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Chapter Fifteen: You Know That I Could Use Somebody, Someone Like You.

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Gerard finds out where Frank is. I cannot apologise for how long it's been.I just haven't written in so long. I'm 17 now and i'm finished with school. Forever. I go to college in September. But un...

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Chapter Fifteen: You Know That I Could Use Somebody, Someone Like You.

I got into town with no sign of Frank, just the usual suspects. Kat, Zacky, Sean and Bert. They were really the only people I knew. But why not make more friends, if I was going to be a regular here I might as well get to know some more people. So I asked Bert to introduce me to some of the guys.
“Hey, Briony, Phil, Sam, Ben and Sam, this is Gerard,” he said, pointing at them as he said there names.
“Hi,” I smiled, raising my hand. Briony came running forward, her huge blond hair bouncing on top of her head. She ran over and gave me a hug.
“Gerard!” she shrieked.
“Er, hi?” I laughed.
“I’ve heard a lot about you!” she smiled, letting me go.
“Good stuff I hope.”
“Oh yes, all good. Good!” I looked at Bert who just laughed and linked his arm with mine, leading me over to one of the benches. We sat.
“So, how come you’re so depressed today?”
“I’m not.”
“Yes you are. You can’t hide this kind of thing from me Gerard, I know you too well for that.” he smiled.
“Okay, I’m a little upset, not depressed.”
“And why are you a little upset?”
“Frank didn’t meet me when he was meant to.”
“Oh! It’s this Frank again. Want me to beat him up?”
“If you can find him. He won’t answer his texts.”
“I’ll call him,” Bert got out his phone and quickly dialled a number. “His phones off,” he said, putting the phone back in his pocket. “His Dad has probably taken it away, his Dad is strict like that,”
“That’s what Kat said,”
“So we’re right aren’t we?”
“I guess,”

I went into town the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next, but still no Frank. I tried calling and texting him everyday until one night I got a call.

My phone buzzed enthusiastically on my bedside table, waking me. I looked at the time. One in the morning. I expected it to be Bert, he’s the only one mad enough to call me at this time, but as I looked at the screen, it wasn’t Bert’s name I saw. It was Frank’s.
“Frank!” I almost shouted on answering the phone.
“Shhhh,” he hushed me.
“Where have you been?” I whispered.
“My Dad sent me away,”
“Sent you where?”
“Band camp.” he sighed. “I have to be really quick, we aren’t aloud phones. God, I miss you, Gerard!”
“I miss you too. How’d you get this phone? Why’re you there?”
“I managed to get into one of the employees huts. Where they store all the phones. I’m here cos my Dad says he doesn’t want me wasting my summer! It’s a load of bullshit! Everyone acts as if they have a metal pole shoved up their arses!” I laughed.
“Argh, I miss you loads. It’s been almost a week since I’ve seen you! Where is the camp, I’m coming to get you!”
“You won’t be able to! But it’s called ‘Camp .‘” there was a faint struggle and the phone hung up. I sighed and put the phone down.
“I’m coming to get you out of there Frankie.” I whispered.
I woke up at ten and went downstairs to talk to my Mom. She had to send me to Band Camp.
“Mom, I want to go to Band Camp,” I said, sitting down. “Camp”
“Really? I though children were meant to hate Band Camp!”
“Frank’s there. I need to get him out, he doesn’t like it.”
“Well, there’s no chance of you being able to get him out of camp,”
“I have to try at least.”
“Don’t they take your phones away? How are you going to call me?”
“I’ll take a fake phone! They’ll never know that I still have the one that works!” I grinned, actually getting quite excited about this trip.
“Okay, you need to pack a bag.”
“Got it!” I shouted, taking two steps at a time.
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