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Chapter Two

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A Spill for the Ages

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Chapter Two

In one swift motion I down the last of my appletini, I turn around to survey the crowd. Just moments before, Avery and I decided to dare Harper to get “Caleb’s” number. Now how to go about it.

“Get him drunk,” Avery says, her face contorted slightly from finishing her drink.

“You make it sound like that’s the only way I could get his number!’ Harper protests. I laugh.

“That probably is!” I say, causing Harper to smack my shoulder. I glare playfully at her.

“We didn’t say you couldn’t get one of his friends to give it to you. Or overhear if he gives it to some other girl.” Avery remarks, more interested in ordering another drink.

“Know what? Screw you guys. I’m going to get that number because he’s giving it to me, not by using stalker tactics. And I’m raising the bid. $50. From both of you. I’ve got rent to pay,” she says, plopping off the bar stool and heading into the crowded room.

“Well isn’t that something?” Avery wrinkles her nose in amusement. She picks up her drink and sips. Mid sip, she jumps slightly. She stands up and pulls her cellphone out of her pocket.

“Oo!” she squeals. Must be Rodrigo.

“It’s my boo!” she says, smile on her face.

“Go ahead and take it. I’ll be here when you get back,” I say with a smile.

“Can I get a long island?” I ask the bartender when he comes back over. Exchanging money for the drink, I turn back around to survey the crowd. People sway in time to the music and I can’t help moving a little bit. Sipping not so lightly, I finish the drink and order another. Harper and Avery are nowhere to be seen. Placing my suddenly empty glass back on the bar, I smile at the bartender and decide to go look for Harper. Might as well see how her mission is going. It’s not mission impossible; Tom Cruise is something like 5’. Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration, but Harper probably could handle disarming a bomb or something similar so getting a guy’s number isn’t beyond her. I see a flash of blonde hair across the room that is probably Harper and decide to investigate.

Weaving in and out through the gigantic mass of people, I reach her in a little under five minutes. She’s standing on a far wall by herself. Strangely she doesn’t look awkward. Most girls would. She’s not being obvious about what she’s doing either. Like I said, this girl should join the CIA or something.

Normally I get a little claustrophobic in crowds, but once I’ve had a drink or two the atmosphere of clubs isn’t as daunting. I look at my watch as I join her along the wall. We’ve been here a little over half an hour. I need to slow down on the drinking.

“How’s it going?” I ask with a smirk. She turns to face me.

“Where’s Avery?” she asks, ignoring my tone.

“On the phone with the boy,” I respond.

“I’m trying to find him,” she whispers in my ear after a moment. I can’t hear over the music so she has to repeat it a few times.

“I see! I’ll help.” I over exaggerate a wink. How many red heads in the world are there anyway? Can’t be a whole lot. And in this club? Probably five at the most and how many of them would be male? Exactly. But the lack of light isn’t in our favor.

“Is that him?” she asks after about a minute. “My one o’clock,” she continues looking over my shoulder. I told you; this is a mission worthy of cheesy spy movie talk. I discreetly glance behind me like I’m looking towards the door. The dark club doesn’t give me much confirmation, but he’s near enough to the door that we can act like we’re going outside. The plan formulates in my head. He’s with a group of friends too so we can probably slip by unnoticed. Surprisingly though, he glances our way. This isn’t part of my plan. I turn back to Harper.

“We’re going to check on Avery,” I say as I grab her hand and drag her towards the door before she can protest.

People aren’t moving as quickly as they were earlier. We move towards the entrance through spots that open up in the crowd. This leads us slightly to the right, towards where Caleb is standing with a group of other guys. He pretends to participate in whatever they are talking about, but I see his eyes follow Harper. Perfect. A few feet from them, I purposely trip, falling to the floor and bringing Harper with me. She lands on top of me but doesn’t stay there for long. As planned, she’s lifted off me a few short seconds later. I can’t help but grin.

“Are you okay?” Caleb asks, pulling Harper off the floor. She springs up with a slight hop.

“I’m fine. Reid’s got clown feet,” she replies, glancing at my figure on the floor. Yep. Still here.

