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What did we do?

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Hi guys thanks for the reviews. This is the next chapter I hope you like it! :)

What happens next?

What did we do?

When Booth woke up the next morning he was aware that he had a really bad hangover and wasn't in his bed. He realised someone with beautiful long auburn hair was laying next to him and his arms were around her waist. Oh my God what did I do. Did I sleep with Bones? No I couldn't have done. She's my partner and even if I did want to... No I can't think like that. But there has to be some reason we ended up in bed together. If only I didn't have such a bad hangover I might remember.


Brennan was second to wake up and she too noticed her hangover and the arms around her waist. Who the hell is that. Wait it's Booth. Did I sleep with Booth? I hope he knows. But would it be so bad if I had? Yes it would he's your partner. So? No! I must like him if I ended up in bed with him. I can't think like this!


"Bones? Do you know what happened last night?"
"No. I was hoping you'd know"
"We didn't y'know sleep together did we?"
"I don't know. What if we did?"
" I don't know. Oh man were gonna be awkward with each other for ages. I wish we could remember."

Booth began to remember.

" Wait. I remember... I remember your hands all over me taking my top off and then me taking off yours."
" Oh. Well that doesn't mean we slept together does it." Her face began to look a little worried. "Because that isn't exactly proffesional is it?"
" Well no it isn't professional and... well, yes I think we might have... y'know"
"Had sex?"
" Yeah. But it doesn't have to change anything we can still work together."
" You don't want things to change?"

Booth looked at her funny. Of course he did but he didn't expect her to want to.

" Well yes. If I am honest yes. I mean... if you do too. Do you?"
" I don't know I have different emotions running through my head. Your my friend, my partner. I don't want to change that. If we did go out." What was she thinking did she want to go out with Booth. Yes, of course she did. " If we did go out, what would happen if we broke up?"
" I don't know but I think it would be worth the risk. Bones... Temperance. I really, really like you ever since I first saw you and you corrected me. I even think I might..." Oh my god what am I saying? " I think I might love you."

Her face was filled with shock but she knew she loved him too even if it was irrational.

" You know I think Angela's been right all along. I think I love you too."
" Really?"
" Yes. But I have been afraid of loosing you as a partner and as a friend."
" Well you don't have to worry about that" He hugged her not wanting to let go. He had loved her for ages. Been so jelous of her other boyfriends. He finally had her.
" Booth... Seeley. You promise not to leave me?"
" I promise"
" And this will not get in the way of our work?"
"No. We can be like normal partners in work. And you can be my girlfriend out of it."
" Can I call you Seeley?"
" Sure if I can call you Temperance"
" Deal. But I'll still have to call you Booth at work"
" Then I'll have to call you Bones then!"
She sighed. "Fine but if you dare call me Bones outside work I am never speaking to you again"
" Fine. So do you want to go for breakfast? Our first date."
" I'm not sure breakfast qualifies as a date but ok."

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