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"Can't let you see me."

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somethingorother: Jack's not one to give up. You'll see that in this chapter.

Nachos + M&Ms sounds really good. I'm a fan of cheese & chocolate. lol

tryingtohard_x:Yep. Andy is walling him out. No bueno. But like I said, he's not one to give up.

Yes, I've seen the Good Girls Go Bad video. My BFF and I watched it the day it came out and at the end he was all "Oh, so they were lesbians." lmfao.

I've tried a milkshake with potato ships before. Good stuff.

danceislife: Yep. I've been on Ficwad too ling to leave. But Mibba is my second home.

I honestly want to try a deep fried cheesecake. I think that would be delicious.

ohsotay23: Yay! New reader! SWEET!

lmao. I would've done that too if I got $43. lol.

F-A-S-D: Despite her love of weed, MJ is a smart cookie.

Milkshake + fries = heaven. Fo'real.


Get to school. Talk to MJ. Jack walks me to class. Class. Class with Jack. Lunch. Jack walks me to my next class. Class with MJ. Jack walks me to my next class. Class without Jack or MJ. Go home.

This has been my schedule for the past two weeks. I’d probably enjoy it a lot more if I actually had feelings for Jack.

Although I don’t work at an indie record store, I felt like I was trapped on the receiving end of “Stakeout” by Freezepop. But unlike Liz Enthusiasm, Jack wasn’t making any effort to keep hidden. Instead of “can’t let you see me” he was “HEY, HEY, LOOK AT MEEE! I’M OVER HERE!”

He’s been following me around like a lost puppy ever since we’d had breakfast together. And despite the numerous times I’ve told him that I’m not interested, he laughs it off and acts as if I’m kidding.

Luckily today is a Saturday, meaning that I don’t have to deal with him. Instead, I’ll be spending the day with MJ and Kenny, shopping for prom-related attire.

When she said, we’d be starting “bright and early,” she wasn’t kidding. At 9AM she and Kenny were on my doorstep with inhumanly chipper smiles on their faces.

“Ready to go?” Kenny asked as I stood in front of him, still clad in an oversized t-shirt and a pair of soffe shorts.

“Clearly she isn’t,” MJ said, inviting herself in. “Andy, what am I going to do with you?”

“Tell me to get ready really quick?”

“Bingo,” she replied. “Now hurry up.”

As I turned around to go back upstairs, the petite blonde slapped my ass.

“Vamanos, muchacha!”

“Hey, you can look but don’t touch!” I called out, scurrying to my room.

Minutes later, I returned, wearing an old Fall Out Boy t-shirt, a pair of denim shorts, and a pair of aviators.

“That’s more like it,” MJ commented as I slipped on a pair of checkered Vans.

“Why are we leaving so early anyways?” I asked, pulling my hair onto a ponytail.

“It’s PROM. We can’t settle for anything less than perfection. And perfection is hard to find, so I figured that we should get a head start.”

I glanced over at Kenny, who shrugged, but took her hand nonetheless. Though I wouldn’t admit it out loud, at times, he and MJ made me believe that love wasn’t fiction. After all, they’d been together for 8 years and were still going strong. But back to the task at hand.

An hour later, we arrived at the first store.

While Kenny took a seat next on a chair conveniently placed next to the dressing room entrance, MJ and I quickly gathered potential dresses. Once we’d each reached the 6 garment limit, we made a beeline for the dressing room. As usual, we got rooms adjacent to one another.

“So how’s the date situation looking?” she asked as I pulled my shirt over my head.

“A few guys have asked, but I haven’t said yes to any of them yet.”

“Why not?”

“Weighing my options,” I said, slipping out of my shorts and into a silky red dress.

“Prom is just a little more than a month away. If you don’t say yes to someone soon, all of the cute guys will be taken.”

“Like you said, perfection is hard to find.”

“Alright. But if you ask me, I think you should go with Jack.”

Even when he wasn’t around, he’d found a way to bother me. Ignoring that comment, I zipped the back of the dress and surveyed myself in the mirror. The color was gorgeous, but the waist ruffles made me look bloated, and the straps were too long.

