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10. Wish you were here

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No, is not the end... you'll see...

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Saturday loomed at the end of the week like both a relief and a ghost for Faith. The previous days she would’ve given anything to be able to tell Ryan, but that decision was taken. Faith had chosen to deal with it alone and alone she’d do it.

Ryan left his house at 7.45, as he did every Saturday he had to work. And as usual, Faith made breakfast and waited for him to leave, the only difference was that this time she didn’t go back to bed, but into the shower and then to her own apartment.

At 9 am sharp Faith was standing outside Spencer’s clinic, trying to gather enough courage to make her legs work and move, playing with the phone in her hand. She still had time. She could still rush to the hospital, tell Ryan everything and then come back. Or even reschedule the D&C and have Ryan there with her. Again, reasoning chased that need away and she walked in. Spencer was waiting for her and she was immediately admitted.

Faith was lying in the bed when Jon got in.

“Morning, Miss Ash.” He said with a smile. “I’ll be your anesthesiologist today!”

“Dumbass…” She said with a smile. “Where are you gonna pinch me?”

“Your back. An epidural should be enough, don’t you think?” Jon said while reading her file. Faith nodded. “Nothing I should know about you?”


“Good! See you in a few.”

As Jon left, Spencer walked in. “How are you feeling?” He asked sitting beside her on the bed.

“I’ll be fine.” Faith said, knowing Spencer meant more than just how she felt about the D&C.

“Why don’t you call him?” He said a little softer now. Faith looked down to the white sheets, stroking the edge.

“I can’t. I just need to get this over with…”

Spencer nodded and gave her hand a supportive squeeze before standing up. “Someone will come for you soon.”

“Okay.” She said with a faint smile that Spencer mimicked as he walked out.


Saturday afternoon dragged out lonely and boring as any other. Aiyana was alone in her small apartment and after the internet proved itself to be useless in trying to entertain her, she decided to make some popcorn and watch a movie.

“Yana?” Faith’s voice on the phone interrupted Aiyana’s watching of ‘Back to the future.’

“Faith, hey, what’s going on?” Aiyana said pausing the movie and looking at her empty bowl of popcorn.

“Not much. Can I ask you for a really big favor?” Something in Faith’s voice made Aiyana uncomfortable.

“Yeah, sure. You sound bad. Are you feeling OK?” She asked.

“It’s just the Versed…” Faith said sleepily with a yawn. “I got my D&C a couple of hours ago. And apparently Spencer will only discharge me tonight if you come and pick me up.”

“What time should I be there?”

“An hour or so… the epidural is slowly fading out my system.”

“I can be there in an hour, Faith, but are you sure you shouldn't just stay overnight? Especially if you’ve been given the versed?”

Aiyana heard a small chuckle on the other end of the line. “You sound like Spencer. I have to work tomorrow and I will sleep the versed off, but I can’t drive…”

“Ok, see you soon then.” She said with a defeated sigh. Somehow, Faith always managed to do exactly what she wanted.

Aiyana played with the thought of not going to get her, so Spencer could keep her there longer, but true to her word, she arrived to the clinic little over an hour later.

“I won’t spend the night alone as you asked me and you know tomorrow we will be together all day.” Aiyana heard Faith say when she reached her room.

“It’s just one day off. Can’t you take a day off?” Spencer’s voice questioned with a slight hint of annoyingness.

“Excuse me… um. Hi.” Aiyana finally entered the room.

“And how would I explain it?” Faith said to Spencer before smiling to Aiyana. “Hi.”

“Stubborn as a mule.” Spencer muttered making Aiyana chuckle.

“And that’s new…”

Faith rolled her eyes at them both and finished dressing.

“Make sure she sleeps tonight. I don’t wanna give her more sleeping pills or tomorrow she’ll have one hell of a headache and you already saw she doesn’t wanna miss work.” Spencer said as he signed Faith’s release papers.

“24 hour shift on a Sunday?” Aiyana raised an eyebrow. “Can’t we tie her up to the gurney?”

“I’d kick your ass if you tried.” Faith said. Spencer shook his head and sighed.

“I even threatened her with telling Ryan if she didn’t listen, but…” He shrugged his shoulders in defeat and gave Faith her chart.

“Thanks.” Faith said giving Spencer a long hug.


Next morning, Faith woke up feeling rested and a lot better. It was over. She wasn’t pregnant anymore and now she could carry on with her life like nothing had ever happened.
Aiyana woke up at hearing Faith in the shower and dragged herself out of bed to make some breakfast: the first breakfast Faith could swallow complete in weeks. That brightened her up her day, even at 9 am.

“Thank you, Yana.” Faith said, giving her friend a hug as she was leaving.

“Anytime.” The other woman answered with a big yawn. Spencer, who would drive Faith to the hospital, was already parked outside the building, waving at them both.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, kay? Finish that movie today.” Faith said and Aiyana nodded.

“Go. I wanna go back to bed.”

Faith chuckled and left. The ride to the hospital was short and she had to endure Spencer telling her over and over again that she should come to see him if anything was wrong, but not even that could put a damp on her mood.

“You look happy today.” Ryan told her when she got to the doctor’s lounge.

“And you look like shit.” She said.

“Rough night.” Ryan explained, rubbing his face. Faith smiled, he always looked like a little kid when he did that.

“Any case I need to know of?” Faith walked to the small bedroom with Ryan on her tail.

“No… there’s only a few patients who have to be moved to the 4th floor.” Ryan closed the door behind them and hugged Faith waist, burying his face on her neck. She giggled.

“Go. You need to sleep.” She kissed the top of his head hugging him back. “Breakfast tomorrow?”

“Hmm…” Ryan nodded, cupping her face and laying a small kiss on her lips, rubbing her nose with his own in the process. “Bye…” He whispered and went to retrieve his things.

Faith waved him off letting out a sigh of relief.

Everything was alright again.
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