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Chapter Fourteen: You Wanna See How Far Down I Can Sink?

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Gerard gets stood up ):

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Chapter Fourteen: You Wanna See How Far Down I Can Sink?

The next day I was awake at ten o’clock. Early for me, especially since it was the summer holidays. But I was acting like a young child on Christmas day. I was just too excited to stay asleep. Excited to see Frank again. I rolled over in bed and looked at my phone. No texts over the night. I opened a new message.

Morning beautiful. What time’re you going to be here? Xo G

I put the phone down and got out of bed. Walking slowly to the bathroom and stripping down to get in the shower. I stood under the cold water, waiting for it to warm up more. After showering I went back to my bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed, checking my phone again. No reply. I sighed, standing up and dropping the towel and walking quickly to my drawers. I pulled out some clean boxers and put them on. I looked at the phone again. Still no answer. I put a shirt on and went downstairs to the kitchen.
“Hi Gerard, honey,” my Mom greeted me.
“Hi.” I said, placing my phone on the table and sitting down.
“Yeah.” I drummed my fingertips on the surface and sighed.
“You meeting Frank to day? My mum asked, placing a plate of toast on the table. I absentmindedly spread butter on the toast and took a bite. Eyeing my phone every few seconds. It was already five past eleven. Where the hell was he? Mikey walked in.
“Hi, Gerard!” he said, being to happy.
“What’s up big bro?” he said, punching my arm.
“Nothing. Good party? What time did you get back? Aren’t you hung over?”
“It was a great party! I got back like, five hours ago. I didn’t drink that much.”
“Did you have sex with that girl?”
“Which girl?”
“That one… that you were taking about?”
“Well, I don’t know who you’re talking about. But yes.”
“You had sex with a girl?!” I almost shouted.
“Gee! Shut up! I don’t want Mom to hear!”
“Eurgh.” I said, disgusted.
“What’s so ‘eurgh’? that’s what guys normally do. It’s natural. For normal people.”
“There’s nothing abnormal about homosexuals. Thank you very much.”
“So where’s Frank?”
I stormed out the room.

“Kat?” I said as she answered the phone.
“Yes, Gerard?”
“Er. Is Frank in town?”
“Erm, no. No he’s not. I haven’t seen him, I thought he’d be with you,”
“He was meant to be with me. I guess he decided he didn’t want to be with me today,”
“No, he wouldn’t decide that. I know him.”
“But how do you really know?”
“I just know. I’ve know him long enough. His Dad is pretty strict. Was he home late yesterday?”
“No. He left my house when his Dad told him to.”
“Well, he was probably a bit late, his Dad will have taken his phone away and grounded him or something,”
“Are you sure?”
“I love you, Kat. Really, what would I do without you?”
“Love you too, Gerard. You’d be hopeless without me,” she laughed. “Come into town?”
“Okay. I’ll leave Frank a text or something?”
“Good idea. Love you, see you soon.”
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