not trouble, I guess" Harry sighed in defeat, now knowing where Hermione got her determination from.

"Good then! Dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes by the way, ill see you two down there" Jane said before leaving the room after her husband.

Harry turned to Hermione, taking his time to admire her face, Even sad she's Beautiful... WHAT am I DOING!!! I can't ruin this!

"So... how has your summer been?"/ /Harry asked.

Hermione sighed... "Fine... I guess... it's been rather boring actually... just reading books mainly" Harry looked over at her surprised...

"Hermione Granger, finding books boring? Are you sure you're the Hermione that attends Hogwarts?" Harry asked a small smirk gracing his lips.

"Yes, you pratt" Hermione said slapping his softly on the shoulder. She then sighed again and leaned up against him.

"I wish I could have come and got you away from those horrible people..." she said, a tear rolling down her cheek. Harry brushed it away with his thumb.

"Shhh... its not your fault at all, I doubt that Dumbledore would have allowed it anyway..."

"Harry... how are you going to explain running away anyway? He will find out that you're not at the Dursleys eventually..." Hermione asked

"I bet he already knows... I bet he has some kind of wards set up to alert him of any magic being used... and I did use a fair bit..." Harry said

"What did you do?"

"After, Vernon, k-killed hed-hedwig... I sorta lost control and sent him though the wall with a wave of my hand... everything was just a blur, I was, was so angry. I then sent him though his bedroom door and down the stairs, after that I stuffed him in the cupboard... that's when I left and ran into the death eaters..." Hermione was staring up at him wide eyed...

"Y-You did wandless magic?" was all Hermione said...

"Y-yea, ive done it before... when I couldn't control my emotions" Harry said weakly, getting a tad nervous at the look Hermione was giving him.

"But, you did controlled wandless magic... Harry... barely anyone can do controlled wandless magic anymore... and the people that can, can only do little things..." Hermione said quietly

"Well I bet you could do it!" Harry said looking straight at Hermione.

"M-m-me, Harry don't be silly" Hermione said, not believing him

"Hermione... I don't know of one thing you can't do, if you don't put your mind to it." Harry defended her. "Did you ever do accidental magic growing up?"
"Umm... y-yes..." she said her cheeks tinting red
"What did you do?" Harry asked again, unaware of her embarrassment
"I... I got locked in the garden shed and, sorta blew it up ok" she said looking away as she blushed even more
"Hermione, its nothing to be embarrassed about... and you just proved you can do wandless magic with a bit of training..."
"What? nearly every wizard or witch does accidental magic when they are growing up!" Hermione said.
"Yes, but its never anything as powerful as blowing up a shed..." Harry reasoned "Trust me, you will learn wandless magic over the summer"

"Do, do you want to try and learn over the summer?" Hermione asked

"If you want... I actually have a book on it" there conversation stopped as Hermione's mum called up to them announcing that dinner was ready.

Daniel Granger had cooked a roast lamb for dinner with steamed vegetables, Harry who had barley eaten over the summer, found himself starving. The meal was Devine, the meat nice and tender and the vegetables were cooked just right.

Mr. Granger had announced that he was able to book another plane ticket, for tomorrows flight, and that they were able to change there accommodation from a two bedroom apartment to a three bedroom one, which was rather lucky.

Harry had once again tried to pay all his extra costs, but the Grangers wouldn't hear of it, though they finally agreed to let him buy Hermione's school equipment for her instead.


Dumbledore stood in front of the Order of the Phoenix, in Harry's new house, Number 12, Grimlands Place. The order was muttering between them selves not knowing what his meeting was all about. They all quieted down as Dumbledore spoke.

"Good evening, I have called this meeting, since something of grave importance has happened" Dumbledore paused until the whispers stopped. "Earlier this evening, the wards around Harry home that sense magical activity were trigger, Once I arrived their I witnessed at least five death eaters apparate away" a gasp went out though the group. "The house was damageed, though it was easily fixed, Harry uncle was severally injured and Harry's owl was found dead, there were no traces of Harry anywhere"

At this last big a cry came from the direction of Molly. "I have called you all here because we must find Harry! He is very important in winning this war and we must get him back to Headquarters where we can protect him."

The order then got up and started filling out of the house, there new mission, find Harry Potter.


After dinner Harry, Hermione and her parents decided to head to bed early since the plane left at four in the morning.

Hermione was sitting awake in her bed unable to sleep, when she heard a moan come from across the hall. Hopping out of bed Hermione left her room and silently made it over to Harry's, slowly opening the door the sight that Hermione saw was enough to break her heart.

