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Miserable (Frerard one-shot)

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“What do you possibly find attractive about me when I’m sick?” His smirk became a grin as he reached out and stroked my face."I'll show you," he whispered.

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Oh my goodness. Big step here. My first smut-type thing. And I love it! I hope you will too!

“Why, why fucking why?” I moaned as I lay sweating in my bunk. “Why does it always have to be me? I’m a fucking invalid!” I kicked the wall violently, and then immediately wished I hadn’t. Pain coursed through my foot, and it was just the cherry on the sundae compared to the pain in my head, and virtually every other part of my body.

I’m always the sick one. Always.

“Calm down Frankie!” Mikey called from the front of the bus. At the moment he was the only one here. Everyone else was getting coffee; I’d been asleep when they got off the bus. Mikey had too. That was the only reason he wasn't with them.

“What’s wrong?”” He asked me as he came up the aisle. His eyebrows came together in a frown as he looked me over. “You’re sick again.” He said. It wasn’t even a question. He could already tell. He leaned down and touched my forehead with the back of his hand gently.

“Wow. You’re really hot.” He pulled his hand back and ran it through his hair.

I groaned again. “Ugh! I’m sick of this. I’m fucking sick of being sick!”

Mikey laughed. “At least you’re feeling good enough to whine.” He chuckled as he walked back to the front of the bus, opening the cabinet with all the meds.

“Tylenol or Asprin?” He asked me casually.

“Both,” I grunted, curling into a ball. I was suddenly freezing.

“Frank…” Mikey said disapprovingly. But when he came back with a glass of water he had four pills in his hand. I took them eagerly, chugging the water too fast. It burned my throat and it was too cold; I clutched my head tightly, trying to get rid of the pain.

“Do you want anything else?” Mikey asked sympathetically.

“Yeah. Can I sue god or whoever is in charge of everything for making me sick all the time?” I muttered angrily. Mikey laughed. I don’t think he understood that it wasn’t supposed to be a joke.

The doors creaked open as Gerard, Ray and Bob came back into the bus, holding steaming cups of coffee in their hands.

“We’re back,” Ray announced. He shrugged off his jacket and then scanned the bus.

“Are you guys still asleep?” Bob asked, loudly. So that if we had been asleep, we sure as hell wouldn’t be anymore.

“No.” Mikey answered. “Frank’s sick.”

“Jeez.” Bob said, and I could hear the footsteps as Gerard, Bob and Ray approached.

“Frankie you’re sick more often than you’re... not sick.” Bob said.

“The term would be well.” Ray said. “Genius.”

Bob rolled his eyes. “Not all of us have a afro that gives us magical brain powers.” Ray snorted and elbowed Bob in the side.

Gerard smiled softly at me. “I’m sorry you’re sick again babe.”

Mikey, Bob and Ray went to go drink their coffee in the front of the bus. They were used to this. We all were. Every time I got sick they all adjusted to it; it was something we learned to deal with, like the weather.

I groaned. “Go away.” I hid my face in my pillow.

“Why?” Gerard asked, faking hurt in his voice.

“Because! You don’t want to see me right now. I’m sick.”

I felt the bunk dip as Gerard sat down next to me.

“I always want to see you.” He whispered, bending over and kissing me on the cheek.

“I’m ugly when I’m sick.” I moaned, swatting at Gerard’s hand as he tried to get me to look at him.

“You’re always beautiful Frankie.” He said, his breath tickling on my skin.

“You’re just saying that!” I protested.

“Nu-uh.” He replied.

“You can’t prove it.” I muttered. I felt his hand grab the pillow and my face hit the mattress with a thud. His pale hands gripped my shoulders, and he rolled me over so that I was facing him.

“Sure I can.” He said, smirking at me the way he knows I love.

“Do it.” I challenged. “What do you possibly find attractive about me when I’m sick?”

His smirk became a grin as he reached out and stroked my face."Everything," he whispered.

“I love the color your skin turns when you have a fever. The way you flush.” He ran his long fingers across my cheekbones with exaggerated slowness, his eyes glistening.

