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A Boy and His Dog

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[Beast Machines] Sometimes, the only ones who understand are the ones who leave us too soon. An overview of Nightscream's relationships and thoughts.

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A Boy and His Dog

There was a boy like any other. He had a family, he had friends, and he had a place to call home. People liked him, and people who loved him were what made up his world. He lived in a large city, and there were always many things to do. He was happy.

Then, one day, everything changed.

The sky lit up like a firework and an epidemic spread. It spared no one and millions were lost. His family was split up. He himself would have fallen victim if not for his father, who saved his life by pushing him out of harms way. And so he fell into a hole, down into blackness.

When he awoke, he was no longer a boy like any other. He was different. He was an abomination. He was alone.

For months he survived by foraging, and for months he kept his own company. He was afraid, but he was also a survivor. He spent his time in his new home, exploring and experiencing life as he never had before. It was not a happy existence, but it was better than no existence at all.

Then, one day, everything changed.

There were people in his home, but not quite like him. They chased him through the very tunnels he inhabited, and he was forced to go to a place that had long since faded from his memories. The surface was a strange and foreign place to him, and he wanted to return to the safety of his cavern. There, things were right. There, things were safe.

But no, he was dragged into a war he had thought himself safe from, and dragged into a fight he did not want any part of. In doing so, the Others destroyed his home and destroyed his source of existence. He was changed again, and this time he was like them.

This time, he was different, but not alone.

He still felt alone. Maybe the Others were his friends, as they claimed to be, but they did not know what it was like to be him. They could not even begin to imagine. So, the gap between them grew. He kept to himself, helping them and watching, but ever mindful of the differences between them.

He was the only one to survive the infection that covered the planet like a plague. He, and he alone. The weight of the world rested upon his shoulders, knowing that he was the only one to live while so many others died. No one else could have possible understood.

Not only that, but he was the key to the whole puzzle. Everyone wanted him, everyone needed him, everyone thought he held the clue as to what had happened. But he was not a specimen to be examined under a microscope. He was no pet project to be studied at one's leisure. He was a living creature, and he had feelings.

The gap continued to grow.

Then, one day, everything changed.

He met someone like him. Someone else who had escaped the plague, and bore the evidence on their body. A kindred spirit, a fellow survivor. He thought he had never been so happy in his life.

But his new friend was not quite like him. No, the dog was different in his own way, but was still the same in the ways that mattered.

He was no longer alone.

The Others didn't trust the dog, and saw him as a threat. He knew better, and knew that they could never hope to understand. He did not lose faith, and determinably followed his newfound friend through thick and thin.

In a very short period of time, he grew attached. He put his trust, his faith, and his love into one person. That being was both a dog and a beast. It was also a creature. The dog and beast, he came to love. The creature, he came to loath.

That creature betrayed him. That creature was his enemy. That creature was destroyed.

With it, his dog was destroyed as well.

He was inconsolable. He felt like his very being had been twisted and ripped, leaving nothing behind but an empty shell. There was no one he could trust. There was no one he could turn to. There was no one that could understand.

And yet, he still did not give up. Instead, he went back to look for his dog. There was always hope, and with hope there was a chance.

His hope paid off and he was reunited with his lost friend.

The dog was a wild, untamed beast, but that didn't matter. He knew better. In each other, they both found a friend and companion. Someone to /understand/.

It was too good to last.

The creature had not died, not really, and came to reap its revenge. In doing so, the boy was targeted. But the dog, ever noble beast that it was, died protecting its friend.

The dog died in the boys arms, and the world ceased to exist. All that remained, was a boy and his dog.

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