Harry was thrashing around in his bed, eye's squeeze shut, mutter things under his breath. Forgetting about anything else Hermione rushed to his bed and pulled him into a hug. Harry automatically stopped thrashing as Hermione softly spoke into his ear, reassuring him that everything was ok and that she was right here.

Harry slowly fell back into a fit less sleep, still holding onto Hermione, biting her lower lip, Hermione didn't know what to do... she desperately didn't want to leave him, but what would her parents say...

After a couple of seconds Hermione reasoned that her parents would understand, and if they didn't, then she would explain it to them. She then slid into Harry bed, snuggling down into his side and threw the quilt over herself.


Jane walked down to her daughter's room, and was a little surprised to find it empty. Walking over to Harry room, she silently open the door, and looked in, seeing her daughter was cuddled up against the young man. She fought down her motherly instincts to run and grab her baby girl away, as she had a pretty good idea what had happened. So instead she tip toes over to the bed and softly shook her daughter awake.

"Harry...?" Hermione muttered still half asleep. She opened her eyes and let out a little squeak at seeing her mother staring at her.

"M-mum... it's not what it looks like!" she said quickly

"I know Hermione, its ok, your not in trouble, but its time to get up, we have to leave in about an hour" Jane said before leaving the room.

Hermione laid back into the bed, looking up at the ceiling, she couldn't think of anything more embarrassing than what had just happened, well she could, but this was still bad. Looking over at the digital clock, she noticed that it was indeed 3am. Rolling over she gently shook Harry's shoulder.

"Harry... Harry its time to get up" she said softly as Harry stirred

"Her-Hermione... what are you doing here?" he asked a little confused

"Err... nightmare" she said her cheeks turning red.

"You had a nightmare?" he asked

"No... not me, you, you were having a nightmare" she said softly.

"Oh... well that makes more sense... and I guess I have you to thank for the best night sleep I have had all summer" Hermione just smiled at this, loving the idea that it was her that chased his nightmares away, though she was also sad that he was having them in the first place.

"Common, lets go have some breakfast and get washed up before we leave!"

"Yea, ok..." Harry said, grunting as he lifted himself out of bed and stretched. Hermione also hopped out and did the same thing.

"Common" she said grabbing his elbow and dragging him down stairs into the kitchen.

"Good morning you two, sleep well?" Jane asked giving them a knowing smile. Hermione blushed at this while Harry was oblivious to it.

"Actually I had the best night's sleep I have all summer" he said before going and putting the kettle on.

"That's good to hear Harry" Jane said, before turning back to Hermione and raising an eye brow, which cause Hermione to blush even more.

"Would you like some toast you two?" Jane asked.

"Yes, thanks mum" Hermione said before taking a seat at the table.

"I will get that Mrs. Granger" Harry said

"Nonsense, you go sit down, I will be making it" she said shoeing Harry out of the kitchen and towards the table.


The hour passed quickly and before they knew it they were heading to the air port. Harry was jumping with excitement, while Hermione seemed to get more nervous the closer they got.

"What's wrong Hermione?" Harry asked

"Oh, Harry you know I hate flying..." she said

Harry just sighed, "It will be fine... you really must come flying with me someday, and get over this fear, trust me it will help" Harry said softly rubbing one of her shoulders.

"Y-Yea... Maybe I should one day" Hermione sighed and leaned into Harry as he started to massage her back. "And I promise I will if you keep that up" she added

"Ok then, you have yourself a deal" Harry whispered in her ear and continued to massage her back and shoulders for the rest of the drive to the airport.

It only took fifteen minutes to get to the airport and Harry was awed by the sheer size of the planes. Everything in here was new to him, since every time that the Dursleys had gone on a holiday; Harry had been pawned off somewhere.

Getting his ticket and loading on there luggage Harry re-read his ticket at least three times before making it to the waiting room. Harry and Hermione went over to the window and Harry watched in fascination as the planes took off and landed.

It was about ten minutes later that it was announced that there plane was boarding. Handing over his ticket, Harry, Hermione and the Grangers headed onto the plane and found their seats. Hermione swapped seat with Harry, since she really didn't want to be near the window.

Harry watches as more and more people entered the plane and found there seats. It amazed Harry that, this piece of metal was able to fly and carry all these people at the same time.

The sound of the doors closing caused Harry to get excited again, he looked over at Hermione as the plane started to pull away, his eyes full of excitement, but hers were full of fear.

Harry quickly grabbed Hermione's hand as it begun to shake, this startled Hermione out of he fear as she looked over at Harry, who gave her a warm smile and squeeze her hand in support, letting her know that everything was going to be fine and that he was here if anything did actually go wrong. Squeezing his hand back Hermione relaxed as the plan left the tar matt and headed off to America.
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