“I love how red your cheeks turn, and how pale your face is.”

“That’s just one thing.” I said grumpily, but it was hard to be grumpy when he was touching me.

Gerard laughed. “I’m not done yet.” He breathed deeply and then leaned down over me, so close our noses were almost touching.

“I love when you get so hot you take your shirt off, and when you kick off all the blankets so that I can look at you.” He slid his hand down my shoulders, before slipping it underneath my t-shirt. His fingers probed along my stomach, and I felt my muscles clenching.

“I love the way your hair sticks to your forehead when you sweat.” His breath was on my face and I could see his eyes shining.

He brought his face to mine and brushed his lips softly against my own. Unwillingly, I let out a soft moan of pleasure. I could feel him smiling.

He drew back, and sure enough, there was my favorite smirk. “And I love when you fall asleep in my arms, because it gives me an excuse to hold you.”

I huffed. “Well maybe you enjoy it, but I don’t. I’m fucking miserable.” I crossed my arms over my chest and looked away from him.

“You don’t have to be.” He said quietly. “I can change that. You know that I can make you feel better.” Without my permission, he descended on me, determined to prove his point.

His mouth was on mine, and then it moved, his lips softly caressing my cheeks, my forehead, the tip of my nose, my chin, my eyelids. If I had the energy, I would have been all over him. But I didn’t. That didn’t really matter though; I was perfectly content to have him all over me.

“I’ll make you feel better Frankie. I promise.” He said roughly against my chest. His hands moved down my hips, getting into every curve and crevice. He nuzzled me, and used his nose to slide my shirt up my chest, planting kisses on every inch of my burning skin.

I was lost in his kisses and his playful touches, so much that the blistering heat and the pain had been erased. But I knew the moment he stopped, or the moment I stopped thinking about him it would all come flooding back in a wave of misery. So I shut my eyes tightly and thought about how cool and smooth his skin was, and how good he was making me feel.

“Frank,” Gerard growled as he moved lower still, grinding me for a moment before undoing the button on my pants. “Oh Frankie.” He moaned for a moment, before sliding my boxers down, revealing the erection he’d caused.

He took me into his mouth, sucking gently, his tongue getting into places I didn’t even knew existed. I moaned, breathing roughly as he pleasured me. My back arched up off the mattress in pure bliss as his mouth moved in a beautifully aggressive way over my length.

"Gee! Oh god I'm gonna cum. Oh god."

"Do it," he moaned against me. "Do it. Right. Fucking.Now."

I was swelled to the point of explosion, and releasing myself was one of the most amazing feelings I could imagine. He swallowed, taking in all of it, every single drop, licking me clean as I tried to get a handle on myself. My head was spinning so fast I couldn't see, and I could swear it had exploded from pain and that my thoughts were now ricocheteing off the walls. I'd never felt so much pain, and I'd never been so happy.

"Fuck, Gerard," I moaned, my hands clutching his shoulders tightly as he finished sucking me, before sliding my boxers back up over my hips. He began to pull my pants back up.

"No Gee leave them off. I'm too hot to wear them." He giggled and threw my pants under my bunk. He sat back up, tucking some of my sweaty hair behind my ear.

"You look exhausted babe," he whispered gently. He kissed the tip off my nose one last time, and pushed my hair back off my forehead.

"Go to sleep. It'll make you feel better."

"But I want you to make me feel better!" I whined to him, grabbing his hand as he turned to walk away. He looked back at me, green orbs glistening with a hundred emotions.

"I will. But you need to sleep first. Otherwise you won't be able to handle it." He smirked as he kissed my hand, then dropped it, shoving his hands into his pockets as he walked to the front of the bus.

"What the hell was THAT?" I heard Bob ask him.

Gerard laughed. "I was just making him feel better." He said innocently.

my god this was wonderful to write! Absolutely wonderful. I might have to do some other smuttiness. With fluff of course! But I'll only post if you want it! So RATE AND REVIEW! And don't forget, I know if you read it! R&R. Please!
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