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Chapter Three

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It Begins And Ends With A Dance

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Chapter Three

“Wanna go dance?” Caleb asks as Avery, Reid and the other guys for the dance floor. I pause for a second, weighing my options. I could stay back here and possibly make out with him, increasing my chances of getting his number.

“Sure,” I respond. I decide I’d rather have fun tonight than win the bet. I pull him off the couch, taking note of his disappointed expression. I giggle internally.

We manage to get on the floor just in time to see Jonathan grab Reid and start dancing with her.

“He could have totally gotten his ass kicked,” I comment.

“Look at Kyle,” he says. Kyle is dancing with Avery and they have at least a foot difference in height. It looks rather awkward actually.

“May I cut in?” I ask Kyle, grabbing Avery before he can respond.

“Who am I supposed to dance with?” he whines.

“Caleb looks lonely,” I respond.

“What about that number,” Avery whispers in my ear as Kyle goes over to Caleb. They end up standing by the wall, watching the crowd.

“I’d rather have fun than pay rent. Tomorrow we have to be serious. I just want to have fun right now,” I respond, taking my focus off of Caleb.

“He sure is cute though.” She trails off, waiting for me to fill in the blanks.

“Yeah. I might have a teenie tiny crush,” I respond. Avery smacks my arm.

“Aren’t you glad you came?” I nod.

“Good. Plus, I wanna keep my money. Although, apparently Reid is now $50 richer. She stole it from Kyle. He tried to pay at the bar.” Avery tells me.

“Did he notice?” I ask back, trying to keep our conversation as private as possible.

“No idea.”

“Bet you he goes for it at some point tonight.” I smile. Avery laughs.

“Deal.” We shake on it, right as the song ends.

“What are you two doing?” Reid asks, coming over. Avery and I look at each other, then back at Reid, trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Nothing Mother,” I say.

“I think someone wants to dance with you,” Avery adds in a sing song voice before Reid can question us anymore. Reid cocks her eyebrow.

“Kyle. Duh,” Avery says as if it’s the most obvious thing on the planet.

“Yeah. Not gonna happen.” Reid responds, waving it off.

“What about Jonathan?” I ask. She shakes her head.

“He was interested in the girl next to us. He wanted an excuse to gawk. I gladly obliged. Oh, and Avery? You’re short,” Reid plays.

“I’m going to kick your ass one day little girl!” Avery says getting in her face in a mock fight way.

“Bring it!” Reid says, staring down at her. The both end up doubling over laughing.

“So are you gonna dance with me now? “ I turn towards Caleb’s voice as his arms encircle my shoulders and smile.

“What about Kyle?” I ask innocently. He laughs.

“Kyle doesn’t like red heads,” he says.

“That’s alright. I do,” I say. Despite the dark club, I’m pretty sure he’s blushing. Harper 1, Caleb 0. I grab his hand and pull him into the middle of the room, out of view of the rest of the people in our quickly formed group. I jerk him towards me so that he ends up closer to me faster than he would have otherwise.

His hands find my waist and they pull me close. I wrap my arms around his neck and we begin grinding on each other, and everyone else in the crowded room.

“Looks like we aren’t alone,” I say during the next song. Jonathan is over Caleb’s shoulder, dancing with the girl from earlier.

“Who?” Caleb asks, moving to see who it is. I grab his neck and pull him back to me.

“You’re not going anywhere. And it’s Jonathan.” I say. He smirks. Now it’s my turn to blush. Harper 1, Caleb 1.

“So what are you really doing here?” I ask, still curious.

“Dancing with you,” he says. With that, he kisses my cheek. Harper 1, Caleb 2. Damn it. I decide to drop the subject.

“Did I say you could kiss me?” I sass.

“That was hardly a kiss,” he says, grinning.

“Well that’s all you’re getting so don’t be too disappointed,” I respond.

“That’s what you think,” he says before putting his right hand behind my head and pulling my face close enough to his that our lips touch. It’s only for a brief second, but I move back smiling.

“I didn’t say you could do that either,” I say, still smiling.

“In that case, Miss Harper. Miss Harper. Hell I don’t even know your last name. Screw it. Harper, can I kiss you?” he says, putting his forehead on mine.

“It’s Martin. And you better,” I say before I take the initiative to reunite our lips. The kiss is innocent at first, testing the waters and seeing what is tolerated. We’re both edging towards some invisible line that would make this more passionate. Before it gets too far, I pull back.

“I’ll have you know I wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t been drinking. I’m not normally like this,” I say.

“I don’t care why you’re doing it. I’m just glad you are.” He grips my hair and pulls me back in. This time, his other hand moves to the edge of my shirt, moving it up so he can put his hand under it, leaving it to rest on my back. My surprise gives him the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. I can feel him smile at my surprise of that action too. When I pull away this time, he resists letting go of my bottom lip.

“Hey, I gotta breathe. I’d rather not be making out with a guy who’s into necrophilia,” I add.

“What?” he asks, actually pulling away this time. Damn. I ruined the moment.

“You know, necrophilia. Sex with corpses?” I joke. I hope he’s not totally creeped out. He just grins, urging me to continue.

“If I couldn’t breathe, I’d die. Then you’d be making out with a corpse,” I explain. This went from making out to awkward in less than a minute. Harper 1, Caleb 3. He ignores the awkwardness and smirks.

