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Gerard goes to beg Willow to help Mikey.

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Gerard gripped the phone tightly while silently praying he’d hear her voice. His heart sank when it became apparent she wasn’t going to answer.
“Why isn’t she answering?’ Frank asked. “You were just talking to her.”
Gerard was staring at the ground refusing to meet his friend’s eyes. He snapped the phone shut. “Where’s Mikey?”
“Come on.” Frank pulled open the door with Gerard on his heels. They walked through the hallway and into a small dressing room. Gerard saw his brother and knew the situation was serious.
Mikey was trying very hard to keep it together. He had been doing so good since meeting Willow and he didn’t want that to change but he was scared. “Is she coming?” He asked as soon as he saw Gerard.
“I’m going to go get her right now.” Gerard answered. He knew he would do whatever it took to make Willow come back with him. If he had to beg he would do it.
Frank shot Gerard a look. He knew that Willow wasn’t answering the phone and he’d heard enough of the conversation when he first went outside to know that something had happened between the two of them. Would Gerard be able to make her come? “You want me to go with you?” He offered.
Gerard shook his head. “No, I’m just gonna go pick her up and come right back.” He nodded for Frank to follow him out into the hall. Once they were where Mikey couldn’t hear Gerard spoke softly. “Keep an eye on him. Don’t let him drink anymore, okay?”
“He’s scared Gerard. You can see it in his eyes.”
“I know. I get that.” Gerard said as he began walking towards the door. “Where’s Alicia?”
“I called her. She should be here any minute.” Frank answered rushing to keep up with him.
They exited the building and started across the lot towards Gerard’s car. “We’ll be back as soon as possible.” Gerard said pulling open the driver’s door.
“Will she come?” Frank asked softly.
Gerard knew Frank realized something was up between him and Willow. “She’ll come.” He said forcing himself to be positive. “She’ll do it for Mikey.”
“That’s why she’s with us.” Frank reminded him hoping Gerard understood the underlining meaning to his words. If Gerard had messed things up with her his brother would suffer.
Gerard got in and slammed the door shut. He understood what Frank was saying. He understood he’d fucked up.
Frank watched as the car disappeared into traffic. Sighing deeply he went back in.

Alicia pulled into the lot just as Frank was entering the building. She quickly got out and ran to the door. Frank had called to let her know Mikey was having some problems but wouldn’t say more over the phone. She wished with all her heart that Willow wasn’t sick because she had the feeling Mikey’s “problem” was something Willow would know how to deal with.
“Frank.” Alicia called out seeing him down the hallway. “Wait up.”
“Hey” Frank greeted her as she hurried down the hall.
“What’s going on?” Alicia asked breathlessly.
Frank lowered his voice as some venue employees walked by. “I’m not sure. Mikey saw something earlier that scared him. He won’t talk about it but he begged Gerard to get Willow to come here.”
“But she’s sick.” Alicia said not understanding the situation.
Frank shook his head sadly. “I don’t think she’s really sick. I think something happened between her and Gerard and that’s why she didn’t want to come to the show.”
Alicia was surprised, “Really? She just told me she wasn’t feeling good but she did sound sorta upset. What do you think happened?”
Frank decided to tell her his theory. “I think she’s upset because Gerard went to Jessica’s earlier today.”
“He what?” Alicia said loudly then realized she needed to lower her voice. “He was supposed to spend the day with Willow but then this show came up and I just assumed he’d bring her with him. You mean to tell me he left her alone and went to Jessica’s? That’s fucked up.”
Frank had to agree. “Pretty sure that’s what happened. We found out because he realized he didn’t have his cell and when he called it Jessica answered. He admitted he’d been with her earlier.”
“What a dumb ass.” Alicia said shaking her head. “That woman is just using him for the attention.”
“Well he’s using her too.” Frank reminded her.
Alicia was disgusted by her brother-in-laws behavior. “So Willow is upset. At least she agreed to come for Mikey.”
Frank spoke softly, “She didn’t agree. Gee tried to call her and she wouldn’t answer the phone. That’s why he went to get her.”
“Oh shit.” Alicia said, “Do you think she’ll come?”
Frank shrugged.
“I gotta see Mikey.” Alicia said suddenly. She was trying hard not to give into the fear that was knotting her stomach. He’d been doing so well lately and now….
Frank nodded and she followed him down the hallway. As soon as Alicia walked into the dressing room and saw her husband she quickly took a seat next to him and hugged him tightly.
“How’s my boy?”
Mikey took another sip of his drink. “I’m okay.” His hands were shaking.
Alicia’s heart sunk because she knew he was lying. “What happened?”
Mikey didn’t want to talk about it. He shrugged but remained silent.
He took another drink trying to calm his nerves. “Can we just wait until Willow gets here?”
Alicia glanced over at Frank feeling helpless.

