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Second Break

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“Sup Frankie?” A boy with an English accent and snakebites called out from the ‘emo’ group. “Hey Oli. Hey guys. What’s up?..." Franks Group. =)

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“Ok, so there are the jocks and the cheerleaders over there. They dominate the school. Has almost every student at their feet. The cheerleaders can be a bit bitchy but I cant really say anything else bad about them, you know, considering I’m one.” Melissa explained as she showed Gerard around the cafeteria.

The ones to avoid. Gerard thought to himself. He knew he didn’t want to get tangled up with them

“There’s the emo’s in the corner there. Most of the guys there are gay and I wouldn’t be surprised if the chicks are lesbians. Seriously, I don’t get them. The guys look like chicks, and the chicks look like guys. What is with that?” Melissa said in disgust as she pointed two of them out.

A boy wearing a black leather jacket, grey shirt and looked as if he was trying to grow a sole-patch. The other was also wearing a black jacket, black shirt and snake-bites and a nose piercing. They seemed pretty normal to Gerard until the one with the piercings jumped on the others lap and began to make-out.

“Eww. See?” Melissa said.

Homophobe. Gerard though. His opinion of her changed straight away. He knew that if he ever told her he was with Frank, well….

“Did you hear me Gerard?” Melissa said, snapping Gerard out of his thoughts.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You coming to sit with me or what?” she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“Uhh, listen Melissa. It was really nice of you to show me around but, I think I might just sit with Frank.” Gerard said.

“Haha. You serious?” she asked

“Of corse. Frank’s a good guy.” Gerard said in defense.

“But he’s gay!?”

“So? There is still nothing wrong with him. I’ll see you later.” Gerard said walking off, leaving Melissa standing in the middle of the cafeteria stunned. Gerard rushed off to the front gate, hoping Frank was still there waiting.


Where the hell is he? Frank thought to himself as he got up after waiting for Gerard for 10 minutes. With a sigh, Frank headed through the school halls and to the cafeteria. The halls were deserted as no one used them to get to the cafeteria. Everyone else went around the building and through the fresh air instead.

“Sup Frankie?” A boy with an English accent and snakebites called out from the ‘emo’ group.

“Hey Oli. Hey guys. What’s up? Where’s Andy and that?” Frank said, taking a seat at the table. There were a few of the group missing, but that didn’t bother Frank.

“Nothing really. Andy and Scout left early today and who knows were everyone else is. Where have you been?” asked a guy with long curly hair wearing sunnies.

“Just waiting for a new friend. We were supposed to meet at the front gate.” Frank explained.

“Oh you mean that kid was walking round with that cheerleader? What’s her name again Rob? Melissa?” one of the guys with a tan and blonde hair asked the guy with curly hair.

“Yeah I think that’s her name Monte.” He answered.

“Melissa? You mean the homophobe queen of the school Melissa?” Frank asked in shock.

“Yep. She even pointed Craig and Max making out and said ‘eww’ as if we couldn’t hear her.” Monte said.

“It’s not our fault she’s that way.” Max said, taking his seat off of Craig’s lap and cuddling in next to him.

“Fuck no it aint. She said tha all of us are gays though. I like the girls very much. Dumb bitch.” Oli said.

“Yeah, even said the girls are lesbians. She needs to open her eyes and take a look at Scout and Andy or Oli and Amanda.” Rob said.

“Fuck yea.” Oli said.

“Besides all that, do you know where Gerard went? Is he still with her?” Frank asked them.

“Uhh, he told said something to her then left. Don’t know where though.” Craig said.

“Fuck. Alright.” Frank said getting up and leaving.

“Where you going? You haven’t been sitting with us for ages! Stay!” Max said

“To find Gerard. And that’s cause I didn’t want you guys to swamp him on his first day.”

“Naww common! Let us meet him! We promise we wont swamp him! Besides, there is barely anyone here today.” Max pleaded with Frank.

“Fine. If there is still time, I’ll bring him back here and you guys can meet him. Happy?”

“Very!” Max exclaimed while getting a look from Craig. “Come one Craig, admit, he’s hot.” Max said innocently

“Oh fine then.” Craig said as he started to shift over away from Max.

“Nooo! But I loves you more!!” Max cried

“Hehe. Good.” Craig said as he moved back next to Max and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Hey guys! A sooner update for you! =D
Hope you guys like it. It didn’t really take me too long this time. Here’s a list of the ‘emo’ group for future reference

Escape the Fate: Craig Mabbitt, Max Green, Bryan "Monte" Money, Robert Ortiz,
Black Veil Brides: Andy Sixx, Chris Hollywood, Sandra Alvarenga, Pan, Alshely
Bring Me The Horizon: Oli Sykes, Curtis Ward
Panic at the disco: Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross
Mzz Ann Thropik: Mzzy, Brad
Birthday Massacre: Chibi, Rainbow

I might add some more later on. Yes I know it’s a big group but they wont always be in it.

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