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Chapter Sixteen: Making Light Of These Dark Days.

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Chapter Sixteen: Making Light Of These Dark Days.

I arrived at ‘Camp’ at about two o’clock. I had gotten lost. I parked the car and slung my bag over one shoulder. I made sure that my real phone was in the bottom of my bag, my fake phone in my pocket.
There was no one around. At all. I started to think that maybe there was no camp here, that it was in fact, a fake camp. It wasn’t, luckily.
A short teenager, a bit older than me walked up to me and said,
“What do you think you’re doing?” he only came up to my chest, but he was incredibly intimidating.
“I er, I.” was as far as I got.
“Have you only just arrived?”
“Phone!” he said, holding out his hand. I placed the fake phone in his hand and smiled. “Name!”
“Gerard. Gerard Way.” the man looked at his clipboard.
“Well, Gerard Way, you don’t seem to be on the list.”
“My Mom called this morning to tell you I’d be here,”
“Follow me,” he ordered. I followed him in to a large room, a desk and a couple of sofas were in the room. And women behind the desk looked up and smiled.
“Hello, Tyson. What can I do for you?”
“Has a Mrs Way called you this morning?”
“Mrs Way?” she asked, typing the name into a computer. “Yes, yes she has. Is Gerard here yet?” what a stupid question. She could see someone standing here and why would ‘Tyson’ ask about my Mom if I wasn’t Gerard?
“Yes, Gerard is here.” Tyson said, pointing at me.
“Oh, yes. Well Gerard, I have your time table.” time table? Is this school? I took the piece of paper and smiled.
“Thanks.” I scanned the paper and found out what I was meant to be doing today. I was also in cabin thirteen.
I followed Tyson out the room and stood looking around for my cabin. “Tyson, where’s my cabin? And where’s the music room?”
“Your cabin is that way,” he pointed. “but you don’t have time to go there, straight to the music room you must go!”
“I need to put my bag somewhere!” I argued.
“Leave it in the reception for now.” I sighed and went back to the room to leave me bag.
“Follow me.” he ordered again, leading me in the direction of the music room. I think.
It was quiet as Tyson lead me to the music room, so I tried to strike up a conversation.
“So, do you know Frank Iero?” I asked, innocently.
“Frank.” he growled, for lack of a better word.
“So you know him?”
“I know him alright. Worst student here!”
“He just wants to get out,”
“How do you know him?”
“We’re kind of friends.”
“Kind of?”
I didn’t say anything else.

We entered another room, full of people this time. They were all sitting, with instruments. The man at the front was old and looked a tad pissed off.
“Sir, this is Gerard.” introduced Tyson.
“What do you play Gerard?”
“What do I play?” I repeated. “What, like an instrument?”
“What else?” said Tyson, grinning sarcastically.
“Er. I kind of play guitar. Not well though.”
“Great! We needed another guitar player! Don’t we Frank!” said the teacher looking towards the back of the room. Frank!
Frank! Frank! Frank!
“Yes, Sir.” Frank said calmly, looking at the teacher.
I was handed a guitar and told to sit at the back of the room. I sat in the empty chair next to Frank and waited for the teacher to start talking again. Frank wrote something on his hand quickly.

Wait until Tyson is out the room.

I read it and looked down at the guitar I had been given, it was acoustic. Tyson eyed Frank and I before leaving. As soon as he did Frank turned to look at me.
“How did you get here?!” he questioned.
“I drove…”
“No I mean, how did you manage to get in! No one gets past Tyson!”
“My Mom called this morning and said I’d be coming. Tyson doesn’t seem that bad,” I smiled.
“You’ll see.” he winked. “So you can play guitar?”
“Not really.” I laughed, strumming a random note.
“Aha, this should be funny then.” Frank moved his music stand closer to me so I could see it better and pointed at what we were expected to play. I laughed involuntarily, looking at Frank for help. Frank grinned and after the teacher said three, started playing. It was hopeless. I couldn’t play guitar to save my life. I watched Frank’s hand and pretended to play guitar at the same time as him, not actually touching the strings though. Frank watched me, trying not to laugh.
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