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Chapter 1

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AU Fourth Year. Harry has a revelation concerning his feelings for Hermione during the Yule Ball. Adult Situations. Sexual Situations

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Simply Beautiful

AU Fourth Year. Harry has a revelation concerning his feelings for Hermione during the Yule Ball. HHR. Adult Situations. Sexual Situations.

Disclaimer: Characters and places you recognize, such as Harry Potter, Voldemort, Hermione Granger, belong to J.K Rowling and her inventions. Within this story there will be many unknown characters who are of my creation, as well as many ideas. Other characters will undoubtedly belong to J.K Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1

Harry fidgeted with his overcoat while awaiting for the inevitable, if not apprehensive Yule Ball to begin. He took in a deep breathe, as his nervousness took over. It was the first time that he would be attending a function such as this. The first time too that he had to find a date for something that he was actually invited too as well. And to add to that, it was a celebration as well, not for the continuation of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but for the fact that it was Christmas. The Yule Ball itself though was an annual celebration within the confines of the Tournament. It was apart of the tradition, but it was just like any other Ball.

Taking in another deep breathe, he glanced apprehensively at the giant English Oak doors of the Great Hall, knowing full well that within the confines of that room that the Yule Ball was going to commence. So far all of the champions had arrived. He glanced over at his date, drifting his eyes over her clothing and her face, her body. Parvati Patail. She was an attractive girl, dark skinned which made her look more elegant, if he should say so himself. she was very pretty in that dress of hers. He tore his eyes away from her and drifted over towards the others, noticing Fleur Delacor with Roger Davies, and Cho and Cedric. His gaze lingered upon the Asian girl for a moment, watching her, studying her. Now she was a rare beauty. Beside him he heard Parvati speak.

“She’s beautiful.”

He turned and faced his date, obviously thinking that she was talking about Cho. He smiled slightly. “Yeah,” he said confidently, if not a little sorrowful, “she is.”

It was then that he noticed that Parvati was not looking at Cho, or even glancing towards her, and his brow furrowed in confusion. She was instead glancing up the stairs, her eyes transfixed. This made Harry turn swiftly to see what she was staring at, and his eyes too widened at what he saw. There coming down the stairs was a rare beauty of a woman, someone who seemed not to even compare with Cho Chang, someone whom he thought was the most attractive girl within the school itself. But then again, he had been known to be wrong. It took a moment for him to compose himself, for as he stared at the girl he noticed the similar facial features that adorned her. His eyes widened at the shock, and his jaw literally dropped.

It was Hermione.

But she didn’t look like Hermione at all…She was also smiling – although rather nervously – yet the reduction in the size of her front teeth was more noticeable than ever; Harry couldn’t understand how he hadn’t spotted it before. He had never seen Hermione dressed this way before and frankly, he had an idea why. Should she dress like this everyday, he swear, every boy in this school would have their bloody eyes on her. Including him. His gaze didn’t even linger on his date anymore, nor even his thoughts on Cho Chang, as they had just vanished. His entire thoughts and gaze were shifted to the girl that he would never have thought would ever look like this. Yet, it was possible. His gaze swept over her, taking in what she was wearing. She was wearing a beautiful pink colored dress, the neck part dipping low at the front towards the top of her chest, and the back opened until her waist. Her normally bushy brown hair was known drawn into a bun of messy curls, some fell down by her neck. Her brown eyes shimmered from the candles of the castle, her lips drawn in a smile.

“Hi, Harry! Hi, Parvati!”

Harry automatically said ‘hi’ as his mind started spinning. He shook himself out of his daze, yet his thoughts still lingered upon Hermione. ‘When had Hermione become so beautiful?’ he asked himself. It wasn’t just her teeth that made her look good, it was her entire body as a whole, and the elegant sway of her hips as she moved forward. Harry’s gaze still followed her, his thoughts drifting to her again. ‘Why didn’t I ask her to the ball? She looks so beautiful. The swaying of her hips, the tightness of her body, her face, so supple and attractive…wait!’ When did he start to think of Hermione, his best friend, like this?

‘Since you just saw her,’ a voice answered in the back of his head. ‘Since you just saw the way that she naturally looks. You have just been a witness to the beauty that he actually holds.’ He shook his head, still lost in his thoughts as Parvati guided him to the large round table at the top of the hall. He still couldn’t believe it. He stared at her again, watching as Viktor Krum guided her up towards the stage, and he couldn’t help the surge of jealously that whipped up within him as he saw them touching each other, their hands intermingling with each other. He smiled slightly.

His date, Parvati, besides him, dragged him up to the stage, sharply jerking him out of his stupor and bringing him up upon the stage. Harry drew his face up against hers and saw that she had a slight frown upon her face. He raised his brows as she placed her hands upon his back and his hands upon her waist.

