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ugly truth

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Franks POV
There, I said it, I had told him my deepest darkest secret, his face scetched with pure worry, was he crying, oh no he hates me now I shouldnt have said anything.
"s-sorry G-Gerard I shouldnt have s-said anything, I have to g-go.." I choked through my tears.
"no." he said, grabbing my arm, was that anger on his face?
"w-what, I just told you my darkest secret and you know its only going to get worse because I am really late and you want to make it worse by trying to make me stay!?"
"no Frank you arent going back home to that cunt, im not going to let him hurt you anymore, your staying at my house, with me."
he actually cares?
does he really want me to be safe?
"n-no I couldnt impose like that and besides my mum is there with him I would rather get the beatings and the rape than her." I said, looking down tears brimming my eyes, because I knew deep in my heart that what I said wasnt true, even though he rapes me and hits me mum gets it just as bad.
"shes staying too then."
wait what did I just hear him correctly? maybe he doesnt want me for sex or a toy, maybe he actually cares for mine and my mums safety, maybe he actually wants us to be happy..
"um are you sure?"
"Frank, I havnt been more sure about anything in my life." he said with full certainty as he look deep in my eyes.
"okay, um ill just call her then"
"okay" he said, still processing what i had just confessed to him.
I left Gerards hospital room and stood outside in the hall way, I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialled my mums number, praying that that man wouldnt answer it.
ring ring ring...
ring ring..
"hello" a distressed female voice answered.
"oh frank, are you okay? where are you?"
"mum im fine, please, listen okay?"
"okay hon"
"mum we can get away from him, meet me at the hospital with some clothes and whatever else you need, mum we can finally be safe.."
"Frank, why are you at a hospital?! and why are you so sure about this?"
"mum dont worry its not me in the hospital dont worry im fine and im sure mum just trust me, okay?"
"okay hon, your fathers at work, so ill grab some of your stuff to, ill be there soon."
"okay, i love you, bye"
"love you to son."
then the line died, so i slipped my phone in my pocket and headed back to Gerards room...

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