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Face it, you're never gonna make it!

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“You sound a tad defensive Gee. Why is that?”

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“It was a good show” Mikey said as they took at seat at a table by the window sipping their latte’s they’d just bought at the busy Starbucks they were now sitting in. “Your friend Ivy seemed to enjoy herself.” Mikey said as he glanced over the rim of his cup at Gerard as Gerard stared out the window people watching.

“Well she doesn’t get the chance to do that kinda thing often so..yeah” he said sipping his coffee as he stole a quick glance at Mikey. “I mean she has her clothing line and her kids to keep her occupied, so it’s nice if she does something for herself once in a while” he said a little defensively.

Mikey smirked slightly. “You sound a tad defensive Gee. Why is that?” he said grinning like a moron as he continued to sip his latte.

“Well she’s my friend why wouldn’t I be defensive of her?” Gerard said as a slight scowl came onto his face.

“Maybe because you like her” Mikey mumbled a smirk on his face. Gerard lifted his head up and looked at Mikey before smacking the back of his head.

“I don’t” Gerard said the scowl twisting his lips slightly as he began to glare at Mikey.

“Yeah you like her” Mikey said laughing as he dodged another smack from Gerard as they stood with their Latte’s to leave.

“You still want to come back to the house? Or are you gonna be a smart ass?” Gerard said as he finished off his latte throwing the empty cup in the bin and lighting up a cigarette as he and Mikey walked the three blocks it was back to the Townhouse. Gerard pulled his key from his pocket unlocking the front door walking into the foyer followed by Mikey. He unwound his scarf from around his neck hanging it in the closet before walking in the lounge followed by Mikey. He looked over to the couch to see Ivy curled up reading something, she glanced up smiling placing what she was reading on the coffee table.

“Hi Gerard, Mikey it’s nice to see you again” Ivy said as she picked up her coffee mug from the coffee table sipping some of it. Gerard glanced to the coffee table a Watchmen comic staring back at him, he was about to open his mouth when Mikey spoke.

“You read comics?” Mikey said his face breaking out in a smile.

“Uh huh” she said smiling. “I was married to a man who obsessed over them. On our first date he took me to a comic store” she said laughing. “It was awful” she said with a chuckle running a hand through her dark hair.

“I bet” Mikey said as he studied the cover of the comic book.

“Anyways” Ivy said standing up and stretching. “I gotta go pick up Maddi from her playdate” she said picking up her jacket. “I’ll see you guys later” she said walking out the front door the boys remaining silent til she left.

“Dude!” Mikey said a smile creeping across his face.

“I know” Gerard said with a sigh as he led the way into the kitchen Mikey trailing behind. Mikey took a seat at the counter as Gerard poured them coffee.

“She’s like a comic book nerds wet dream” Mikey said laughing as Gerard glared at him. “I mean she’s mega hot, she’s creative with the whole clothing line thing and she reads comics bro, she can tune a fucking guitar She’s like your dream girl!” Mikey said shaking with laughter. Gerard frowned at him.

“She’s not my dream girl Mikey, she’s my boss and that’s all she’s ever gonna be ok? I need this job to keep me going or I’ll be back home living in Jersey with Ma and Dad” Gerard said shaking his head.

“So doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of your job” Mikey said raising his eyebrows suggestively as Gerard punched his arm hard. “Ouch that hurt” Mikey said placing his coffee cup down rubbing his arm glaring at Gerard.

“Don’t make sex jokes about my boss then” Gerard said annoyed as he continued to sip his coffee.

“Just cause you..” Mikey began but was silenced with glare from Gerard as Jay walked into the kitchen taking a seat at the counter beside Mikey.

“Uh Hi” Jay said glancing at Gerard questioningly before turning to greet Mikey his hand outstretched.

“Hi I’m Mikey, Gerard’s my brother” Mikey said as he shook Jay’s hand. Jay nodded.

“Well I’m Jay” he said as he poured himself a mug of coffee.“Well it’s cool to meet you” Jay said as he began to sip his coffee before looking at Gerard. “You look different somehow” Jay said cocking his head to one side staring at Gerard.

“What?” Gerard said hastily.

“Actually you do look different Gee, your eyes look accentuated” Mikey said as he continued to stare.

“Are you wearing eyeliner Gee?” Jay said with a chuckle as he stared at Gerard.

“No” he said quickly causing both guys to laugh.

“You so are” Mikey said laughing. “Trying to impress Ivy are we?” he said with a grin.

“Impress my mom? Your not into her are you?” Jay said scrunching up his nose

No” Gerard said glaring at Mikey to shut up. “Your mom and I are just friends” Gerard insisted as he walked over to the sick rinsing his cup and placing it on the rack to dry, he grabbed the pack of smokes from his pocket pulling one out. “You guys wanna come out?” he said nodding towards the back yard. Mikey and Jay shook their heads as Gerard walked outside striking up the cigarette. He held it to his lips taking a long drag looking at the darkening sky as he blew plumes of smoke into the air. He felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out staring at the caller ID, it was unfamiliar but it gave off a foreboding feeling. He pressed the answer button holding the phone up to his ear as he continued to smoke.

“Hello?” Gerard said anxiously as he took a long drag before exhaling gently.

“Hi is the Gerard way?” a male voice asked on the other end of the line.

“Yeah it is, who’s calling?” Gerard said dropping his cigarette and stubbing it out with the tip of his shoe.

“This is Mike Richardson founder of Dark Horse comics, I’m interested in your comic.”

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