“You’re my date remember,” she said in a low but yet dangerous whisper.

Harry knotted his brow in a frown. “I was just looking at Hermione…”

“Exactly,” she hissed. “You can do that at anytime, she is your friends for Merlin’s sake, and I am your date.” She shook her head, “You see her everyday, she barely leaves your side.”

He didn’t even hear the announcement made by Professor McGonagall behind him to allow the Champions to start dancing. He barely even noticed that he was suddenly dancing with Parvati, as his eyes never lingered off of her. He barely even noticed the conceited, excited and unknown whispers that bounced off of the students around them as his thoughts had drifted again, thinking about what Parvati had said and then about Hermione.

It was true; he never even noticed that Hermione, the one person that had stayed with him, who was forever by his side, who was always looking out for him, who was always there, end of story, was the girl whom he had never thought about anymore than a sister. Hermione was a girl whom he never though would ever be more than that, but now, he had to wonder if there was more to his feelings, if perhaps they were hidden, if perhaps a chance that he could have something more with Hermione.

He sighed as he admitted silently that he was jealous and that he definitely fancied Hermione. Yet, what could he do about it? The dance came to an end, and the Champions returned to their seats, unless that wanted another round of dancing. Hermione and Viktor walked to the other end of the stage and started dancing once more, and around Harry a number of girls suddenly appeared asking him for a dance, of which Harry partook with them as their dates danced with Parvati. Truthfully, he just wanted to get away from her as she was starting to grate upon his nerves.

The night continued on and he started to think more and more about Hermione and how he had never noticed her before, and how he had never noticed her. His gaze locked on to Ron once in a while and he saw that he was glaring openly at Harry and also at Hermione. Beside him, Padma, Parvati’s twin was glaring at him. He knew that Ron had feelings for Hermione, and it made him feel inconsiderate as he was sure that Hermione wanted Ron to notice her. He sighed again, perhaps he would never have a chance with her.

But then again, he could always try. And try he would.

One by one the girls made their way off of him and away to their dates, and Harry resigned himself to dance with Parvati again, who was glaring at him, but he maintained all eye contact with her. This made her somewhat happy, but even she knew that he wanted to dance with Hermione. And she would be happy to oblige him to do so as long as she could dance with Krum.

“Why don’t you ask her to dance?” she asked him in a light tone of voice.

Harry shook himself out of his stupor. “What?”


“What about her?”

“You fancy her,” she stated affirmatively.

Harry was confused. Was he that obvious? “I do?” he watched as she nodded, her head shaking up and down. “Am I that obvious?”

She giggled at his hysterical voice. “You are,” she started, sighing. “But I don’t blame you, as I am sure that almost every guy in this room has noticed her.”

“Perhaps because she is dancing with Viktor Krum…”

“Even if she was dancing with you and she looked like that, and you had asked her before Krum, everyone would still have noticed her.” Their gazes drifted over to Hermione, watching her drink with her date. Harry sighed. “She looks beautiful Harry,” Parvati continued. “Just ask her.”

Harry drew his gaze upon Parvati again. “You wouldn’t mind – I mean – you are my date, remember?”

Her eyes narrowed. “And you are mine, remember?”

Harry knew then that he had gone too far. He should have been paying more attention to Parvati than to Hermione. They were just as beautiful as each other, but this was a side of Hermione he had not yet seen.

“Do you think that she will want to?” he asked in a small tone of voice.

Parvati smiled. “How about we swap partners for a while, I can dance with Viktor, and you with Hermione.”

Harry’s smile brightened. “If you are willing?”

“Oh,” she said, smiling mischievously, “I believe that I am Potter.”

He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, and they slowly dragged themselves off of the dance floor and towards Hermione and Krum. They walked up slowly together, and Harry tried not to notice the glaring looks coming from Ron. He did wonder that if he fancied her why he didn’t ask her for a dance, let alone, why she didn’t want to take Padma, who was looking livid next to him, to the dance floor. Trying not to appear nervous, he stood next to Hermione, drawing her and Viktor’s attention. He smiled slightly. “Hermione, may I have the next dance?” He then turned to Viktor. “If you don’t mind, of course Viktor, we could switch partners.”

Hermione noticed the hopeful tone in his voice, she grinned at him, “Of course, Harry.”

Krum looked ready to object, but Hermione leaned in and whispered something to him which calmed him down. He nodded, accepting what she had said and faced Harry’s date.

“It vould be an honor,” he said kissing her hand as she blushed, “to dance vith such a precious lady as yourself.” He indicated towards Harry to introduce her. The Boy-who-lived caught on in a moment. “Viktor,” he motioned towards Parvati, “this is Parvati. Parvati, this is Viktor.”

