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A night to remember

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Red and Black?

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“Mom I’m fine” Jay said as he pushed his mother gently away from his bed as he sat up. Jay had just arrived home from the hospital after being kept there for over 2 weeks.
“Sweetie I’m just trying to make sure your comfortable in your bed” Ivy said glancing at Gerard who was turning on Jay’s X-BOX for him.

“Well you’ve done enough” Jay said smiling kindly at her as Gerard handed him the control for the game. “Besides don’t you have some benefit tonight?” Jay said with a roll of his eyes at Gerard who just laughed.

“Yeah I do, but I’m not going” Ivy sighed as she put Jay’s clothes away in his dresser.
“Why not? Jay asked glancing up at his mother before turning his attention back to the TV screen.

“Because you just got home and besides...I don’t have a date” she said muttering the last part.
“What?” Gerard and Jay asked looking at her curiously.
“I don’t have a date, so I’m not going” Ivy said with a frown as she closed the draws to Jay’s dresser.

“Why don’t you take Gerard then?” Jay asked looking from his mother to his nanny.

“Jay” Gerard hissed going pale. The thought of attending a benefit of any sort made Gerard want to be sick.

“Yeah Jay, It wouldn’t be Gerard’s type of thing” Ivy said with a said smiling brushing a loose strand of hair from her face. Gerard looked up shaking his head.

“Ivy, if you want to go I’ll go with you” Gerard offered despite the voices in his head screaming at him not to. Ivy’s lips curved up in a smile at Gerard.

“Well we’ll have to go buy you a suit and make up some story as to how we got together” Ivy said ambling over to stand by Gerard. “I can’t tell them I took my Nanny as my date, because no offence it’s too embarrassing” Ivy said blushing furiously as she spoke. Gerard chuckled running a hand through his hair.

“Besides at this benefit I know will be some good potential investor’s for your comic book” Ivy said with a grin.

“That’s good to know” Gerard said smiling, relishing the thought of his comic book.
“Well we better get going, we only have few hours to find this suit for tonight, I mean we’ll have to visit Barney’s and get you a suit, I’m thinking black and red” Ivy said looking Gerard up and down as they left Jay’s room together.

“Red and Black?” Gerard asked sceptically looking at Ivy.

“Black is the new white and Red is the new black” Ivy stated as they descended the stairs entering the foyer.

“What does that even mean?” Gerard asked looking confused as Ivy kicked off her ugg boots and pulled on a pair knee high brown leather boots which reminded Gerard of pirates as the boots folded over at the top like pirates boots do.

“I don’t know I skimmed read it in vogue at Elizabeth Arden when I was getting my hair done” she said slipping on her short white trench coat as Gerard pulled on his leather jacket. “Come on hurry we need to get to Barney’s before it closes” she said bustling Gerard out of the door and into the town car.

“Look Mikey can’t we re-schedule?” Gerard whispered into his cell phone as the shop assistant measured him for a suit.

“Gee, you can’t re-schedule a gig, we only got this gig cause the opening act dropped out” Mikey said annoyed on the other end of the line.Gerard groaned in frustration, minutes ago Mikey had called him to remind him that the gig the band had managed to book was tonight, the same night as the benefit.

“Look Mikey what time does it start again?” Gerard said as he stretched out his arm for the shop assistant to measure it.

“We go on at 10:30” Mikey said with a sigh. “Please try to make it” he said before hanging up. Gerard flipped his phone shut slipping it back into his pocket with a sigh as Ivy re-appeared holding a bunch of ties in her hand.

“Which one?” she asked holding up two red ties in her hand. Gerard looked at the ties cocking an eyebrow upwards. The ties looked exactly the same to him.

“They’re exactly the same” Gerard said tearing his gaze away from the ties to meet Ivy’s steady gaze.

“They aren’t” she huffed holding the red tie in her left hand up higher. “This is blood red” she said then held up the tie in her right hand higher. “This is scarlett”

“Uhhh” Gerard muttered. “The blood one” he finally managed to get out as Ivy wandered off to put the other tie back, returning moments later.

“Is it always this much trouble getting ready for these things?” he asked as Ivy took a seat watching as the shop assistant went to find some suits fitting Gerard’s measurements.

