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It's weird to say 'home'

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Frank and Linda arrive at gerards house also some stuff happens at the hospital before Linda gets there ;)

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Gerards POV
it was all too much to take in, I thought there was nothing wrong, I thought he belonged to a happy home just like me. I was so terribly wrong. What frank ha confessed to me made me sick to the stomach, how could I have not known? I'm such a bad friend. And that's when the tears started.

Frank POV
I walked into the room to see a crying Gerard. What have I done? Why did I tell him, I shouldn't have been so selfish!
I walked over to him and sat on his hospital bed. And slipped my hand in his ice cold one.
"Frankie I'm so sorry I let you go through that, how could I not have noticed the bruises or scars? Frankie I know your broken, probably beyond repair but I want to try and fix you. I want to be close to you. And I think I love you I know it's wrong to be saying this after what you have told me and since I havnt known you for all that long, but I know that what I feel is real."
"Gee, please don't tell me your only joking, or that what you said is all just a lie, because I think I love you too, I want to let you fix me. I can't handle being broken anymore. Gee will you be my boyfriend?"
I didn't have to wait for an answer as I felt his soft lips massaging mine in a gentle but passionate way. He pulled away all too soon though. I let out a dissapointed sigh. But I knew that he was saying yes to me in that kiss, so I couldn't complain.
"Frankie Anthony Thomas Iero, of course I will be your boyfriend."
and with that I grabbed his hand just as the hospital room door swung open...

A/N: yeah I know it's short and I havnt updated in like literally a year. But I have decided to finish this story. I hope you enjoy :) oh I'm 14 now so hopefully my writing has matured a bit too :) r&r xx
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