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Another New Face

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As Gerard walked into the classroom, he saw the girl who asked him about being with Frank. She smiled and waved him over.

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Vrrrr vrrrr

Vrrrr vrrrr

"I got it!!" Frank exclaimed as he jumped off the bed and ran to his phone, which was sitting next to his computer.

"Hello?" He said cheerfully as he answered his phone. "Hellooo?" he said again while looking into the phone. "Aww crap. Missed it" he said as he dialed in the number for his voicemail. He then turned around and winked at Gerard, sending Gerard a slight shade of pink. The smile on Franks face suddenly dissapeared as he dropped his phone.

"Shit Gerard! We have to go NOW!" he exclaimed as he rushed around looking for his bag and keys.

"What? Why? Whats the matter?" Gerard asked in confusion as he too got up and collected his stuff.

"Cause the bell is going to go in 5 minutes!!" Frank said while grabbing Gerard by the hand and dragging him through the house, out the front and into the car. Gerard barely had his seatbelt on when Frank began speeding down the street.

"Easy Frankie. Put your belt on." Gerard said as calmly as possible to Frank. Frank took a deep breath in, slowed down and put his seatbelt on.


They had just walked through the front gate to the school and the bell rang. Gerard went off to Math and Frank in the opposite direction to music.

As Gerard walked into the classroom, he saw the girl who asked him about being with Frank. She smiled and waved him over. There was a spear desk next to her, so he sat there.

"Hey there again." She said with a smile


"I'm really sorry about last lesson. I'm Melissa." She said, holding out her hand.

"Gerard." he said, taking her hand and shaking it.

"I know." She said, the smile sticking to her face. "How you liking it here so far?" she asked.

"Ehh. It's alright I guess."

"Well, cause you're new and kinda cute, do you wanna sit with me and my friends today at lunch?" She asked him politely. Gerard stared at her in disbelief. "Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"N-no its just...I wasnt exactly the most...popular guy at my old school." he said, looking down.

"Oh, well, thats alright." She said, her smile returning to her face.

"Y-you sure?" he asked.

"For sure!" Melissa said. "And, if you like, I could show you the school cliques. You might be able to fit yourself into one of them. Although, I would love it if you stick to my group." Gerard blushed as he looked around the classroom only to just realise how many different subcultures there really were just in the one room.
Jock, geek, scene, emo, goth, cheerleader, skater.Gerard said in his head, ticking off every subcultre he could see in the room. And this is only this class
"I know, its not really noticable until someone points it out aye?" Melissa said, snapping Gerard out of his thoughts.

"Yeah, you're right. I think I might take you up on your offer to show me them all." Gerard said, turning to her.

"Deal." Melissa said as the teacher walked into the room and started the lesson.


Frank sat in music, guitar on his lap and his head resting on it.

"Mr Iero! These instruments are not pillows for you to be sleeping on!" The teacher yelled, making Frank jump slightly.

"Sorry sir." He said as he raised his head

"Get your composition and work on it. It's going to be your performance piece remember?"

Frank picked up his pick and started to play what he had written down on his tabliture paper. While playing, he started humming another tune.

"Since we talked to her now
come angels of the lord,
come angels of the lord"

Grabbing the pen from behind his ear, he wrote down what he just sung above his tabs. A smile spread onto his face. I know the perfect person to sing this.

As the bell rang for lunch, Frank quickly packed up and ran out of the classroom to meet Gerard at the front gate.

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