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getting to know each otherrr :)

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its happening :)

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watching him sleep was like watching an angel sleep.
he looked so peaceful, so happy... so loved. I cant fall for him, he probably isnt even gay, or bi for that matter. But I cant stop looking at him, hes just so beautiful, with his shoulder length raven hair, white porcelain skin and those eyes, oh those eyes, its like they tell a story, when you look into them its like you can tell how he feels, his eyes are a unforgettable colour, yellow with a hazel outline and specks of green covering that beautiful feature.

"mm where am i?" Gerard asks as he wakes up
"um your in the hospital, mikey has gone to get coffee, he said something about you needing coff-"
he shot awake as the word coffee passed through my lips.
"coffeee! gimme gimme gimmmeeeee!"
"mikey has just gone to get it, he will be back soon" i stated giggling.
I saw him look me over, could he tell im gay? would he hate me? oh no, i dont think i could handle it if he hated me, but then, a smile? he was smiling at me! i turned around and blushed.
"so frankie, do you mind if i call you frankie?"
"no of course not"
"if you dont mind me asking, what is your sexual orientation?"

oh fuck!
haha your screwed, hes gonna hate you.
okay just shut up alright, you know what im gonna tell him.

"um.. im gay" i said, just above a whisper and looked down.
"oh cool! me too" he said smiling
i just stared at him dumbfounded
"excuse me?"
"i said im gay too?"
YAY YAY YAY YAY! woooooo!
"oh sweeeet"
my dad is going to regret moving me here, oh fuck, dad's gonna beat the shit out of me, im 2 hours late!

Gerard's POV
Frankie looked a little worried, no more like really worried, i wonder why.
"Frankie are you okay, hun?"
"i cant go home." he said barely above a whisper and looked into my eyes, brimming with tears.
"Frank, why cant you go home, tell me please." i asked full of pure worry for Frankie,
i could see he was contomplating in his head wheather to tell me or not, he took a deep breath before saying something i hoped i would never hear.
"my father beats me and rapes me."
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