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007: Muddles, the Toddler Club

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The friends go to a club together, but they're not all 21. So they have to make it an 18 and over club...

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``I'm leaving!'' I yelled upstairs.

``Where are you going now?'' Jeff called back.

``I'm going to club it with those bands I enjoy and Kristy!'' I yelled back.

Jeff appeared at the top of the stairs, pouting. I rolled my eyes. He'd been doing a lot of that

``What's wrong?'' I asked.

``You're always leaving,'' he said. ``And you're always hanging out with those band boys. I never get you for myself.''

``Babe, you get me all to yourself all the time,'' I said. ``Didn't we just have great sex last

He gave me a look. ``Well, we would have, if you hadn't passed out right in the middle of my strip dance,'' he said.

Ah, so that explained the massive headache. ``What did we do last night?'' I asked.

``YOU partied with Tony and Benji,'' he said. ``I hung around the wall and had a nice conversation with the wallpaper and my cup of coffee, which tasted like CRAP by the way.''

``Nobody MADE you stand by the wall,'' I said. ``Why didn't you join me?''

He sighed. ``I just…sometimes I can't…it's hard. I mean, how long have you known that
Tony kid? Four years? And then you're just like that Benji guy. And that Tim guy, he really flirts with you. Kinda makes me wanna punch him until that little flirtatious grin turns into a permanent frown. Anyway. And the way you drink…I mean, you beat all of Good Charlotte, half of Sugarcult, none of Mest…in that Snakebite shooter thing you guys were doing.''

``Well, Jeff, if you'd actually hang out with us, you'd realize that they're all very nice boys, and Tim flirts with everyone. And notice I didn't even say `all women'…I said `everyone'.'' I thought he might chuckle at that, but instead he just stared at me. I blew out a sigh. ``Well, look, how about I hang out tomorrow and we can spend the day together. We could go somewhere really nice for dinner,'' I said. ``You don't work tomorrow, right?''

He thought about that for a while. ``No, I don't,'' he said. ``Sure. Okay. That sounds good. Are you gonna be late tonight?''

I nodded. ``And drunk,'' I said. ``You can come with if you want.'' He shook his head. I hadn't thought he'd want to.

``I won't wait up,'' he said, turning and heading back to the bedroom. I shrugged and headed out the door. He was being so clingy lately. I mean, sure, we'd been dating for like…5 months? Almost? Something like that. Which is long for me, but not long enough to dedicate every second to each other, Christ. I got in my car and fired it up. I drove to JadePoductions headquarters, got into the jet, met Kristy inside, and we took off.

``Oooh, sex hair,'' she said, inquiring my unruly mane that I'd totally forgotten to do anything with. Damn.

``Totally by coincidence,'' I said. ``I passed out last night while Jeff tried giving me a totally lame strip dance.'' Despite my annoyance towards him, I grinned at the memory. Or what was left of it since, apparently, I'd been pretty wasted. ``It was kind of cute though.''

``How are you guys doing?'' she asked.

I shrugged. ``Getting a little claustrophobic, but fine other than that I guess.''

``Finally the claustrophobia kicks in,'' she said, smiling and shaking her head. ``I'm surprised it took so long this time. What has it been? Four months? Five? And you're just now feeling cramped? Dang, that's a record.''

I nodded absently. I was growing I guess.

``How are you and…what's his name again?'' I asked.

``Carter,'' she said.

``God,'' I said. ``What a hot name. I'd stick with that guy just for his name. Carter. Christ. And all I have is…Jeff. Laaaame.''

``Jeff's not so bad,'' she said. ``It's short for Jeffrey. How fun is Jeffrey?''

I made a face. ``I can hardly contain myself,'' I said flatly.

A few minutes later the plane landed in front of the Madden house in Maryland. Good Charlotte boarded the jet.

``Hey kids,'' I said.

``Kids?'' Joel asked with a raised eyebrow. I shrugged and pointed at 19-year-olds Billy and Paul.

``They are,'' I said. Joel and Kristy looked at each other and shrugged.

``Fair enough,'' said Joel.

Ten minutes later we landed in Chicago. We got off the plane and filed into Tony's house.

``So how's your boyfriend?'' Benji asked.

``Better than I could ever imagine,'' I said. ``Ever.''