Krum eyed Harry suspiciously for a moment, his eyes narrowing. He smiled nonetheless at his new partner. It would only be for a little while though. Harry nodded and took Hermione’s hand and led her to the dance floor. Slowly they pressed themselves together, feeling their clothing and skin press against each other. Hermione could feel Harry’s breath on her skin, and it made her tingle. Harry could feel her hands link around his waist and back, as he did the same to her, and they started swinging to the music.

He smiled at her, and she did back. They gazed into each other’s eyes, watching them swirl with emotions said and unsaid, read and unreadable. They remained silent for a while, content with each others presence before Harry took in as deep breath.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked in a tight, hyperactive tone of voice.

She smiled at him, and shook her head. “I am indeed. Viktor and I are enjoying each others presence dearly.”

‘Clearly’ Harry thought. “What do you talk about?”

Her smile faded a little. “We don’t really, we just feel content with each others presence.”

Harry caught her tone of voice, and seemed saddened by it. “You say that as if it is a bad thing?”

She looked stricken for a moment. “Well, it would be nice to talk once in a while, but all he does is gaze at me.”

‘Like what you are doing now.’ The voice stated once more.

“Shutup” Harry hissed silently, but Hermione caught it.

“What?” she asked, but Harry merely shook his head.

“Nothing.” He cleared his throat and glanced at Hermione, spinning her around to have a look at her swaying hips and back. ‘Nice back, firm buttox, elegant swaying hips. She has a knowledge of things that you cannot yet even comprehend, and a beauty for which you would die for. She is the perfect girl.’ Harry shook his head, clearing the voice away. He sighed and glanced at her again. “You look pretty tonight.”

Hermione snapped his head towards him and stared wide-eyed, her mouth agape. “What did you say?”

“I said that you look pretty tonight.”

She shut her mouth with a snap and look away, blushing. She closed her eyes, never thinking that Harry would ever say such a thing to her. She felt herself drag her face back to face Harry, not noticing until too late that Harry had his right hand placed upon her chin. He smiled at her.

“It’s true,” he said silently.

“You think that I am pretty?” she asked in a low and concerned, if not afraid voice.

Harry shook his head. “No, not pretty,” she looked away but Harry caught her before she could do so. “You are beautiful Hermione. Simply Beautiful.”

She smiled, not believing what she was hearing from Harry. Hermione couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It sounded like he was saying that she had caught his eye. She knew that she had caught his glances once in a while tonight, but it was a better look than Ron’s constant glares. Hermione silently thought something different from what she hoped though. ‘No that couldn’t be it. Harry doesn’t see me like that. He couldn’t, I am no more than a sister to him. There is no way that Harry could like me like that…at least he didn’t used to.’ She thought back to what he had called her. ‘“Simply Beautiful”’ that was what he had said. She started to breath in heavily as butterflies seemed to fill her stomach. She was drawn out of her daze as Harry continued speaking.

“I wish that I had asked you to the Ball.” He said in a resigned tone of voice.

Hermione stared at him, once again not believing what she was hearing.

“You...” she started, stuttering with relief, hope “You do?”

Harry nodded. “I will admit that you look absolutely stunning tonight.” His hands started to motion their way up and down her back in a soothing manner, and Hermione felt the soothing yet rough, yet careful way they maneuvered around her body. It sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine. She closed her eyes, enjoying the moment as Harry continued speaking. “I would never have though of you in this way before, as I had always seen you as a sister. But tonight, I will admit that you caught my eye, yet it was a shame that I didn’t see you earlier.”

Harry looked into her eyes, staring at the feelings that were within them, and feeling the butterflies that were welling up within his stomach. “But that’s not the only reason. Ow you look tonight is apart of it. I have just never seen you look like this before, but perhaps I should have looked at her earlier. All night I’ve been thinking about what a wonderful friend you’ve been, and what a wonderful person you are. You were my only friend for a while there month ago. And you have been a better friend than Ron…”

“Harry…”She started, but Harry continued, quieting her.

“You have always been looking out for me. In first year you were with me until the end with the potion bottles guarding the Philosophers Stone. In second year, you were concerned of my well being during the Heir of Slytherin debacle. Last year during the whole Sirius Black issue, you were always concerned for my wellbeing, and you have always placed me above yourself. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you, and I…I…”

He was interrupted suddenly as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he saw Viktor looking at him with a resigned expression. His eyes hardened as they stared at his face. He motioned towards Parvati and Harry understood. He wanted his date back. He turned and faced Hermione, watching her stricken expression upon her face, almost wanting him to continue speaking, begging him to. Harry would have, but it was wrong. He leaned over and kissed her upon the cheek, earning a blush from her.

He held her hands for a moment, but then stalked off, Parvati following him, and disappearing into the crowd. Hermione watched him go, but where he went, nobody knew.
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