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Chapter Four

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“We should probably leave after Harper’s done getting her groove on,” I say to Reid as Harper disappears into the mass of people. She checks her watch.

“Definitely. I’m gonna be cranky in the AM, just a warning.” Reid and I disperse from Caleb’s friends and she leans against the wall, the exhaustion finally hitting her. She has been studying all week for a test she had this morning. The lack of sleep seems to have finally caught up with her. Her eyelids begin to droop, and her head is doing that nodding motion, the kind where you’re trying really hard to fend off sleep but failing miserably.

“I forgot to ask you, how was that test?” She jerks at my question, straightening a little. Her exhaustion is still evident.

“I remembered how to do all the equations, but I don’t know if my numbers were right. My calculator died before I had the chance to double check my answers.” Reid was good at chemistry, but not so much with numbers. She definitely needed the calculator.

“I’m so sorry sweetie! I’m sure it will turn out right. It’s pass/fail right?” I lean against the wall with her.

“Yeah. But still. I studied so hard; if I don’t do well on it, I will be indescribably pissed.” She huffs the bangs that are sticking to her forehead out of the way, both out of necessity and out of frustration. She looks like a little kid having a temper tantrum. Reid can be both a mom and a child sometimes.

“Why don’t we head outside? I could definitely use some air. We can wait for Harper out there,” I suggest.

“Fantastic. Let’s just text Harper. She looks like she’s having too much fun for us to interrupt,” she decides, pointing at the couple. Caleb and Harper are close, not kissing this time though. Smiles adorn both their faces, the gesture genuine in both parties.

“And she’s the one who didn’t want to come,” I scoff. “Well, we should at least say good bye to our new friends.”

“Sure sure.” Reid puts her phone back in her pocket and pushes herself off the wall. The guys we mingled with all evening weren’t far and we approached, breaking their circle and conversation quickly and effortlessly.

“We’re going outside, but we wanted to say it was nice meeting you,” I say professionally.

“Yeah, thanks for hanging out with us. Caleb has my number, so if you guys wanna hang out next time you’re in our city, give us a call,” Reid adds. They give her a confused look.

“Why does he have your number? Shouldn’t he have Harper’s?” Kent asks, speaking for the group.

“I stole Kyle’s phone, got his number, sent him a text message asking him not to give Harper his number tonight and if he wanted to talk to her he could let me know,” she explains. They still look confused.

“We made a bet. If Harper got his number we paid her $50 and if she didn’t, well, we didn’t have to pay her. Sounds like we got screwed actually,” I say after reflecting.

“That reminds me!” Kyle yells excitedly. This boy has too much energy. “You still have my $50!” he points at Reid accusingly.

“Oh yeah,” she laughs. Suddenly she’s awake.

“Well, you’re gonna have to come get it,” she says in a saucy tone. Right as Kyle approaches her she bursts out laughing.

“No way. You touch me you die,” she says, hiding behind me.

“I tell you what, you promise she doesn’t get that number and you can have it back.” She sticks out her pinky finger, still behind me.

“Deal.” He links his finger with hers and she pulls the bill from her back pocket. Stepping out from my shadow, she hands him the bill. He snatches it and smiles in triumph.

Suddenly the music stops and the club filled with sounds of people instead of blaring, pounding music.

“Do you think Harper would come back to say goodbye to them?” I ask Reid.

“Of course I would!” Harper says, coming up behind Reid and I, sticking her head in between and draping her arms over both of our shoulders. I roll my eyes and I’m pretty sure Reid is too.

“Okay kids, I’m ready to blow this popsicle stand,” Reid starts. “Say your good byes Harper,” she finishes, going into Mom Mode.

“God you are such a mom!” Harper and I say at the same time.

“Don’t make me pull this car over!” she threatens before bursting out into laughter. This always happens when we go out. We’re lost in our own little world.

“I’m sorry guys. We have too many inside jokes. We just see each other too much,” I say to the rest of the guys. They chuckle.

“Not a problem. We actually have to go too. Maybe we’ll bump into you sometime,” Kent says.

“Maybe,” I say, not really certain if that would happen, but leaving the option on the table. My phone begins to vibrate in my pocket. Taking it out, the screen reads an unavailable number. Who the hell is calling me at this hour?

“Okay. I gotta take this call. I’ll meet you outside,” I say quickly before dashing off to the bathroom. Again, it’s empty. Probably because everyone is leaving.

“Hello?” I answer as soon as the door closes.

“Hey baby.” Rodrigo’s voice flows clearly through the speaker.

“Hey!” I respond excitedly. Sure, I’ve talked to him like 3 times today, but I don’t care. This is love.

“I hope I’m not calling too late,” he begins to apologize.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m actually just leaving the club though.” Three girls rush in and disappear into one of the stalls. I can hear the sounds of stomach contents meeting porcelain. Poor thing.

“I really just wanted to say goodnight. You know I miss you love. I should find out within the next week where I’ll end up. I love you,” he ends. I can’t help but smile. I’ve never been this happy.