Benji grinned. ``That sounds convincing.''

``Fuckers,'' Tony greeted as we filed past him into his house.

``Are we ready to club it?'' I asked.

``I'm ready to club you,'' Benji said laughing.

``Ha-ha,'' I said sarcastically, but I was smiling. Damn me.

``Where are we going?'' Kristy asked.

``Does it have a bar?'' Benji asked for obvious reasons. Joel, Matt, and Jeremiah grinned at him. They were the only ones in the house who were twenty-one or over. The rest of us glared. Kristy, Tony, Nick, and I were twenty, and Paul and Billy were baby nineteen year olds.

``Okay, fine,'' Benji said when he realized the old people were outnumbered. ``If Sugarcult was here, we'd take you guys down furr sure.'' Everyone in Sugarcult was over twenty-one. Marko was twenty-eight even.

``But they're not here, are they?'' I asked sinisterly. Benji didn't have much to say to that.

``We're going to Muddles,'' said Tony. ``I guess some band's playing there. It should be cool.''

``Eighteen and over?'' Matt asked, grinning again. Tony flipped him off as he walked out the door.

``Ooo, ZING!'' I said.

``Yeah, that was a burn,'' said Nick.

``Come on!'' said Benji, tugging my arm toward the door. ``We're gonna be late, and you know how Sugarcult gets when we're late.''

``No…''I said, looking at him. ``How do they get?'' He looked at me.

``Well, they don't wait for us,'' he said. ``One time we were ten minutes late and Airin was already passed out all over the table.'' I chuckled. Airin wasn't much of a drinker.

We all trooped out the door and climbed into Matt's blue Celica. Well, at least Matt, Benji, Tony, Jeremiah, and I climbed into it, since it was a five-seater. Everyone else had to ride in Nick's van. I rolled down my window.

``HA!'' I said. ``LOSERS!''

``So how are you gonna getchurr drink on at this club if you're not twenty-one?'' Benji asked me. I looked at him like he was nuts.

``Well, I have a fake I.D.,'' I said, insulted that he would even think that maybe I didn't have

``Well, why don't we just go to a bar?'' Benji asked.

``Billy doesn't have a fake I.D.!'' I said. ``And probably neither does Paul.''

``Paul actually does have one,'' Benji said.

``No shit?'' said Matt, looking impressed.

``Yeah,'' said Benji. ``But you're right, I don't think Billy does. Dang.''

``I bet Muddles is just as good as any bar,'' I said.

``It IS just as good,'' said Tony. ``Plus this band's supposed to be great.''

``Well I guess I can handle a toddler club if there's a band involved,'' said Benji. He and Matt laughed and high-fived each other.

``Jeez, what a total laugh riot,'' I said to Tony.

``Yeah, great joke, guys, you really got us,'' said Tony. Matt turned up the radio by way of

Minutes later, we were ushered into Muddles by a weak bouncer who was absolutely no match for my charm and good lucks.

``Hey assholes, where the fuck have you been?!'' Tim asked, running over to us. ``Airin is already passed out on the table. We look like idiots in here. I'm twenty-four, and I'm embarrassed as shit being here. I'm surprised Marko can show his face.''

``Is it really that bad?'' Tony asked.

``Any word on the band?'' I asked. Tim looked over at me as though he were just now noticing I was there. He grinned at my hair.

``Wild night last night?'' he asked.

``Apparently alcohol and strip dances don't mix,'' I replied. His smile widened as if he understood. Tim was strange. Hot, though. ``You didn't answer my question,'' I prompted.

``Right,'' he said. ``They haven't played yet, but I hear the lead singer is nineteen.'' He

``I'm nineteen!'' said Billy. Tim stopped laughing and looked uncomfortable.

``Ladies and Gentlemen,'' said the loudspeaker suddenly. ``My Chemical Romance!'' Everyone cheered as five guys ambled onstage in black clothes and instrument gear. I gawked at most of them. Dang! I turned to Kristy. She was gawking, too. Probably at the bass player with the glasses. Her and guys with glasses. I had to admit, though, that he was quite studly…but man, that guitarist with the dreadlocks…AND the lead singer. I was starting to feel overwhelmed. So many hot men around me, and I had a goddamn boyfriend. Named JEFF. Something had to be done here.
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