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Be running up that hill....

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"If I only could, I'd make a deal with god and get him to swap our places."

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“Your son suffered quite a lot of physical damage not to mention emotional damage there is no doubt he will need counselling after the trauma he experienced tonight” The doctor said as he spoke to Ivy who felt she’d gone numb since the call from the police an hour ago telling her that her only son had been beaten to a bloody pulp.

“How bad is the physical damage?” Ivy asked her voice void of emotion.

“Well he has a few broken ribs, his nose is broken and he lost quite a bit of blood when he was stabbed” The doctor said quietly. “He is however resting at the moment but he will be fine we’re going to need to keep him in the hospital for a week maybe two” he said as Ivy nodded.

“Thank you doctor” She said before walking back down the hallway to where Gerard sat with Madison who was holding her bear tightly in her arms. She lifted Madison up from the chair and pulled her into a hug placing a kiss atop her head tenderly before Gerard spoke.

“I should have gone with him to Rain’s place” he said quietly a haunting look of guilt on his face as he stared blankly at the wall.

“It wouldn’t have mattered, whoever did this to him would have gotten him or you either way” Ivy whispered as Gerard sighed tiredly.

“Better me than him. If I only could make a deal with god I’d get him to swap our places” he muttered quietly to himself as he stood up. “I’m gonna go for a cigarette, I’ll just be outside if you need me” he said as Ivy stood with Madison to walk into Jay’s room down the hall.

Gerard turned and walked outside into the darkened courtyard, he sat on a bench by the small fountain lighting a cigarette watching the edge of the stick glow dully in the dark. Gerard sighed tiredly taking a long drag before his cell phone began to ring. He groaned pulling it from his pocket checking the caller I.D. Mikey it read. Gerard sighed flipping open his phone to talk to Mikey.

“Sup Mikes” Gerard said as he took a long drag looking up at the stars in the darkened night sky.

“I’m just calling to tell you we got a gig” Mikey said excitedly.

Gerard nearly dropped his phone in shock at what he heard not quite daring to believe what he had just heard his brother say.
“Are you serious?” Gerard managed to choke out as he took another puff on his cigarette.

“Deadly dude, it’s at Maxwells in Hoboken. We go on pretty late” Mikey said a little whine in his voice.

“Still a gigs a gig” Gerard said as he began blowing smoke rings.

“Where are you?” Mikey asked suddenly random.

“Hospital courtyard.” Gerard replied calmly. “One of the kids I’m nanny to, Some fuckwits beat him to near death in central park” he said bitterly as he extinguished his cigarette.

“Fuck is he okay?” Mikey asked quickly.

“Well he’s going to be okay, I mean there was damage done but the doctor said he was going to recover” Gerard said melancholically. “Anyways I should get back inside” Gerard tiredly continued. “I expect to be here all night.”

“Hey well you wont have to worry about that job for long, we’re gonna be famous bro” Mikey said trying to pump Gerard up.

“God only knows, see ya Mikey” Gerard replied before closing his cell phone and slipping it back into his pocket. Gerard stubbed his cigarette out with his shoe walking quietly inside to go in search of much needed coffee.

Ivy took a seat by Jay’s bed as he lay unconscious; Madison sat on the ground playing with her bear quietly. Ivy let out a sad sigh as she stared at her son. Ivy shouldn’t have allowed this to happen. She knew guys from Jay’s school were involved.

The first thing she was doing tomorrow morning was withdrawing him from school, she knew it would appear as if Jay were running but he wasn’t in actual fact it was Ivy. Jay had been at the same place for middle school through to high school, Ivy had never liked the school her former husband had chosen the place despite her objections. Ivy knew of a good arts boarding school in Connecticut, she’d have him enrolled in there and far away from where he couldn’t be harmed in a matter of days after leaving the hospital. She heard the door click open quietly, she turned to see Gerard carrying to giant cups of coffee. He handed one to her taking a seat beside her.

“Anything changed?” he asked knowing the question was pointless one, still it was one that gave him some comfort to ask; something to do instead of sitting there and feeling relatively helpless.

“No he’s still the same” Ivy muttered quietly taking a sip from her coffee. “There’s no way he’s returning to his school though. I’m pulling him out first thing tomorrow” she said simply. “I know those assholes at school who bully him are behind this. I mean I can’t prove it but I know it” she finished bitterly.

Gerard shook his head. “You take him out of school it makes it look like he’s running away from his problems” Gerard said. “I mean by all means take him out of the school if it will make him happier and safer but if he doesn’t want to leave...I mean he has friends there doesn’t he?” he questioned thinking about Rain Jay’s boyfriend.

“Not many, not any I don’t think. I mean he’s hardly ever home but even when he is home he never invites people over” she said her eyebrows raised; “If I didn’t know better I swear he had a secret boyfriend or girlfriend” she finished causing Gerard to choke on his coffee. Ivy patted Gerard on the back trying to help him til the coughing eventually subsided.
“You okay?” she questioned looking at Gerard.

“Just peachy” he said sarcastically causing a small smile to appear on Ivy’s lips. “Just wait before you make any rash decisions I mean you want to involve Jay don’t you?” he asked as he finished off his coffee.

Ivy watched her son lie unconscious on the bed.
“I just want what’s best for him” she said quietly,

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