“Thanks boo, love you too,” I say, folding my legs underneath me so that when I lift myself up, I spin around. My long hair fans out slightly as I turn. I love when that happens. It makes me feel like a little kid. When I complete the turn, I’m met with a smile matching my own from Harper.

“Show off,” she says, faking to kick me. She’s done it so many times before, I don’t even flinch. Caleb laughs at our banter.

“Reid,” I say, sticking out my hand towards Caleb.

“Caleb.” He motions over the group of people he was conversing with before we took our intentional spill.

“These are my, um, friends. Jonathan, Marc, Kyle, Austin and Kent.” He points to each as he says their names.

“This is Reid and Harper.” They all nod in synch.

“What are you lovely ladies doing this evening?’ one of them asks.

“We were actually going to look for our friend Avery. I’ll be right back. Maybe you should stay here Harper. I seem to be hazardous to your current vertical position. I’m sure you’d love someone else to make it horizontal.” I smile before turning on my foot back towards the door. I’m pretty sure Harper is mentally flipping me the bird.

I reach the door and after getting a hand stamp I look for Avery. To the left there is a little brick wall that drops down over a sloping hill. Not the best for drunk people, but Avery looks cute sitting on it. Pulling my phone out, I snap a quick picture. The flash causes her to look up. She smiles and waves me over. I sit down and send Harper a text.

You can thank me later ;) –R

I shut my phone and shove it back in my pocket just as Avery is saying her goodbye.

“What’s up love?” she asks, hopping off the wall.

“I was helping Harper out a little with her little ‘project.’” I hop off the wall too. “He’s here with friends. We could always help Harper,” I muse.

“Are you kidding? I do not have $50 for her to win this bet!” Avery exclaims, emphasis on the “not.”

“I don’t either. But I’d rather have fun tonight than sit back and watch her have all the excitement. Let’s go!” I grab her arm, linking it with mine. After showing our stamps, we reenter the club.

“So do we look for her, or wait for her to come to us?” she asks.

“Too late,” I say, pointing to Harper waving to us.

“How can you see her over all these people?” Avery exclaims. She jumps once for emphasis. I can’t help laughing.

“Aww I still love you, even if you’re short!” I say, ruffling her hair a little. She hates when I do that.

“Are you gonna lead the way then? Lord knows I can’t see.” Avery has crossed her arms and is pouting slightly.

“Cheer up love. I’ll even buy you a drink,” I tell her.

“Alright. Hey wait! It’s on my credit card!” She throws her previously crossed arms in the air.

“You need more drinks in you. You’re too sharp! I’ll order it for you then. What do you want?” I say, starting towards Harper and her new found friends.

“Let’s see if Harper wants something first,” she replies as we reach the group.

“Howdy kids, this doll is Avery. Avery this is. Well. Um,” I trail off. Usually I’m good with names but I was too focused on ditching Harper I wasn’t really paying attention. I eye Harper and she gets the hint and fills in my pregnant pause.

“You know Caleb. Well, sort of. And this is Jonathan, Marc, Kyle, Austin and Kent.” It’s her turn to point each one out. I pay better attention this time.

“Reid owes me a drink. Who else wants one?” Avery asks the group. Harper interrupts.

“What? Why? And you’re paying for tonight anyway. Trying to make her pay isn’t going to work” she says, puzzled.

“I made fun of her for being short. I’m merely the one ordering.” I reply. “Do you want anything?” I say to her more than the group.

“Sure. Whatever you’re getting,” she says.

“You know I’m going to get something you don’t like then, don’t you?” I retaliate.

“Then I’m not gonna drink it,” she replies.

“More for me.” I smirk. I hear her mumble something sounding like “alcoholic” under her breath but I let it slide and turn to Avery.

“What do you want darling?”

“Um. Hmm. Good question. You know what I like,” she says. I groan.

“Can any of you be decisive?” I ask the boys. They shrug.

“Fine. You’ll get what I give you.” I spin around, my hair slightly fanning out again, and I start off towards the bar.

It’s starting to get warm and I decide I’m getting a bottle of water. I pull one of the hair ties off my wrist and sweep my thick hair off my neck into a pony tail. As I approach the bartender, I realize I’m not going to be able to carry all the drinks back. Damn. I’m not too sure how to get out of this one. Before I can formulate a plan, there is a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and the face of one of Caleb’s friends appears and smiles.

