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Now You Wish That You Meant Something

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“So what are you calling him?” Mikey said as he watched Gerard sketching while he sipped coffee.

“I don’t know Darwin, Dr Darwin, the Darwinist maybe? I’m not all over the names at the moment” he said as he eyed it critically shading the leg of the character slightly.

“So when is this meeting with dark horse?” Mikey said as he fell back on Gerard’s bed staring at the small cracks in the ceiling.

“A week from tomorrow and they want a basic plotline and most of the characters done by then. Mike is saying he wants to publish me but needs a feel of the project and to get the okay from everyone before he can make it a priority.” He said with a sigh as he picked up a coloured pencil and began to colour in. “I’m just afraid they wont like it? Where does that leave me then? A total failure that looks after children and has no idea about them and is still unsure as to why he has the job in the first place?” he asked Mikey.

“You lost me after priority’ Mikey said covering his mouth as he yawned and turned to face his brother.

“You’re no help at all” Gerard said as he shoved Mikey off his bed and there was a knock at the door. “Come in “he called as he shut his sketch book Ivy walking in.

“Uh hey Gerard, hey Mikey what’s up?” she said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Not much I was just leaving actually. I got to get to work. If I’m late again they’ll fire me” he said quickly making an excuse as he grabbed his jacket off the floor where he had thrown it before as he made a quick exit.

“About last night...” she said looking up at him.

“Never should have happened. I mean if what didn’t happen had happened it would have been a big mistake” he said not making eye contact with Ivy.

“Right and I cant let that get in the way of the professionalism I have with you” she said quietly slightly crestfallen.

“Exactly this is purely a working relationship and nothing more” Gerard said finally making eye contact with Ivy.

“I guess” she said slightly confused standing up. “I gotta go I have stuff do ” she said at a loss for words. Gerard sighed as she walked out the door unsure of how they stood with each other now that had happened.
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