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first day

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first day at belleville high, and guess who is showing frankie around the school?

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Frank POV
Fuckin’ late already on my first day of school, my dads gonna kill me. I cant believe they are sending me to this shit hole for the next 2 years, well, it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

I run through the gates of Belleville High, tired and out of breath I finally get to the office where the old lady announces that I am 14.5 minutes late, hands me a timetable and calls up someone from my year level named, Michael Way. I hear the sound of footsteps coming up the hallway, and then the person who was making the sound, a tall and lanky boy with thick rimmed glasses, short brown hair, not extremely short but a nice length, he was wearing a tight fitting batman t-shirt and black skinny leg jeans that fit his legs perfectly.
‘Michael, can you show mister Iero around and help him find his classes?’
‘my name is Mikey, lady’
Mikey then turns to me with a comforting smile on his face
‘Mikey’ he says
‘Frank’ I reply as I shake his boney hands.
He gives me a once over look and smiles,
‘You into smashing pumpkins too?’ I ask
‘oh yea they are pretty cool, but I like the misfits waaaaaay better’
‘ah sweet they are awesome’
Yeah, I liked this kid he seemed pretty cool.

Mikey POV

Yea, Frank is the kind of kid I want to be friends with, not to mention I recon Gerard might be pleased about him coming to the school. We walk down the hallway as I hear a scream and ‘STOP!’ fuck! Gerard!. Frank looks at me worried, and I grab his arm and run down the corridor, only to find a bunch of jocks kicking the shit out of Gerard.
‘Get the fuck off him you fucking dicks!’
‘oh yea and what the hell are you going to do about it fags brother?’
‘ill fucking show you’
With that I grabbed the ‘ring leader’ and twisted his arm, threatening to snap it I said
‘don’t you fucking touch my brother again’ with that I let go and delightfully witnessed the jocks wimpering down the hallway, those judo classes my mum made me do really payed off.
‘Shit dude what happened? Are you okay?’ I hear Frank say.
‘miiiikkeeyyyy it hurts!’
‘Gerard, look at me what hurts?’
‘my ribs and my nose!’
‘okay Frank, you go and tell the office lady to call the ambulance, they hurt him bad this time dude.’
With that he ran as fast as his les could take him down to the end of the corridor and within minutes the ambulance was here.

Gerard POV
All that I kept seeing was that face of that beautiful boy the whole time I was in the ambulance, even though the paramedics were sticking needles in me and the agonising pain I was in, all I thought of was Frank as Mikey called him, hmmm Frankie, that’s a good name.

‘mm Gerard baby yea, oh him so close babey’
‘just hold on mm for a bit longer, ohh fuckk’
‘Gerard im gonna…’
We lay there in each others arms, after the best orgasm of our lives.

‘Gerard? Are you awake?’
‘huh what?’
‘they gave you a drug that made you fall asleep’
The voice I was hearing was familiar but not Mikey’s. I opened my eyes to see who this angelic voice belonged to. I opened my eyes to see Frank, he cared enough to see if I was okay.

‘hey Gerard im Frank, Mikey’s friend, he just went to get coffee, he said something about you needing a coffee when you wake up or something’
I shot awake at that moment, COFFEE!
‘COFFEE! Gimme gimme gimmeeee!’ I noticed that Frank was giggling, and as we started talking more, when our eyes locked he would blush and turn away, I couldn’t help it though, he was beautiful and I could melt in those hazel orbs. But I found the need to sleep more over-powering me so I let it take me, I felt a pair of lips press to my forehead and drifted off into the abyss of sleep.
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