“Not usually, I normally have my outfit and my date picked out like 3 weeks in advance” she said.

“Date?” Gerard questioned causing Ivy to flush red again.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that” she said quietly a look of embarrassment crossing over her face.

“It’s okay” Gerard said as the shop assistant returned with a black suit matching Gerard’s measurements asking him to go try it on. Gerard slipped into the changing room pulling the suit on along with the shirt and tie Ivy had found, he walked out of the changing room receiving a small gasp from Ivy as he appeared before her.

“Wow you look....quite dapper” she said trying to push the word sexy to the back of her mind as Gerard turned around looking at himself in the mirror.

“Really?” he asked a smile playing on his lips as he looked at himself in the mirror “I do don’t I?” he said smiling at his reflection.

“More than you could know” Ivy whispered watching him with a smile.

“I already feel like a monkey” Gerard muttered as he fixed his tie in the mirror in his bedroom.

“You sure don’t look like one” a little voice said from behind him. Gerard turned to see Madi in the hallway a teddy bear tucked under her arm.

“Hey princess” Gerard said as Madi skipped over to his bed and sat on the edge watching as Gerard began to fix his hair mussing it up with some gel.

“My Mommy likes you” Madi said with a giggle causing Gerard to stop fixing his hair and turn to look at Madi.

“Sorry sweetheart what was that?” he said with a little shock in his voice.
“My mommy likes you” she repeated with a cheeky giggle covering her mouth with her little hand as she kicked her feet up in the air. “She wants your cooties” she said giggling again. Gerard sighed hesitantly walking over to sit by Madi.

“Sweetie, your mom is my boss, she likes me but only as a friend” Gerard said with a kind smile at Madi who just shook her head causing her curls to bounce.

“But my mommy is wearing her favourite party dress” she said confused to Gerard. “She only wears it when she see’s boys she likes” Gerard let another sigh escape when he felt suddenly they weren’t alone. He looked up to see Ivy standing in a flowing black backless evening gown with a plunging neckline. Gerard stood up looking Ivy up and down, he tried to breathe but couldn’t. She had literally taken his breath away.

“Wow you look amazing” Gerard managed to stutter out causing Ivy to grin at him, Madi bounced off the bed running over to Ivy.
“Mommy you look pretty” she said smiling broadly.

“Thanks baby girl” she said kneeling down to kiss Madi on the cheek. “Your going to be a good girl while Mommy is gone right?” she asked as Madi nodded her head furiously, she hugged her quickly standing again.

“Ready to go Gerard?” she asked expectantly, he nodded holding his arm out for her to take. Ivy smiled gratefully taking his arm as they made their way downstairs and out to the limo.
The ride to the benefit wasn’t that long, minutes later they pulled up in front of the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Gerard slid out of the car offering his hand to Ivy as she stepped out. He took her arm leading them inside the hotel as the driver pulled away, they made it to the ballroom seeing lots of people mingling with drinks in their hands. Gerard grabbed two flutes of champagne from a passing tray handing one to Ivy.

“Cheers” he said with a grin clinking his glass against hers before taking a sip. Ivy nodded smiling as two people walked up to them.

“Ivy Vanderbilt, oh it’s been forever” A blonde woman squealed grabbing Ivy by the shoulders planting a kiss on both of Ivy’s cheeks as she did the same.
“Sarah, nice to see you’ she said with a smile. “Daniel likewise” she said pecking Sarah’s husband on the cheek. Sarah turned to look at Gerard looking at Ivy expectantly with a smile.
“Oh this is Gerard Way” Ivy said quickly with a smile, stifling a laugh as Sarah attacked an uncomfortable looking Gerard’s cheeks with kisses. “And Gerard this is Sarah and Daniel Stein” she said with a nod.

“So Ivy you didn’t tell me you were seeing someone” Sarah said with a Cheshire like grin at her. “How long have you been together?” she asked looking from Ivy to Gerard. Gerard swallowed feeling his throat dry up.

“Uhh...”Ivy stumbled thinking just before Gerard cut in.
“6 months” Gerard said slipping his arm around Ivy’s waist and smiling at her lovingly. “6 wonderful months” he said as Ivy nodded in agreement.
“That’s nice” Daniel said with a smile. “What do you do?” he asked looking at Gerard expectantly.

