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A story about how Gerard coped with losing his nan

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Hey i'm mostly writing this because my great nan is dying and writing is one of the only ways i can express myself with out breaking down
R&R if you like it and if you dont... well thats your choice

I looked up at the moonlit sky, my dry tears sticking down my face.
She’s going Gerard, they cant do anything else…
The words replayed in my head as I sighed, before looking at the grass I sat on, my black hair curtaining my face.
Frank told me if I need a shoulder to cry on then I can go to him… but I don’t need that!
I’m Gerard Way! I’m all smiles and laughter!
I looked at the pad and pencil on the ground, random scribbles and lyrics covering the page. I laughed a little, thinking all of this was one crazy dream. I felt the rain pelt my skin, causing my hair to stick to my face. I put the sleeves of my hoodie in front of my eyes trying to prevent the tears from coming any further.
‘Don’t start crying again!’ I whispered angrily, before I kicked my notepad, it sliding slowly across the grass and into a tree. I led on the grass, my sleeves still covering my face. I shook uncontrollably, sobs escaping unwillingly from my throat. I heard faint voices in the background, talking and whispering about me. I decided to ignore them, as I continued my method of covering my eyes to stop the tears.
‘Gee?’ I heard my brother say as I sat up, a fake smile on my face. His hood was up and his face looked worried.
‘Hey Mikey’ I whispered as I stood up, dusting myself off.
‘Are you okay?’ he asked as me as I laughed, before looking down.
‘I’m fine! Totally why wouldn’t I be?’ I smiled as I looked up at his eyes, which were now closed, tears streaking down his pale face.
‘Look I know you were closer to her and I know you’re proud but you need to talk about thi-’ he began as I turned around, and began to pace.
‘Talk about what Mikey? About how grandma Elena is dying?! How I’ll never be able to see her again? How I can never see those kind eyes that let me know everything is gonna be okay?!’ I yelled, mostly at myself. I turned to him now crying, making me feel even shittier.
‘Well I’m sorry for coming out here when it’s pissing down with rain to comfort you and all I get is you fucking yelling at me!’ he yelled as I took a step towards him, my head bowed down.
‘I’m sorry Mikes but it’s just I miss her…’ I whispered as he sighed, before I heard him speak again.
‘And you think I don’t? Gee she was our nana… she got us out of trouble, she bought us ice cream when we were upset… but more importantly she got us where we are today… now tell me you’re the only one this has impacted on’ he replied as I looked up, before pulling him in for a hug. He sobbed into my shoulder and vice versa, as we stood there in the middle of a park, at midnight, in the pouring rain. Grandma Elena taught me how to sing, draw and she was one of the only people I could go to when I was in trouble or needed someone to talk to… Mikey took my hand and led me back to the house, where everyone was sat in the living room in silence, as if to afraid to speak.
‘Hey guys look who I found?’ Mikey laughed weakly as my mom looked up at me, a weak smile on her face.
‘Look who decided to show’ she whispered as I nodded, before she stood up, walking over to me. She pulled me into a hug, my head in the crook of her neck as she whispered to me it’s gonna be okay…
I know that when she finally goes I’m not gonna cope, but for now I’m gonna hope and pray that whatever happens she’ll be happy, and she’ll finally be in peace…

Hope you like it
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