“I’m here to help!” he says excitedly.

“My knight in, well, a tee-shirt and jeans,” I say, surveying his appearance. His height is enough that he towers over me, a rare occurrence. His smile is infectious, and his hair is probably the most recognizable feature. But I’ve always been one to notice people’s eyes first. His are blue; an interesting shade of blue at that. I’ve been told I’m intimidating in that I look directly into people’s eyes when I talk to them. They rarely keep eye contact or fidget in discomfort. But as I study him, he doesn’t break my gaze. I try to remember his name. Shit. Why am I so bad at this tonight?

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what my problem is tonight. Usually I’m really good with names. Can you tell me yours again?” He smirks at me and shakes his head.

“Please?” I try again.

“Supreme ruler of the universe works,” he grins.

“So does Douchebag.” He pouts at the suggestion, but as he’s opening his mouth to retaliate, I interject. “Order for your friends, I’ve got mine.”

“You’re not any fun,” he says, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Oh, real mature. And I’m plenty fun, thank you very much.” I turn back around to the bar and order two vodka tonics and my bottle of water, yet again before he can respond. I can’t help but crack a smile at how snarky I’m being. Usually I wait to get to know someone better before I behave like this. I blame the alcohol and the urge to have fun.

“Are you normally this mean?” he asks after placing his order. He tries to pay but I take the $50 and hide it in my back pocket.

“Probably,” I respond. As the drinks appear on the bar, I try and think how to handle this.

“Okay, you get four, I get five and we’re good to go,” I say, picking up two cups in each hand and putting the bottle of water under my arm.

“You sure you got that?” he asks, following at my side.

“Mmmhmm,” I respond, concentrating on not spilling.

The group has moved. I look at Douchebag with a puzzled look.

“No idea. Um. Well. Let’s set these down and I can call.” He starts over to one of the tables.

“You really think they’re going to be able to tell us as crowded as it is in here?” I put my drinks down and pull out my phone.

“Sweet phone,” he says, pulling out his own. It’s quite similar. We stand in silence for a few moments, texting our friends.

“Apparently they’re in a private room,” he says, putting his phone back in his pocket.

“Wait, give me that for a second.” He fishes the phone back out and I scroll through his contacts. Finding the number I want I put it into my own phone.

Whatever you do, don’t give Harper your number tonight. You can always tell me to give it to her later if you’d like. Thanks! –Reid

“Alright, lead the way.” Giving him back his phone, I pick back up the drinks and wait for him to do the same.

“How am I supposed to know where it is?” he raises his eyebrow in puzzlement.

“I dunno. We could ask someone.” I begin looking around for someone who might have a clue.

“Guys never ask for directions.” This kid is c-r-a-z-y crazy. I’m amused.

“Good thing I’m here then, eh?” I take off without him towards the bouncers at the door.

“Excuse me, but could you please point me in the direction of a private room? My friends are there,” I say sweetly, flashing my “I’m adorable and innocent and you should do what I say because I’m such a cutie” smile. He motions to the side a little bit, out of earshot of most of the people around the entrance.

“Do you know the code word? I’d love to tell you sweetie but I can’t unless you know the word.” Hot breath touches my ear from behind, causing me to jump slightly.

“Flash dance.” I turn around and it’s Douchebag. He’s smirking again.

“Flash dance,” I repeat in the bouncer’s ear. It’s a little obvious he’s enjoying me whisper a little too much. Creeper.

“Door off the bar. To the right. Can I get your-” Before he can say anything else to me, I turn around, Douchebag in tow, and book it back to the bar.

“Slow down woman,” he says when we finally reach the less crowded bar.

“I don’t enjoy being hit on. Especially by guys like that. I’m not a fan of the macho type,” I say, steering towards the right. I have slowed slightly so that we can once again walk side by side. I don’t enjoy feeling short though. I’m not used to this.

“So what is your type?” he asks nonchalantly. I look up at him expecting to meet his gaze but he’s looking at the door.

“How are we going to get in?” I don’t have time to respond to either question because the door flies open and Avery’s face appears.

“Took you long enough,” she says.