“Most guys would have given up by now,” MJ added, refusing to drop the subject. “Doesn’t that count for anything?”

“Nope. It just means that he can’t take a hint,” I said, sliding the dress off.

After trying on our remaining potential dresses, neither of us were satisfied. We went through the racks once more, but to no avail.

Over the course of the day, this process was repeated at 4 other boutiques before I found my "dress": It was a strapless, black and white Jessica McClintock. I’d really lucked out because it was the last one in stock, and it was somehow in my size. When I tried it on, I felt like a ballerina penguin. Though it sounds weird, I saw it as a good thing.

“What do you think?” I asked, doing a pirouette in front of MJ.

“I like,” she smiled.

“MJ will always be my number one, but damn, Andy,” Kenny added.

Chuckling, I retreated back to my dressing room and placed it back on the hanger. Then once I put all the other dresses back, I went to the counter and paid for it.

At store number 7, MJ struck gold. Literally. After trying on more than 50 dresses in total, she was just about ready to call it a day. But right as we were going to leave, Kenny pointed at the end of one of the racks. It was a cream, off the shoulder dress accented with gold flowers. By the looks of it, it was something that the goddess Aphrodite would have worn. Without a word, MJ grabbed it and practically ran to the dressing room.

“Kenny, you’re a fucking genius!” she yelled from within the room. A few minutes later, she emerged and did a little spin for us.

While a huge smile was spread over her face, Kenny just stared at her in wonder.

“Looks like you’ve found a winner,” I commented.

She nodded and took her boyfriend’s hand in hers before pulling him into a kiss. Feeling out of place, I quietly made an exit.

Ten or so minutes later the couple returned, red-faced and smiling. Still holding hands, they went up to the counter. It took some insisting, but MJ let Kenny pay for the dress.

“Are you two still gonna look for shoes today?” he asked as we exited the store. Surprisingly, this was the first time all day that Kenny had shown any indication that he wanted to leave.

“I was planning on it, but my feet are killing me,” she replied. “So unless Andy wants to find shoes—”

“I’m done,” I said. “Shoes can wait another day. I’m starving.”

“Have any restaurants in mind?”

“No. Anything close by?”

“Well I did see a pizza place on the way here,” Kenny said.

“Then pizza it is.”

We loaded into Kenny’s SUV and carefully hung our dresses in the back. After 10 or so minutes of driving, we arrived at Bacci’s Pizzeria.

It didn’t seem like a lot of time had passed while we were shopping, but when we arrived at the restaurant, I felt like I’d been walking for days.

A hostess quickly led us to a booth. Thankful to sit down once again, I plopped down across from MJ and Kenny. The apron-clad woman handed out menus with a smile, then left the table.

After much deliberation, we decided to split a pepperoni pizza.

“Have you guys decided on—oh, hey Andy.”

I turned around and saw that Jack was in a green apron that matched the one the hostess was wearing.

“I didn’t know you worked here,” I said, trying to hide my sudden urge to run away.

“Well I’ve been here for only a few weeks. So have you decided on what you’re going to eat?”

“We were actually thinking about going—”

“With a large pepperoni pizza,” MJ interrupted.

“And to drink?”

“Vodka on the rocks,” I quickly said.

Jack mistook my desperate request as a joke and chuckled.

“We don’t have that, but I’ll see what I can do.”

“I’ll have a sprite,” MJ said.

“Dr. Pepper for me,” Kenny added.

“Alright,” Jack said, jotting everything down on a little notebook. “I’ll be back soon with your orders.”

As he walked away, I glared at the girl across from me.

“You planned this out didn’t you?”

“No, but it couldn’t have turned out better if I did,” she said, laughing.

So it seems that fate is pushing Andy and Jack together.
Still, Andy is not budging on her anti-Barakat stance.

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Q&A #4: What's the last song that you listened to/what are you listening to right now?

"Mix Tape" by Brand New is playing on my iTunes

PS. The picture of Andy's dress is me in my bedroom with my prom dress on. lol.
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