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Moving on from Gormogon

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Brennan tries to get over what happened with Zack. Plus what happens when Brennan and Booth sleep together? *ON HIATUS* Set after Gormogon.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Bones :( coz I'm skint :(

What happens next?

Moving on from Gormogon?

Temperance Brennan - or Bones as she was frequently called by her partner - was laying on her couch at work attempting to get some sleep that she knew would never come. Yesterday she had realised that Dr. Zack Addy her colleague was Gormogons Apprentice. Gormogon was a cannibal killing many people and teaching his apprentices to do the same.


Bones looked at her watch 3:24am. She wished she could sleep, clear her head. She needed someone to tell her everything was going to be ok. Suddenly she heard a knock at the door. It was way too early for anyone to be at the lab. From behind her she heard a gentle murmur of " Bones are you awake?"

She sat up on her couch as Booth walked over at sat down. He knew she had been crying. He held her and comforted her. "It'll be ok Bones he never killed anyone. He though it was logical the Judge/Jury will understand that."

" I know but I should've realised, looked at the teeth myself. If I had..."
" If you had Zack might not have told us where Gormogon was. You couldn't have done anything to stop this and deep down you know it too."
He held her tighter and stroked her side. "There is nothing you could've done. Ok"
"Ok. Booth, will you take me home?"


(Later at Brennan's apartment)

Booth was sat on Bones' couch her head resting on his shoulder. They had both drank their way through three and a half bottles of wine and they were slurring their words.

" Bones you've gotta get over this. It ain't healthy thinking about what you could and couldn't done. Come on i'll take you to bed."
" K"

He put her in bed then lent forward to give her a kiss on the cheek. However at the last moment Brennan moved her head to the side. He was kissing her on the lips, I shouldn't be doing this, he thought. We're partners. But she's kissing me back!

Brennan didn't know what had happened, but for some reason, whether it was the booze or something else she didn't want to stop. She began kissing him more passionately. He kissed her back and they began taking each others clothes off...

So what will happen next? Review and I'll tell you. HA HA HA! :)
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