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Agony Aunt

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Gerard gives Jay some food for thought

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Gerard was at the stairs when he heard fast footsteps behind him, he felt a tug on his arm and turned to see Jay.

“You really wont tell my mom?” he said as they walked down the stairs together.
“I said I wouldn’t Jay and I usually mean what I say” Gerard said expelling a breath as they reached the final step. He glanced at Jay noticing he looked antsy.

“Look do you want to go get coffee or something?” Gerard said looking at the young boy. “Coffee always calmed me down when I was younger” he said as he opened the coat closet by the door and grabbed his leather jacket, Jay nodded grabbing a similar leather jacket from the closet. Gerard pulled a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and quickly scribbled a note leaving it on the table in the foyer. Jay and Gerard walked out together, they walked a few blocks before reaching Starbucks both ordering black coffees. They sat down at a small table in the corner and looked out the window watching people as they walked past heads bowed against the rain that had started to lash against the window and pavement. They sat in relative silence til Jay broke it.

“Rain is my boyfriend” Jay said quietly making Gerard snap out of his quiet reverie, Gerard looked up at Jay who’s eyes were slightly red like he’d been crying.

“How long have you two been...together?” Gerard said trying to think of the right word to say to Jat not wanting to scare him off or make him mad.
“6 months” He said with a sad sigh.

Gerard nearly choked on his coffee, he coughed and sputtered and cleared his throat as Jay glared at him a little. “And you’ve managed to keep it a secret this long? You think you two would have been outed.” He said simply continuing to sip his coffee, Gerard was quiet for a moment before asking his next question, he went to open his mouth but Jay cut him off.

“I’m Bi. Rain is too” he said shrugging it off like it was nothing.
“Does your mom know?” he said running a hand thru his hair.

“That I’m Bi? Yeah she does. She just doesn’t like Rain or his friends. They used to bully me, shortly after my dad died. Mom went ballistic at the school and she hasn’t liked him or his friends ever since. I’m with her on his friends cause they are dicks, they beat this guy who used to go to my school to a bloody pulp because he came onto one of them he had to change schools. If Rain’s friends found out about me and him, we’d get killed” Jay said as he finished the rest of his coffee. “Well its that and Rain’s scared to come out that he’s Bi and dating me, I mean people know Im Bi I get beaten up nearly everyday by his friends, I mean I'm no Mr Popular but my status wouldnt grow if I Rain and I were out together. Rain's life would change dramatically and even though I want him and me to be out together, I dont want him to get hurt" he said with a sigh as Gerard finished his coffee.

They stood and walked out Gerard pulled a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket and lit it as they walked into Central Park. Gerard and Jay took a seat on a bench, Jay lit a cigarette to looking to Gerard.
“Don’t tell my mom about this either” he said as he took a long drag and blew the smoke out coughing a little.

“Why don’t you go talk to Rain?” Gerard said looking across the park noticing the way the grass gently swayed as the wind blew thru it.

“I don’t think he wants to talk to me. You saw how he reacted before” Jay said exasperatedly.
“Well you deserve an apology from him, he did call you a Fag” Gerard mused quietly looking at two young boys kicking a soccer ball between each other. Jay looked at him dropping his cigarette onto the footpath stubbing it out with the toe of his shoe.

“Your right I do” Jay said standing up and stretching, Gerard looked at the young boy. Jay turned slowly to look at Gerard.
“Thanks for talking to me Gerard it helped” he said a little embarrassed. Gerard nodded smiling slightly.

“I’m your nanny it’s my job” he said simply shrugging his shoulders. The corner of Jay’s lips lifted into a smile, he turned his back on Gerard and went to walk thru the Park.

Jay finally reached Rain’s townhouse 20 minutes later, he rang the doorbell; the door being answered a few moments later by the maid. Jay nodded at the maid and went up to Rain’s room. He knocked quietly on the door, a muffled come in was said. Jay entered the room and raised his eyebrows at the sight of Rain sitting half naked in his bed his comforter covering the lower half of his well defined body.

“Look I’m sorry about earlier” Rain said pulling Jay to him as Jay sat on the bed he lay down with. Jay rested his head gently on Rain’s bare chest listening quietly to his heartbeat as he continued to speak. “It’s just babe I’m scared of what people are going to think, the moment people find out I’m Bi, things will change for me big time and you. I mean we got to a school full of closet case homophobes fucks sake” he said running a hand thru Jay’s hair as he spoke Jay looked up at him shaking his head slightly.

“I don’t give a shit about them Rain. All that matters to me is that your happy and that we are okay. You know the moment you decide to come out to everyone I’ll be right there to support you if you need it" he said pressing his lips gently against Rain’s jaw. Rain smiled down at Jay as he rolled over a crinkling sound. Jay crinkled his nose in curiosity and quickly pulled a photo from under the covers, Rain’s face flushed red as Jay smiled and pulled the comforter back revealing Rain’s hard on. He studied the photo and smiled. Rain had taken the photo of Jay after the first time they slept together, Jay had a seductive smile plastered on his face and his hand gently rubbing his abs.

“You dirty boy” he said straddling Rain and kissing his neck. Rain smiled.

“Hey I didn’t cum earlier and I needed a way to release the tension you know” he said tilting his head back so as to allow Jay to kiss his neck more. Jay pulled away and smiled.
“Well I’d like to help you but I got to go, dinner with family” he said chuckling at Rain who pouted.

“But baby I’m hard” he whined making Jay laugh out loud.

“You can please yourself hun I know you can” he said grinning devilishly pecking Rain on the cheek before walking out. The sky had turned black in the time he had been inside Rain’s place, he walked quickly and came to the park he’d cut thru it quickly at night many times before. He walked quickly along the footpath going deeper into the park, he didn’t hear the footsteps quickly gaining on him as he had his i-pod blasting in his ears. All of a sudden the hood of Jay’s hoodie was pulled back, Jay turned to see Mark and Sam two of Rain’s closest friends.

“Hey fag” Mark said before delivering a sharp blow to Jay’s stomach, Jay doubled over clutching his stomach. He felt himself being pushed to the ground by Mark and felt another blow land in his ribs from Sam. He cried out clutching his ribs, he heard a loud crack as Sam landed another kick in his ribs.

“Fags don’t deserve to live” Sam said hitting Jay in the face another loud crack was heard and Jay was pretty sure his nose had just been broken. He looked up into the faces of Sam and Mark who’s faces had sick masochistic smiles of satisfaction displayed on them, he saw something glint in the moonlight and cried out again as he felt it plunge into his abdomen and be pulled out roughly again. “See Ya Fag” Mark said laughing along with Sam as they walked off laughing together. Jay felt the pain over come his body til everything became too much and it went black.

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