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Time to think

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Hi again here's chapter 5 :) Thanx to everyon who has reviewed and read this story. But if you haven't reviewed. Please do. :(

What happens next?
Time to think

When she left the doctors she went to the nearest coffee shop, bought a cup, then sat on a bench.

Thoughts ran through her head. I love Seeley but am I ready to have children with him? Of course you are. You said it yourself. You love him. Yes but I never wanted children. They weren't part of my plans? And falling in love with Seeley was? How am I supposed to cope wit kids. I speak differently to them. Sometimes even Seeley doesn't understand me and he's a grown adult. You'll get used to it. Plus the baby will probably grow up to be like it's mum, extremely smart. And from Seeley it will get all it's people skills. But I won't be able to cope with a child. Where's it going to go when wer're at work? There's a nursery at the Jeffersonian.

She was confused. She knew Seeley would want to keep the child but they had only been dating for two months even if they had worked together for three years. Plus nobody at the lab knew they were dating. What would they think of them if she suddenly turned up pregnant!

But does it really matter what people think of you? How long has Angela waited for you two to get together? And now your having his child! Looking at her watch she realised it was 10:30. She began to make the long way home on foot arguing with herself and eventually crying. She got out her keys and opened the door to find Seeley standing by her couch. She smiled then ran up to him and gave him a big hug. She realised how much she loved him and how much he loved her.

Soppy I know. Sorry. And sorry it is really short but next chap will be up v. soon. :D
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