“Whore.” It’s under my breath but she catches it anyway.

“Slut,” she says, taking the water bottle out from under my arm.

“So what are we doing in here?” Douchebag asks. I almost forgot he was there.

“Couldn’t hear out there,” Harper says, jumping up to help set down the drinks. There are a few couches and ottomans surrounding a table.

“You didn’t spill. I’m kind of impressed,” Caleb says referring to my little “accident” earlier.

“Hey now. You don’t know me well enough. You can’t joke with me like that yet. Plus, it worked out well for us, don’t you think?” My joke is met with light laughter and I take a seat next to Harper on one of the couches. Of course she is conveniently next to Caleb. Minx.

“She’s kidding.” Avery sits down across from me, leaving Douchebag standing. He pouts.

“Where am I gonna sit?” He looks at both Avery and I since we just took the last seats.

“Just go get a chair Kyle,” Jonathan says. I knew Jonathan’s name; one point for me.

“Yeah Kyle, go get a chair.” I put emphasis on his name and laugh a little. Avery gives me a puzzled look.

“I forgot his name.” I shrug, taking a swish of my water.

“What is with you tonight? Usually you’re right on with names.” I shrug. Avery’s right.

“I honestly have no clue.”

“It’s probably a good thing you’re sticking to water then,” Caleb says. I fake a look of shock.

“Hey now. What did I say about joking with me?” I playfully hit his arm over Harper. The other boys erupt in laughter. Kyle came back with a chair and plops down in it, frowning.

“What’s wrong with you?” one of the other guys, Marc, asks.

“I feel left out.” He’s pouting again. I sigh and roll my eyes.

“Get up.” I say.


“ I said, get up.” He pushes the chair back and stands up, pouting even more at me bossing him around. I stand too and put my hands on his forearms, steering him over to my former seat and pushing him down in it.

“Ta da,” I sing while plopping down on the chair. He smiles.

“Yay! You’re the best Reid,” he leans over and hugs me. He must have misjudged the distance because he falls over slightly and I have to catch him.

“You need to keep your hands to yourself,” I say when he’s upright in his seat.

“Psh, you like it,” Caleb says.

“I don’t like you,” I scowl at him. His face reads a mixed expression, like he can’t decide whether to apologize or not. Looks like he’s going for the apology.

“I’m sor-“ he starts, but I’m quick to interrupt.

“Chill out! I’m kidding. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it kid,” I say as a few plates of food appear on the table.

“Can I do anything else for you?” an attractive male waiter asks.

“You can give me-“ I interrupt Avery by throwing my hand over her mouth.

“We’re fine, thanks,” I respond. I wait until he’s out of earshot before I remove my hand.

“I’m getting you a drink. You’re not fun enough tonight,” she says before standing up.

“She was going to ask for some sort of sexual favor,” Harper explains. Yes, this is Avery.

“She’s freaking awesome!” Austin erupts, evoking laughter.

Avery grabs a plate and puts one of everything on it.

“No one touches this,” she says sternly.

“I’ll watch it for you,” I tell her as she goes back to the bar, presumably for my drink.

For the next five minutes we eat and the conversation becomes more individualized. I realize that with Avery gone, the closest person in proximity is Kyle. I scoot my chair a little closer.

“So Kyle.” I put emphasis on his name. “What brings you to Chicago?” I’ve known the kid maybe 10 minutes and I can already read him like a book. I know the next words out of his mouth are about to be a lie.

“Well, um, we’re here, um, because. Well. Marc’s brother is getting married!” He seems pleased with his lie.

“Is this like a bachelor party without the groom and attractive half naked girls?” I say, hoping to catch him in the lie. Surprisingly, his reaction is quick and without a beat.

“You can always take off your top and fix that,” he smirks. Oh jeeze.

“How did I get stuck with the perve?” I say louder so the whole group can hear.

“ Come sit over here. I promise I’m more of a conversationalist,” Austin says. Sticking my tongue out at Kyle I saunter over to Austin, taking Avery’s seat.

“So, what brings you to Chicago,” I ask, hoping for an honest answer this time.

“Business. It may not look like it, but we’re seasoned entrepreneurs.”

“What are you selling?” I question.

