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Hi again here's chapter three. R&R

I don't own any of the characters except Dr. Sykes.

What happens next?


Temperance Brennan was stood on the platform of the Jeffersonian Institute examining the remains of a body in Limbo. She had been trying all day unsuccessfully to concentrate on her work instead of her new boyfriend Seeley Booth. They had been secretly dating and sleeping at each others house (but not sleeping together) for eight to nine weeks.

Brennan turned back to her work attempting, for the last time to concentrate. However before she could do anything she found herself running off the platform and straight into Cam. She heard the faint cry of
"Dr. Brennan?!"
but she carried on in the direction of the bathroom where she threw up.


Suddenly she heard a voice from behind her which made her jump out of her skin (not literally as that was not possible). It was Cam probably coming for an apology.
"Dr. Brennan if you are ill you should go home for today and I will see you tommorow if you are better"
"I suppose I could take the day off, I have been sick twice today already. But only a day, then I'm coming back to work."
"In that case I will see you tomorrow Dr. Brennan but if you are still ill call me and go see a doctor."
"I am a..."
"I mean a medical doctor."
"Oh I see. Goodbye Dr. Soroyan I will see you tomorrow"
"Goodbye Dr. Brennan."
Brennan waved to Cam then drove to her apartment.


The next day Brennan woke at 4:30am and ran to the bathroom to throw up again. She got a drink of water and went back to her room making a mental note to call Cam in the morning to say she was going to the doctors and might be at work later and to make a doctors appointment. But at a more sensible hour!


Brennan walked into the doctor's room at 4:50pm and sat down.
"How can I help you Ms Brennan? My name is Dr. Sykes."
"My name is Dr. Brennan."
The doctor looked shocked at her tone of voice and that he had been corrected but carried on listening.
"I was sick four times yesterday and have already been sick three times today. But I hardly ever get ill and I have flu shots each year so it can't be that."
"Well have you eaten any unusual food? Because it could be food poisoning "
"Not that I can think of."
"Do you have any health problems or a history of health problems in the family?"
She gulped at the word family but answered the question.
"None at all."
The doctor thought for a moment.
"In that case I would like to do a urine test."
He passed her a container and she returned a few minutes later with it full.

The doctor kept his back to her as he did a some tests. After five minutes her came and sat down opposite her.
"So what's wrong with me Dr. Sykes?"
"Nothing is wrong with you Dr. Brennan. You are pregnant!"

Brennan was shocked she hadn't slept with anyone in ages especially since she had been going out with Seeley. Doing a quick calculation in her head she realised she must have become pregnant around nine weeks ago. When she had got drunk and woken up next to Seeley. They must have slept together!

"Dr, Brennan are you ok?"
She avoided his gaze.
"Yes I just need to get home, thank you."
"Ok. Goodbye Dr. Brennan."


She had to think things over. She couldn't tell Seeley, she needed to work out how she felt. They had already slept together even though they had wanted to wait. Plus she was carrying his child!!
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