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What happens next?


He sat on the couch in her office at the Jeffersonian thinking about their last date and work yesterday. He wondered if he had done something to upset her. He didn't think so. According to Cam, Tempe had been sent home yesterday after throwing up and had asked for today off to go to the she would've usually told him if she was having the day off even when they were only partners.

Booth had called her house but it was on answerphone, her mobile was turned off and she wasn't at home. He made a list of all the places she might go.


Jeffersonian (he could cross that off as she wasn't there and Angela would call if she came)

Her house (again not there but he would wait there if he couldn't find her later)

Visiting Max (he had been released so she might go there)

Visiting Russ (she could've gone here but probably not as there are kids)

Sid's (not open yet)

The Diner (she could be there)


Looking through her desk he found her address book and looked up Max's number. Booth dialed the number on the Jeffersonian's phone. Max picked up almost immediately.
"Sorry Sir no, it's Booth."
"Can I help you?"
"I'm looking for Te..Bones have you heard from her or seen her?"
"No why, is there something wrong?"
"No I just need to talk to her but she went to the doctors, I can't reach her on her mobile or her home phone and she isn't at home or the Jeffersonian"
"I haven't seen her since court. She is ok isn't she?"
"Yes, I just can't get hold of her. Well I better go look for her. Goodbye Mr. Brennan."
"Goodbye Agent Booth."
Booth decided to skip another phone call like that with Russ so he went to check the diner.


Five minutes later Booth was outside the Diner. He couldn't see her in there but went inside anyway and ordered some pie as it was way past lunch and he hadn't eaten anything. He decided to go wait at her apartment for her to come home so he paid his bill and left.


He found his key for emergencies and let himself in. It was now 9:00pm. He got a sandwich and sat down to watch the new TV he had made her buy, waiting for her to come home.

At 11:40pm he heard the faint noise of her key in the lock. He stood up and Temperance walked in...crying.

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