“So about this sex,” he starts. I press my finger to his lips. -1 for Caleb.

“Over my dead body, sweetie,” I say, kissing his cheek. I need a break and disengage my body from his and walk off. But not before grabbing Avery.

“We’re going to the bathroom.” Like I said. Girls can’t go to the bathroom alone. Not really knowing where we were going, I pulled Avery along the wall. I figured they had to be in the back.

“They’re over there you know,” Avery says, pointing to the opposite wall.

“Lead the way then my dear.” I follow her through the people. Surprisingly there isn’t a line and the bathroom is empty.

“I wonder how many people have had sex in here,” she says, right as I lean up against the counter. I quickly jump forward, a little disturbed.

“I really didn’t want to think about that. Thanks A.” A smile breaks out on her face.

“So you and the red head. How’s that going? Got his number yet?” She begins to play with her hair in the mirror.

“No I don’t. I dunno that I want it. I’m confused.” I start messing with my hair too. I look at my appearance and grimace.

“Well, he should give it to you. His tongue was down your throat. It’s really the least he could do.” She goes into the stall and pulls out two wads of toilet paper, handing one to me before going about fixing her make up. I look into the mirror and wipe my eyeliner back into a straight thin line. I pull a tube of chapstick out of my bra. A trick I learned from Reid. As she puts it, “What else are you gonna put in there?” It’s not terribly uncomfortable either. I put a thin layer on my suddenly dry lips, reminding me of Avery’s previous statement.

“If he asks for mine I’m tempted to give him a fake. Sure, he’s pretty and fun to make out with but I really don’t know a whole lot about him. He could be a complete psycho” I maneuver the chapstick back into my bra and watch as Avery fluffs her hair again.

“He’s not a psycho. He’s cute. Ugh I hate how fugly my hair gets in these places.” She gives herself a once over before tossing her toilet paper in the trashcan. I follow suit and we walk back out.

“I’m gonna go find Reid. Care to join?” I say.

“I think I’ll head to the bar for some water. Meet me there?” She gives me a quick hug and walks off.

I look around for Reid and see her dancing with a tall, cute brunette on the outskirts of the grinding mass covering the dance floor. As I make my way over, I notice Kyle, Caleb, Kent and Austin over to the side. Kyle keeps looking over their shoulders at Reid. I love it.

“Hello there my dear,” I said, slapping Reid’s ass. She just laughs.

“You’re so weird Harper,” she responds.

“Do you mind if I steal my wife back?” I ask the boy. He gives a drunken laugh and sulks off.

“Wanna do some shots?” she asks, giving me her full attention. She begins pulling me towards the bar.

‘You don’t think we’ve had enough?” I mention. I know that I’m beginning to feel it with the time that has passed. Reid doesn’t know that I had a few before I found her. But I’m guessing she did too.

“Who’s playing mom now?” she jokes.

“Hey, we’ve got work in the AM. I wanna make sure we don’t get fired,” I say as she leads me to the bar.

“Just a few Harper! And we’re not gonna get fired. They love us!”

“Avery’s getting water. Let’s sit with her for a while and sober up a little,” I suggest. She nods in agreement.

“Hello my dear,” I say to Avery, as Reid and I take a seat on either side of her.

“How are my two favorite girls holding up?” she asks, letting each of us take a sip of her water before ours arrive.

“Good good. When are we leaving?” Reid asks. They both turn to me.

“What?” I ask, taking the cup of water from the bartender.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve got a number to get. Or do you forfeit?” Reid says with a sly grin. I groan.

“I’m not giving up I guess. Gah. Let me finish this water and the mission shall recommence!” I tilt my head back and chug the water. The ice makes it difficult, but I do so quickly and hit the cup on the bar.

“Anyone coming with me?” I ask.

“I will!” Reid says, jumping up.

“You two go ahead. I have a missed call from my cousin. She might have had her baby.” Avery says, looking at her phone.

“You’ve been on your phone too much tonight!” Reid exclaims.

“I’ll be back in ten minutes tops. Promise,” she says, leaving towards the door.

As she leaves, Reid grabs me and begins to pull me off the stool.

“No taking me down this time!” I warn her.

“If I take you down, I pinky promise it’s not intentional.” She stops, faces me and puts out her finger. I push her hand out of the way and take lead instead.

Then I get an idea. Revenge shall be sweet.

It’s easy to spot Kyle from his height and hair. He’s only a few feet in front of us, facing away. Reid is too distracted trying to stay upright from my quick maneuver to notice and I stick my foot out so that she goes flying into him. Kyle only stumbles slightly, and tries to catch her, but instead she falls to the floor. Oops.

“Fuck,” she wines from the floor. “You did that on purpose!”

“Someone has had too much to drink,” Caleb says, picking her up off the floor and smirking at me. I try and look as innocent as possible.

“Fucking whore,” Reid mumbles once she’s upright.

“Alright kids! Last dance! Then you have to get the fuck out of here” the DJ says and starts up the last song of the night.

“Wanna dance with me again?” Caleb whispers. I nod as he leads me into the crowd.


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So I know some people ask questions, so I'm gonna start too:

1a). What is the first song you danced to with someone you were romantically interested in? I don't remember mine :/ I have a feeling it was Usher. But the one I really wish I remembered is lost on me too. I need to pay better attention to these things.
1b). What song do you want to dance to with someone you're crushing on?

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