“Ourselves,” he replies grinning.

“Like pimps? You’re in Chicago as pimps? I like your explanation better than Kyle’s,” I say laughing.

“Bam Kyle! She likes me better!” Austin looks pleased with himself.

“I said I liked your answer better. Not necessarily that I liked you better than Kyle,” I correct.

“Okay. Who’s better. Right now. Answer,” Kyle says, now sitting in the chair I originally traded him for.

“Not feeling left out with the chair anymore I see.”

“You’re changing the subject! Now pick,” he says, trying to look serious. I burst out laughing.

“I pick Marc. He’s not harassing me. He’s sitting over there being nice. Marc would tell me the truth, wouldn’t you Marc?” Marc looks over from his conversation with Caleb and Harper and looks a little frightened.

“What are you doing in Chicago?” I demand.

“What are you doing in Chicago?” he questions back. I wasn’t expecting that.

“Avery and I dragged Harper here. We decided we needed fun. Now what are you doing here,” I say, finishing the water bottle.

“Same thing,” he says and turns back to Caleb and Harper. I laugh.

“Don’t even think about it Kent!” His hand was creeping towards Avery’s plate.

“Looks like Kyle doesn’t hate the chair after all,” Avery says, taking the seat next to Harper. She slides a drink over the table towards me before bringing the plate out of reach of Kent.

“I was just sliding it to you!” Kent responds.

“Sure,” she responds before taking a bit.

“What is this?’ I question, gesturing to the drink.

“Well Reid, it’s called a glass. And that liquid inside is an adult beverage. You’re supposed to-“ she teases but I interrupt with “bitch.”

I start to bring the glass to my lips but Kyle snatches it out of my hand and takes a sip.

“You did not just do that,” I threaten. He smiles.

“It’s good. I think I’ll be keeping this,” he says.

“That’s what you think,” I say getting up to snag it from him. He gets up too and holds it over my head.

“Not fair.” He pulls his arm back down and hands me the drink sheepishly, but not before taking another sip.

“I don’t want it now. It’s got your germs all over it. You’ve probably got mono or something,” I tell him.

“That’s the kissing one, right? Well, we’re not kissing so you can’t get it. But if you want it, I think I can arrange that.” He smiles.

“Actually, you’re wrong. You get it from the exchange of any bodily fluids,” I say, ignoring the “let’s makeout” ploy.

“Dude. She’s not interested. Quit harassing her. She could probably kick your ass anyway,” Jonathan says. I smile at him.

“Right you are,” I say, “I can snap you like a twig skinny boy,” directing the statement towards Kyle. I grab the drink anyway, deciding to risk the mono.

“What about mono?” he asks.

“Don’t care.”

“Okay, I came here to dance,” Avery says, her food finished. “Who’s going to dance with me?”

“What about Rodrigo? How would he feel about you dancing with strange men?” Harper asks.

“Who said I’m dancing with any of these fools. Come on Reid! You’re mine!” she says, pulling me up.

“Give me a second.” I chug the rest of the basically full drink and walk off with her leaving the boys with mouths slightly agape.

“Reid has a lover,” she sings once we’re out of the room.

“Bitch please,” I respond.

“Oh! So I sent Caleb a text telling him not to give Harper his number. Hopefully he gets it and obeys. "

“Ooo! This is my song!” Avery pulls me onto the dance floor. We start dancing and singing along to the song. Well, more like yelling. But then again, so is everyone else.

“To the window, to the wall, to the sweat drop down my balls, to all these bitches crawl, to all skeet skeet motherfucker!” we yell. The song finishes and about 5 later, I feel a pair of hands on my waist. I turn around ready to kick someone’s ass. I’m a little tipsy but I could probably still hold my own. But there is no need; my face softens when I see who it is.


TADA! Well, my hand is better. I'm back to typing up a storm :) However, my internet is now gone. I was stealing it from my neighbors and they need to restart their hub. So no internet for Kade. 1) I don't know which neighbor it is and 2) I don't think they would appreciate me going over and being like "Hey, can you restart your box so I can steal your internet again?

I have 2 more chapters done after this. I'll post them soon. I just don't want to give it all to you now. There is something to be said for anticipation.

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