“Uhh..” Gerard said stumbling just before Ivy returned the favour saving Gerard.
“Art Dealer” she said thinking quickly as she spoke as Gerard smiled gratefully at her.
“Who’s your favourite artist?” Daniel asked inquisitively.
“Warhol no questions asked” Gerard said with an easy smile as the conversation managed to ease itself on from there for the remainder of the night.

“You look tired” Ivy said later that evening as she took a seat beside Gerard after spending the last half hour chatting to the Mayor of New York City.
‘I’m not just worried” he said sitting up and making eye contact with Ivy.

“Why?” she asked hesitantly.
“Because I need to be in Jersey in half an hour and this benefit doesn’t finish for another 2 hours” he grumbled as Ivy smiled.

“So?” she said causing Gerard to look up at her. “Doesn’t mean we need to stay” she said standing up and offering him her hand. “Where’s the gig?” she he took her hand and they strolled out of the venue together.
“Maxwell’s in Hoboken.” He said as they slid into the limo together.
“Shouldn’t take more than 15, not much traffic” she said as the car pulled away and they merged with the slew of cars.

“God you made it” Mikey said exasperatedly as Gerard ran in breathless Ivy trailing behind him receiving low wolf whistles as she entered the back stage area. “Who’s she?’ he asked as he returned to tuning his guitar.

“She’s my boss” Gerard said. “Ivy come over here I want you to meet someone” he called out toh her prompting her to walk over.

“Mikey this is Ivy Vanderbilt my boss. Ivy this is Mikey Way my kid brother” he said ruffling Mikey’s hair causing him to scowl.

“I just got my hair the way I wanted it” he said with a pout causing Ivy to giggle. “Your wearing that?” he questioned looking at Gerard’s suit shaking his head.
“Yeah, I didn’t have time to go back and change” Gerard said impatiently.

“There’s nothing wrong with it Gee, it just screams you” he said looking him up and down.

“Urrgh” Someone yelled from the other side of the room, the three of them looked up to see Frank having trouble with tuning his guitar. Ivy looked from Gerard to Mikey before walking over to Frank, she held her hands out for his guitar. He handed it over to her wordlessly as she slung it over her body messing with the strings and strumming it to see if she’d gotten it right. Gerard watched her intently, she looked so out of place in her evening gown backstage. Yet there was something about her helping Frank with his guitar that made her fit right in despite her attire. Ivy handed the guitar back to Frank who thanked her smiling.

“Come on Gee, Mikey!” Frank called from standing by Ivy who grinned at them. Gerard walked up to Ivy stopping by her with a sarcastic smile on his face.

“Ready to see us suck?” he said causing her to chuckle.
“Lead the way” she said with a friendly grin before following him out the door to watch him in the crowd.

“Wow that was some set” Ivy said breaking the silence as they entered the house quietly at around 2 am the next day after having had drinks with the band after their set. “You guys were awesome” she said as she took off her coat putting it away in the foyer closet.

“Thanks, you were impressive with those investment bankers at the benefit. I can't believe you managed to get me a meeting with the owner of Dark Horse. I mean Thanks it means heaps” Gerard said slipping off suit jacket and trailing off upstairs followed by Ivy, he stopped in front of Ivy’s bedroom door leaning against the frame looking at her through sleepy slightly drunken eyes.

“No problem. You were amazing seriously, I mean tonight at the benefit and on stage” she said slurring her words slightly as she pulled her heels off her feet. “You looked good tonight too, sexy in fact” she said looking up at him with a silly smile as the alcohol eased it’s presence into her body more so. She stood up stumbling forward slightly into Gerard’s chest. He caught her hands and looked down into her eyes as she looked up at him wistfully, he smiled closing his eyes leaning in daringly as Ivy waited for the inevitable.

“You should get some sleep” he whispered in her ear causing her to open her eyes as Gerard opened her bedroom door. “Goodnight Ivy, thanks for tonight” he said gently before turning and walking down the hall to his bedroom. Gerard stopped to open the door glancing back down the hall to see Ivy stumble inside her bedroom. He sighed sadly walking into his room closing the door gently behind him.

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