“I love you too baby. Night.” We hang up mutually and I go to check on sick girl.

“Is she alright?” I ask her friends.

“I think she will be,” one of them answers with a smile.

“Okay. Make sure she gets a lot of water when she gets home though. And a vitamin if she can handle it.”

“Thanks. It’s her 21st. I think we partied a little too much.” The other girl said.

“Well, happy birthday girl. Night ladies.”

When I step outside of the club, the rush of cold air perks me up. I easily find Reid and Harper. They are huddled against the wall I practically claimed as my own earlier.

“What it do?” I say in my best gangster voice.

“Taxi’s a coming,” Reid says, unfazed by my attempts at being gangster. They know me too well. Reid is looking tired yet again. I figure she’ll be out cold five minutes into the trip home. Harper on the other hand looks like a mix between happy and confused.

“What’s up blondie?” I poke her side, bringing her out of her daydream. Her face does that blinking “I’m coming back down to earth” things, a true indicator that her head was up in the clouds.

“Well, I didn’t get his number,” she said, puzzled.

“What?! That’s a national travesty!” I say, trying to keep my composure. It’s not working very well.

“I thought we hit it off. He did give me his email address though. Does that count?” she asks. That’s when I loose it. Reid’s laughter is quick to follow.

“I told him not to give you his number,” Reid says, once we’ve calmed down. “I didn’t want to loose the bet. Sneaky sneaky on his part to not let you get away. Plus one to Caleb.”

“You guys are awful. I don’t know that I’ll forgive you for this,” she says, glaring at us, but not really meaning it. She begins to giggle.

“Here,” Reid says, pulling out her phone. “This is his number. Text him.” I stand behind Harper as she takes Reid’s phone and sends a text to her phone with his number in it. After adding him to her address book, she opens a new text message.

“What should I say?” she asks, her mouth skewed in thought.

“Cab’s here,” Reid announces. “We can scheme in the car.”

Reid takes the mom role and tells the cab driver my address. Then she turns back to us.

“Okay, say ‘The inside of my mouth misses your tongue,’” Reid suggests. I reach across her and grab Harper’s phone. Moving out of her reach, with Reid’s help, I type the previous statement and hit the green send button.

“I am definitely not forgiving you two now!” Harper says in a hushed scold.

“Sure you will. Reid and I will send him texts saying it was us and you had no say. Right Reid?” She pulls her phone out, steals his number and follows my lead with an apology.

“Why am I friends with you two again?” she says, throwing her hands up in defeat.

“Because I’m sexy. Duh,” I respond. “You know you love us.”

“This isn’t Gossip Girl. Well, maybe now it is. You’re starting rumors.” We’re wearing down her anger and soon we’re a giggling mess of girls.

However, 20 minutes later we’re all silent, trying to fight off sleep. I begin to hear Reid lightly snore beside me and Harper’s head is on her shoulder. I smirk. Reid lasted longer than I thought. I stare out the window, my thoughts straying to Rodrigo. I let out a big sigh, but it doesn’t disturb the other girls. I continue daydreaming until we reach my house. Now it’s my turn to play mom.

After paying the driver, I wake up the girls and lead them inside. My basement is our haven. The pull-out couches are already made up, with pajamas sitting on them and bottles of water on the floor. I smile. Dad is always thinking ahead.

“Your Dad is so sweet,” Harper comments as she pulls her shirt over her head.

“He’s my hero,” Reid agrees. She pulls Herbert to her chest. Herbert is her teddy bear that she keeps at my house for these such occasions.

Reid and Harper are over so often they have clothes here. And toothbrushes. Hell, it looks like they could live her. Of course, I could say the same about their place. I was a Daddy’s girl though and still lived at home. Honestly, it was more for him than for me. I brush the thought out of my mind as I pull up my pajama pants and begin pulling my covers down.

“Did Caleb text you back?” I ask, flopping down on the bed, trying to get comfortable.

“Honestly, I kind of forgot all about that.” She begins rooting around for her phone. She holds it up in triumph before opening the message. Reid and I are quick to jump to her side to read over her shoulder.

I don’t care if you didn’t write that. My mouth misses yours. ;)

“Damn girl, boyfriend’s got it bad!” My attempt at being gangster again goes unnoticed. Harper flops back on the bed, phone to her chest like a love-struck teenager.

“Looks like he’s not the only one,” Reid finishes.


I thought we needed a little of Avery. Not a lot of anterior thought from her though. I'll make up for it in future chapters.

Mmm. Caleb's mouth....


ps. For all of you who "auditioned" you'll appear after this one. Promise. However I'm not sure when that will be out.

ANNNDD Question time:

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Or blanket? Why?

I literally can't sleep without my teddy bear. He's a Build A Bear that I made when I was in LA 5 years ago. That was one of the best weeks of my life and we've been inseparable ever since. I left him at home once when I went back to school and had to go to Build A Bear and make another one (not exactly the same. Gotta differentiate). That is how important he is to my ability to sleep.

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