Gerard made the trip to his apartment in record time. Now as he slid the key into the lock he went over in his head again what he would say. He was going to tell Willow how sorry he was he’s broken his promise to her. He’d beg her to come back with him for Mikey.
He walked into the apartment and immediately saw Willow. She was sitting Indian style out on the balcony in the sunshine. As he got closer to the sliding glass doors he saw that her eyes were closed, her face upturned to the sunlight. Slowly he slid the door open and stepped out.
Willow’s eyes popped open. “What are you doing here?”
Gerard lowered himself to sit in front of her. Now that he was with her all the words he’s rehearsed flew out of his brain. “I…” His voice trailed off.
Willow stared at him waiting.
“Shit” he frustration overtook him. “Can’t you just listen to my thoughts?” It was a cop out but at this point he didn’t know what else to do.
“No” Willow said her voice strong. “Tell me what you want to say.”
Gerard pulled out his cigarettes and lit one. She wasn’t going to make this easy for him and he didn’t blame her.
Willow saw him fumble with the lighter and wondered what was going on. Had he come to tell her that it was over between them? Was he angry because she was upset he’d been with Jessica? Maybe it would just be best to tell him about the decision she’d made. “I’m going home tomorrow.”
Gerard almost dropped his cigarette. “What? No, you can’t.”
“I have to Gerard. I don’t belong here and we both know that. Mikey will be fine now.”
“Willow you can’t go.” He tried to hide how devastated the thought of her leaving made him feel. “Please, my brother needs you. Grandma knew that and so do you.”
Hearing him mention Elena brought fresh pain to Willow. “She was wrong about me.” Willow whispered.
Gerard snuffed out the cigarette on the deck not caring if he marred the wood. “No, she wasn’t. Willow I fucked up. I can sit here and tell you why I did what I did but that’s not important right now. The only thing that is important is that you know I’m sorry and I hate myself for what I did. You need to know that I’m sorry I hurt you.”
Willow softly repeated his words. “You’re sorry?”
“Yeah, I’m sorry.” He whispered looking away.
“And you came here just to tell me that?” Willow asked softly.
Now he realized that when he told her he’d come for Mikey she would think he was lying. He took her hands in his. The electricity flowed between them. “I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t just come to tell you this. I came because Mikey needs you now.”
Touching him was making it hard for her to think. She pulled her hands away.
Gerard assumed she was angry. He assumed she did think he was lying just to get her to go to the venue with him. “Willow please listen to my thoughts.” He begged.
She shook her head. “No.”
“Then how are you ever going to believe me? I’m speaking the truth. I am sorry I hurt you. If I could go back and change things I would. I was angry when I did what I did.”
“At me?” Willow asked watching his face closely.
“Yes. No.” He tried to explain but it was hard. “I got a call from my ex’s lawyer. She’s making all kinds of demands and….”
“You were hurt and angry.” Willow said softly. “But instead of coming to me you went to Jessica.” The hurt in her voice was loud and clear.
Gerard closed his eyes and spoke the truth. “I didn’t come to you because I wanted to. That sounds fucking stupid I know but…”
“But you were angry at me because you wanted to come to me.”
“Shit, yes. I wanted to come to you but at the same time that pissed me off. So my anger took over and I went to see Jessica. I just wanted to forget everything.”
“And mindlessly fuck.” Willow said surprising herself.
Gerard blinked at her brutal honestly. “Yeah, that’s what I wanted and that’s all that it was.”
Willow was confused and needed time to think about the situation between them. In her heart she wanted to believe he was being honest with her. “What happened to Mikey?” She asked needing to change the subject.
Gerard felt a glimmer of hope. “He saw something at the venue that scared him but he won’t tell any of us what it was. He said he needs to talk to you.”
Willow stood quickly. “It will only take me a few minutes to change.” She left the balcony before Gerard could thank her.

“Why don’t you hold off on another drink until Willow gets here.” Frank suggested as he watched Mikey head over to the liquor.
Mikey ignored him. His nerves were taunt and the alcohol was helping a little.
Alicia sighed. She glanced at her watch and wondered if Gerard and Willow would be here soon. She blinked back tears as she watched Mikey pour another drink.

The ride back to the venue was completely silent. Gerard didn’t want to say anything that would upset Willow. She was completely lost in thought. If she chose to believe his words then he was admitting he cared about her and that was scaring him. But she still didn’t know if he would face that fear or simply ignore it.
They parked at the venue and hurried inside. As soon as they walked in the room Alicia surprised Willow by crossing over to her and hugging her tightly. “Thank you.” She whispered.
Willow hugged her back then looked over at Mikey. He was nervously tapping his fingers on the glass he was holding. He gave her a small smile as she walked over and sat down beside him. Leaning over she took the drink from his hand and sat it down on the table.
“That really doesn’t help all that much, does it?” She asked softly.
Mikey shook his head, “Not really.”
Gerard leaned against the wall and watched them. Just her presence seemed to be calming Mikey.
“So tell me what happened.” Willow urged.
Mikey looked around at his friends.
“Want us to take off?” Bob offered.
“Yeah, we can go grab something to eat.” Ray added. The both wondered if Mikey would feel more comfortable talking about this without them around.
Mikey considered it only for a moment. “No, it’s okay. Willow is here now so you won’t think I’m crazy.”
“Dude, we never thought that.” Bob said shaking his head. “Never.”
Willow smiled. “But I understand what he means. It’s hard being the only one in the room who sees and extra person. But now that I’m here and see him Mikey feels more at ease.”
The room went silent.
“There is someone else here?” Ray asked slowly.
Mikey gave Willow a grateful smile. “I knew as soon as you walked in you saw him.”
Willow nodded.
Gerard looked around the room the asked in disbelief. “Who do you guys see?”
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